How can I get payment from SEOCLERKs?

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How can I get payment from SEOCLERKs?


Can you tell me How can I get payment from SEOCLERKs?

Thanks in Advanced.


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Hello SocialMonkey,
Exactly what do you mean? - Do you wonder how you can withdraw your funds?

First you'll need to go to your balance. (Click the link to go to your balance directly.)

See the below screenshot:
How can I get payment from SEOCLERKs?

As you can see, you can withdraw your money using 4 different methods. Paypal, Payooner, Payza and Hyperwallet.

Just enter the amount of money you want to withdraw and click "withdraw your earnings".

However, I can see that you're a level 1 seller. And within the user levels you can see this:

Level 1
Everyone starts out at Level 1. This is the base level and requires no effort.

Can't create services for less than $5
Can't create services for more than $125
Can't create Coupons that lower a service price more than $5
Longer clearance period for funds
Can't create instant downloads
Can't create subscription services
Withdrawals may go under review, resulting in longer waiting
Withdrawals have a minimum of $15

That basically means that you won't be able to withdraw your funds unless you have a minimum of $15 in your balance. Also note that if you've redeemed a $5 coupon, you cannot withdraw those funds. The funds from coupons can be used to purchase services only.

Best Regards,

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As explained very well above, you need to have at least $15 to withdraw. So if you tried to withdraw anything less than that it is not going to go through. There are 4 payment options available, with PayPal being the quickest one of all. However there is also Payza and Payoneer, and the latest addition, Hyperwallet. Should you need any asssistance regarding withdrawals you may submit a ticket to support staff who will surely help you. Howevr i believe the post above by hitmeasap was very well explained.

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In the off chance, you are asking about withdrawing those SC coupons everyone got on Thanksgiving, don't even think about it! You need to spend that money here in the SC marketplace, they were free after all and I believe we should be grateful for such gift!.

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