Statistics On Late Delivery? Too Many Cases With These...

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Statistics On Late Delivery? Too Many Cases With These...

This is perhaps one of the most annoying things happening here on SEOClerks.
Sellers with late delivery and huge feedback and punctual sellers also with huge feedback... No distinction between them!

I'm not saying that we should allow negative feedback if the seller is late, maybe that would be too much and very strict. But at the same time, it is frustrating to see sellers, let's say with 30-40%+ late delivery and punctual sellers without that problem to be apparently on the same level...
This is especially true with cheap services...
I purchased quite a few services and too many sellers have this problem(!!!)

What about showing statistics with late delivery / total orders:
For a 500 feedback, 205 late delivery would be:
205/500 = 41.0% Late Delivery Rate
Much worse than a seller with the same feedback but only 59 late delivery, for example:
59/500 = 11.8% Late Delivery Rate

What do you guys think about this problem?


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Hey clerkboy3,
This is a great suggestion in my opinion! - Too many sellers are stating 1-2 days delivery, but in reality, most of them delivers in 2-4 days all the time, and they do this on all their orders too. - The biggest reason they state less delivery time is due to the fact that they'll get more orders by stating a lower delivery time compared to a higher one. - Sure, they do it with the risk of getting negative feedbacks too, for late deliveries, but most of these sellers have hundreds or even thousands of previous positive reviews, and most buyers doesn't care if their orders is a few hours or perhaps a day late, as long as they get what they've ordered.. And when they get what they've paid for, then they'll also leave a positive review. - So these sellers are actually using the system to benefit themselves.

I think it's unfair, unethical and it's also terrible. - Sure, I can definitely see why someone could be late with one of their deliveries, and that's just life. Things can happen. But when you deliver 5-6 or 7 orders out of 10 late.. Then you should also be punished for doing so. But that's not the fact today. - Today, literally nothing happens, except the "risk" of negative feedbacks for late deliveries, these sellers take by operating the way they do.

I would love to see some sort of indication like you've suggested. I'm not interested in working with people who's late on a regular basis and today, you'll just need to take a chance as a buyer.

Good suggestion & hopefully something like this will be implemented shortly.

Best Regards,

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I think that you made a very good point here. I believe that this would be a great improvement actually and i hope that this suggestion will be taken into consideration. Buyers shouod be aware of this info because it does make a difference as to the quality if the service given at the end of the day. Some sellers abuse of the extend the deadline option, whereby they request more time, or simply submit whenever they feel like it, and simply ignore the actual delivery date.

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I think that is a great idea! The thing is too that a seller can request a time extension and should do so if they can see there may be a problem delivering in time. This is great because the buyer can then agree or not. There are times when an order is fine to be a little bit late and I don't mind when a seller requests it, but there have been times when a seller is late with an order and says nothing to me and I think this is quite rude.

So I think that if the seller does not request a time extension and goes over the due date that this should be reflected on their profile, yes!

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I take it that you are a buyer, and are fed up with the deliveries by the sellers. Totally agree! I think the suggestion is great, and hopefully at some point in the future the feature is implemented. So far, we only have info on how many late orders there are, not the percentage of late orders. This feature would definitely make sellers work faster to get YOUR order delivered, otherwise risk their service with high late delivery rates. Also, to combat late deliveries, you could order the quick delivery extra, that is if the service utilizes this option, and if it is actually worth it to order the extra.

I also 'thumbs up' this discussion so I am hoping we can get other freelancers in here to pitch in too. If you have any further awesome ideas, please feel free to post them, this one so far is great!

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It is not good to break agreements that one has entered into with any of his/her clients. The reason is not only that it would bring a bitter taste experience between the client and you, but it is going to result in the client giving you a bad rating with reason that you made a late delivery and that is bad for your growth in the industry.

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