What do Millennials expect from mobile apps?

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What do Millennials expect from mobile apps?

What do Millennials expect from mobile apps?
Millennials use mobile deceives to browse the internet and consume the web content three times more often than on a desktop. It’s no question that mobile has changed the world but the way millennial have embraced the technology gives us a glimpse into what the future holds.

A recent study shows what has the biggest influence on millennial decisions when it comes to choosing an app.
Nearly half of millennials said a unique feature set and functionality is the key factor that propels them to download and use an app. The second most influential factor is a recommendation from a friend.

  • 47% unique features and functionalities
  • 46% what their friend opinion about the app is
  • 36% cool design something different from the other apps they are using
  • 13% the app has a great price
  • 11% the app is promoted via media
  • 1.5% what celebrities thing about the app

Here are some other statistics on what kind of apps millennials use on a daily basis:
  • 70% social networks
  • 54% messaging apps
  • 41% game apps
  • 33% apps that increase their productivity
  • 31% travel related apps
  • 25% sport-related apps


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Very cool insights into the millennial mindset when it comes to choosing an app. Since I am a millennial let me explain to you on how I choose an app:

  • Does the app help with productivity in the work place, or can the app help me get my work done faster?
  • Is the website created by a website that I frequent and trust?
  • Is the app free? (i don't pay for apps)
  • Is the app going to help me in my daily life (weather, news, etc)
  • Is the app going to entertain me (music, videosp, etc)?

Not much goes into my thinking when it comes to apps. Basically I want productivity, and maybe some entertainment at times. In fact, if I were to turn on my iPod (i don't own a mobile phone, nor do i want one.. so the ipod works perfectly for me) you'll see the most frequently used apps:
  1. Gmail Notifier App (email)
  2. Firefox App (browser, does anyone actually still use safari?)
  3. Weather App (Weather Channel app)
  4. Pandora App (music)
  5. Youtube App (music/videos, both apps)
  6. Netflix (online streaming)
  7. Bank App (bank account)
  8. Paypal App (online payments)
  9. Messenger App (facebook)
  10. Indeed App (jobs)

So these are the most used apps according to the battery usage. So the statistics are quite correct..

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Thanks for this great discussion on mobile apps. I really like to keep things basic, so I hardly have any apps on my phone. I can probably count on one hand the things that I use my mobile for - I am probably the least active person on their phone you will find!

I like to even keep social media off my phone, so the only social media app I have is Instagram and that is only because I can't have it without my phone!

Then I use my Gmail app regularly and Whatsapp. Occasionally I use my calendar but thats it.

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Oh, this was some great insights! - Thank you very much for this detailed information. - Personally, I use my phone to text and for calls. Sure, I do check my emails and work with it too, but I never really use any apps at all. I use the camera too, but that's basically it.

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It looks like the statistics are accurate particularly with the social media, messaging and games for the millennials. I have to admit that those young people have a different culture than mine because they are more adventurous and dynamic when it comes to using the internet. Sometimes I am surprised that they know so many things in the internet that are alien to me. Truly the millennials are taking over in a few years from now.

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