Surround yourself with the right people to find success!

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Surround yourself with the right people to find success!

This post was inspired by a few discussions I’ve had with some freelancers recently.

There are loads of different types of people in the world. I am going to focus on people that I believe have the entrepreneur mindset.

That would be me and a lot of the freelancers here. Why are you freelancing? Yes maybe some of you haven’t been able to find a job and you are grasping at straws desperate to get some money… but a lot of freelancers have chosen to be here simply because they don’t want to work for anyone else even if they can.

In my life I have come across lots of people that I call takers. There is one thing I really don’t like and that is someone that just takes and takes without giving anything back. Usually this type of person believes that the world owes them something. They should be successful and they feel they should be.

Entrepreneur mindset people are not takers, well not from other people anyway. They go out into the world and they carve out their own little space for themselves. They work hard, they work crazy hours and they try all sorts of things until they get what they want.

If you are this type of person you need to find more people like you!

Here’s why I say this. Since joining this community I have found entrepreneur type freelancers that are true givers.

They give ideas, they share their knowledge and their creativity and when another entrepreneur type of person needs support or advice they give it and lift that person up.

For me this means I have been inspired by others creativity and knowledge to work harder, to be better and to try out crazy ideas that just might work.

Thank you to all the givers.


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Yes, yes and yes! Great post Lynne! You know, it's always those givers that inspire you to give also and to give more. And not just in what freelance service you provide, but in how you provide it. When you've tasted success, when you've experienced it, it leaves you wanting to taste and experience it all the more! It drives you to constantly try and improve yourself and to live by example.
And it's all about paying it forward. What goes around comes around after all. But if you want to think like a winner, surround yourself with winners. If you want to think positively. Surround yourself with positive thinkers! Positive things happen to positive thinkers!
But you know, we're all in the same boat together and we got to look out for each other. If you put one stick alone you can snap it easily. But put all the sticks together and they're strong! Surround yourself with the right people to find success!

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Oh yes Mike. Negativity spreads big time so it is really important to stay away from negative people that suck the soul out of you. In exactly the same way that negativity spreads so does positivity, so it you surround yourself with positive people that are success driven you are well on your way.

Always stick with the winners!

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Sure,if you want to succeed I. life you nerd absolutely only good people around you,negative people only drain ones positive energy so you don't need to waste your positive energy on worthwhile thing or people.

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i read your story of making friends with matching people.I do not think it my work out in real sense.if it all works out for a few then it sounds scary

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Good topic! I totally agree with you and it is important to learn from others while, sharing what you know. For example, I see lots of very good entrepreneurship discussion going on here in the Community Discussions and people are constantly sharing their knowledge to help others and this just creates a win-win situation. It is also very important to network with other people because one day, they will probably be able to help you out with something and one day they may require your help. Building contacts is also a good method to success as an entrepreneur. Interacting with people on various communities and forums has also given me new perspectives and I am sure this will help me be more successful in my future projects.

Sometimes negative people can motivate me because I want to prove them wrong and I will work harder to make this happen. However, I agree that you should always stick with the winners because they will make you win!

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Haha I know what you mean. I was never much of a hard worker at school or college and then I decided I wanted to do a University degree online. My dad told me that he doubts I will succeed at distance learning. That first semester I worked the hardest I ever have and managed to get 3 distinctions.

I went home and shoved it in his face... and he laughed. He told me that I never would have worked that hard if he hadn't said that. He knows me well Surround yourself with the right people to find success!

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Totally agree with you....
Life already teach me to recognize givers and takers, most of the time. As soon i feel i have giver around me i give back even more. That really making me feeling good. I don't like takers too. But i don't like any kind of negative people around me. I had them in the past and they were like handbrake most of the time in my life. In the motivational video which i posted on YouTube some time ago, it also say, "get the loosers out of your life" when you chasing your success, because they just holding you back.
At the end in my country we used to say " Yours is only what you give" and i like to stick to that, makes me feel good, but i hate to give to takers....

So once again i post this video here so someone could learn or boost own motivation to success

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Thanks Abid, I completely agree with you that the moment you hang out with takers it is like a handbrake being pulled up. I had the unfortunate experience of being in too close contact with a negative taker and it had such an awful impact on my life. I didn't see it at the time, but now that I am away I can see so clearly how badly that affected me.

If you want to move forward in life you need to hang around with positive, ambitious people that will motivate you also to succeed and just like you must not hang around takers you should not be one or you will drag others down.

I also like to give and I find that when I give to people that are ambitious and positive it actually comes back to me ten fold! It is truly amazing.

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You are welcome Lynne! ;)

Just kidding, but I totally understand what you mean and I couldn't agree with you more! - Givers and Takers.
I personally believe that I've been a "giver" for most of my life and I've also been around so many takers. And the sad part is, that I allowed them to take, and take, and take some more.. And I often still do.

However, I've been trying to get rid of these so-called takers for a long time now and even though I've been quite successful while doing that, I've also lost friends and business relations by doing so. Many of them couldn't accept the fact that I'm tried of giving away "free rides" to literally everyone around me, and they couldn't accept that for one reason.. - That I'd always been giving them free rides and "suddenly" just decided to stop.

There's two fantastic motivational speech I've been watching and listening too for years now. (And I usually share them frequently so you've probably seen them before.)

But here they are:

And, I can't say that these are about givers and takers in general, but it's amazing to see and hear these kind of things, as it's a huge help, at least it is for me.

Takers will always take.. And givers will give until they realize that they won't get anything back. If and when that happens.. The free ride is over.

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Thank you Andre, and yes you are one of the people I mentioned in the post Surround yourself with the right people to find success! Not a taker obviously LOL

You know what I think it is? If you are a giver and you give to takers they get to take you for granted and expect more and more all the time. When one day you say no they feel entitled and like YOU have actually now taken something away from them.

It is quite a messed up thing! I am so glad you have chosen to stop giving free rides.

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You stated a true fact in the sense that the people that we surround ourselves with invariably determine how successful we are going to be in any chosen career. I mean that has got nothing to do with how determined we are to succeed for if we fail to surround ourselves with people that also think about succeeding, then it is a big mountain for us to climb

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Surrounding yourself with the right people is definitely one of the biggest factors of success. It's true that you become who you surround yourself with in a few years so be very careful with it. You learn how to get the results you want when you surround yourself with the right people who can help you develop the habits you need in order to become who you should become and in effect, you get the results you like. In doing so, it also requires a bit of sacrifice. You will experience temporary seclusion from the circle of friends you used to have before. I am personally experiencing this right now. I want to be a successful entrepreneur so I surround myself with mentors and positive entrepreneurs most of the time. I sacrificed being with my high school friends who are currently not ready to get out of their comfort zones and work on their success. I know this is temporary so I stick more with successful people as of now. It changed my character a lot which is helping me get closer to my goals.

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I am blessed to have some writer friends who have the positive attitude needed in inspiring me to continue with my freelancing. I believe that being with the right people can make it easier for you to achieve success. And to think that I have yet to meet them in person, my writer friends are truly blessings for me.

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