How to find out what's hot, new or trending right now? What the next big thing will be?

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How to find out what's hot, new or trending right now? What the next big thing will be?

Hello all! What are some good ways to find out what's hot, new and/or trending right now? Like what websites do you guys use to find out these sorts of things? To see what new gadget or toy or whatever that is new and blowing up right now?

I guess I could just Google this and I pretty much did. How to find out what

And I found a couple cool sites that tell you some other cool sites for this reason. But I thought that I'd ask on here anyway. Just in case you know of something. Or there's something in particular that you use for such a reason and purpose?

So how do you find out about new gadgets, toys, gear, tech or anything else that's new and super hot and trending right now and making the tills ring in shops?

What do you do or what ways or sites do you use for this kind of thing?

Please tell me of the sites you use and why.




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I cant say that i use any particular site or any one source. I always have a broad range of places that i go to find out information about new and upcoming things. The best source i have for finding hot items especially is Facebook or my personal social media. I have so many friends and things tend to go viral and when they get to me im able to benefit. This question really depends alot on what kind of things your looking for. If your looking for the newest or hottest crypto currency You would want to find people or places that are involved in the industry and find out from them. Having an insider that works directly with people in any industry is key to having information that can make or break your day.

When is comes to crypto currency i use many different sources because some have different outlooks on things than others. I have to read many different articles about one thing to come up with my own conclusion on any given situation. The most popular sites i use just to name a few are Cointelegraph, Coindesk, News BTC and more! The reason i use these is because they are the most reliable and consistent when it comes to latest news. The most important thing is to find a niche and find someone who is directly involved in it. That is how you stay on top of the newest and potentially profitable things.

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Yeah I have to admit that when I came across up and coming trends with I saw it first in some Facebook groups!

That might be a really good way to keep an eye on things.

I saw two new websites that were apparently going to be the next best thing and I wrote reviews on them and got a huge flood of traffic.I'm still getting some traffic on those posts now even though the trends have died down a lot.

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Google Trends is a perfect tool for finding trending subjects, I also use Google alerts to get news on specific topics I'm interested about.
Another great way I keep track with everything news and "new" related is having A TON of websites in my Feedly based on their specific categories. I always read the titles of each article and wipe around until I find something I would love to read and aligns with my interests.

Other great ways to get new trends and news related stories is to be part of a big community like Reddit or even 4chan (on some of the boards).

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Oh man I wish I could figure out how to predict trends! I have once or twice managed to ride a little trend and that was just loads of fun. I check out some things on Google Trends but I have never managed to exactly make a prediction!

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Well, in all honesty, I am a bit skeptical regarding these so called "trend sites" in general. Sure, trends definitely exist and it's probably more or less every freelancers biggest dream to ride all of the "trend waves", but I think it's impossible. You might be lucky enough to get onboard before the train leave the station at some point, with or without the use of these "trend sites", but I think the best option is to look for interesting discussions on social media. People asking for specific things, discussing about certain objects etc. I think that's the best option you have. At least to increase your chances to ride the next trend.

You want to hear it first. Before others. And not only that, you want to be able to set up a decent business for the next upcoming trend, before others are doing it too. It's hard to come second in business. You want to be the first one, as the first one is also often considered to be number 1 for starters.

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Hot and trending gadgets, clothes and other items can be found in some of the local forums that I'm into. I only need to take a look at some of them to see how I will be making my decisions on them.

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I bookmark a lot of sites and blogs on my phone or Pc.I follow trend lots, so I go the headline as early as possible to catch up with the daily trends and topics about new stuff.I also use the social media a lot.I have an account on all the major and popular platform so I can be up to date with happening and trends.I do this daily, it almost becoming an addiction now.

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How do I know of the trending items? No problem because my Facebook friends are always on the go when it comes to hot items in the market. They cover almost everything from the supplements to personal items like underwear. That is one benefit that I get from social media. I am not left behind by the modern society because I get to know even the new terms like “meme” when it first surfaced.

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