About coupon 5$ is it withdrawal or not?

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About coupon 5$ is it withdrawal or not?

is this coupon 5$ witch i get from seoclerks
may i withdraw this usd 5 ????

if this is possible how can i withdraw this money ...
or this usd only for buy service from seoclerks???

Please help me out


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Although several people have given you a good answer for this, I'll still reply, as I think it's important to draw some attention to this.

I've seen several people during the years I've been on SEOClerks, who's asking the same question. - "Can I withdraw the money I got when I redeemed my $5 coupon?"

And honestly speaking, I can't really see why anyone would actually ask this question, as the answer is easy for me to understand and I personally believe that most people should be aware of the answer too.. Despite that, I still see several people asking this so you're definitely not alone.

However, what all of you need to ask yourself is this, - "Why would anyone give me something 100% free of charge? - Where's the catch?"

I don't know how it is in other countries, but in Sweden for instance, you can get a brand new iPhone for 1 SEK. That's about $0,11. - What people don't realize is the fact that they have to signup for a 24 month subscription, and they'll pay something like $59,99 per month. That's a total of: $1439,76 after the 24 months. So you'll basically pay $1400+ for an iPhone, and if you bought it cash, you'd pay about $850 or so.

When it comes to SEOClerks, the free money coupons are indeed free. 100% free money. But there's obviously a tiny "catch" so to speak. You can only use the money to buy services on SEOClerks marketplace. So when you've bought services for $5, SEOClerks will get a total of $1 back, as they take a commission from all sales. So for each $5 coupon they give out for free, they'll get $1 back. Which basically results in that SEOClerks are giving away $4 per user. - Why on earth would they give away that money, so you could spend it on a Starbucks coffee, when you could spend it on their marketplace, and tell your friends and family members about it..? - This is business, not charity.

Best Regards,

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Best answer i have ever seen, i also think is rude to ask such a thing! People nowdays expect way too much!

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Thank you very much Steven, I appreciate your kind words. About coupon 5$ is it withdrawal or not?

It's sad to see all these people asking for free things all over the web. It must have started at some point. Nothing is really free in life, somewhere, at some point, someone will pay something for it. No matter how you see it.

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No you can not bro. It's there to spend on services on the site only. It's really cool that they give these out and they're very generous about it always giving out $5 coupon codes for special occasions like Thanksgiving, Christmas, NY etc or for doing things like verifying your mobile/address etc. But these are given to you to use on buying services on here of course! About coupon 5$ is it withdrawal or not? You can't just withdraw it as cash lol. That's not the point of it. The point of it is so you can put it towards the services you usually buy, or so you can try out SEOClerks and buying some services to get you started. I don't think fiver or any other SEO freelance marketplace does that for its users and gives out so much to them in so many ways. And it asks for very little in return and there is a massive opportunity to earn good money with the site if you just take the time to learn how it all works.



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All coupons provided by SEO Clerks for free cannot be withdraw and the whole point of it is to use it for services so there is no way to withdraw it.

Hope this helps and let us know if you have any questions!

Kind regards,

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No mate, why would you want to withdraw that? It was giving for you for free to SPENT here on our marketplace. This isn't free money and you will never be able to withdraw it.

Just use it mate, I'm sure you can find a seller worth paying 5 bucks for a service here on SC. Even if you don't need something urgently, just spend it, don't lock that, money into your account, make some seller happy and help the SC community overall.

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Lol no! You can use it to order services available here, not to withdraw it. It benefits buyers as they can order something practically for free, and sellers can benefit by getting more orders from buyers. Just try to use it wisely.

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