Three new features on Facebook you need to learn about

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Three new features on Facebook you need to learn about

Three new features on Facebook you need to learn about
Facebook is constantly evolving and changing, their growth had reached a peak already (there are only so many people on this earth). So naturally the next step would be to expand in other directions, not just social media connections.
We all know Facebook and Google are two giants of the Internet at the moment and from my perspective "there can be only one"!

Here are three of the most important features Facebook wants to improve or implement in 2017:

1. Facebook Search - Apparently, Facebook gets around 2 billion searches every day. This is huge! The next step should be in simplifying the search process, adding new filters and developing a new search and ranking algorithm. If Facebook wants to take a piece of Google's action it needs a real search capable of providing users with accurate information.

2. Find free wi-fi with Facebook - This feature is currently under tests but the general idea would be to have a feature that searches for free Wi-fi networks and hotspots near you to keep you on Facebook and connected all the time!

3. Facebook Messenger Bots - This idea isn't new, I remember using bots 15 years ago on IRC channels. Of course, technology has evolved a lot since then but the idea remains, interacting with a bot as would you do with a human is cool and should be further developed.

Whatever else Facebook plans for the future is going to be big and will take the company into different and new areas and as online marketers, we should be on to date with every change Facebook makes!


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1. Facebook Search
I remember when Facebook Search was better than it is now, it was much more easier to find friends, especially those old friends that you forgot the name of, so you would search for different schools, and areas. Now the search is odd, and they don't allow certain filters anymore, probably for privacy or security purposes, who knows when it comes to facebook. I would like to see facebook compete against Google in the search market. Could you imagine Facebook being the #1 search tool for the internet? At the rate Facebook is going now, with it's billions, they can probably surpass Google in that area and I would love to see them do so!

2. Find free wi-fi with Facebook
How exactly would one find free wifi, when they do not have a wifi connection or any internet? This is a little problem. I can see how this would work if the user was already connected to the internet, but what about those that don't have an internet connection? How would they log into facebook to find a wifi connection? Lol.

3. Facebook Messenger Bots
I have experienced the Messenger Bots, and my experience isn't that good with them, probably from the person whom coded the bot. The bot was for Facebook messenger support, and it would reply the same thing over and over again. However, I have played Trivia via the Facebook Messenger bots and it seemed to work flawlessly. I wonder how the code is setup behind the messenger bot.. very interesting indeed.

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If Facebook manages to take over as a search engine well I think everything will be pretty much over, Facebook WILL BE the Internet!

As far as finding free wifi I don't know exactly the technology behind it.
Regarding bots, I agree, everything is still pretty basic but a lot of companies are putting a lot of money into developing bot technology.

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Hahaha thank you Cristian for a nice share. I just can't help it but I laughed out loud when I read the reply from Everett regarding the wifi-thing. LOL!

It would be awesome to find a wifi connection near me, even before I logged into Facebook.. Without being online. It sure sounds a bit tricky in my opinion. But sure, it's Mark. Hats down for him and his multi billion company, even though I can't stand Facebook. I literally hate everything about it nowadays. And most of my disgust is based on people's stupid shares. - And Facebook allows it.

I don't care about anyone's breakfast or their exercises. I couldn't care less about it. - Facebook is like a huge, open and public diary. And I refuse to read it! - That being said, I still appreciate your share Cristian and I know that Facebook will, at some point, become great again.

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What makes you say I need to learn about these things? lol

Facebook Search.
Would this be for searching Facebook or for searching the Internet? I can't see how they could ever compete with Google on that front as Google has been indexing the Internet for many years and has a lot more algorithms in place. Plus you don't need to be signed into Google to perform a search. Where as you have to be signed into Facebook before you can use their search filter so how would that work exactly for those people that don't want to use Facebook or have a Facebook account?

Facebook Wi-fi.
This doesn't seem like it's very useful on the face of it. As Everett has pointed out, you would need to have a Wi-fi connection first or have your Wi-fi turned on so that it could scan for Wi-fi networks that you are able to join. But my phone does this for automatically if I enable that feature anyway. The "Ask to join networks" feature which I disable as it's a drain on the battery and I don't like the thought of my phone just randomly connecting to free Wi-fi networks! That's why I have that feature disabled. And the same for many other people. Are Facebook really suggesting that people use some app on their phone that scans for free Wi-fi points? You can do that anyway without Facebook just using your phones Wi-fi settings.

Facebook Messenger Bots.
I can't personally see any real point in these messenger bots what so ever. Not a single reason. What is the purpose of them? Do you really have no friends at all that the only thing you can talk to is a chat bot? I can see their place from a support perspective. Answering frequently asked questions and working out the best answer otherwise for them. But only as a support chat bot and not just a bot to talk to because you have no one else to talk to. Actually, if you don't, I guess I can see how it would appeal to those people lol Three new features on Facebook you need to learn about

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Oh wow, do you mean Facebook as a search engine as opposed to searching on Facebook?

That would be a game changer now wouldn't it? So many people spend their entire day on Facebook, imagine what would happen if they didn't have to leave Facebook to "Google"?

I think that would give Google a run for their money wouldn't it? For some reason I find that quite exciting.

Facebook Messenger Bots would be such a cool move. I haven't spoken to a bot before!

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It is really nice that Facebook is making the moves to introduce these features that can help their users have a better experience on the site. I've been using Facebook for a quite of period and it has never been any dull moment with this social media network, so I'm quite glad that these features are being added to Facebook especially the free wi-fi feature,

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Awesome article,never knew about this,because these days I find facebook kind of boring.I only share my article to it and that's that but it nice if these features ,maybe it could attract people like me again.

I really like the searches and detecting free wifi it will be nice to browse Facebook without stress especially as the network provider in my country are very annoying..

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I have checked this search feature on Facebook and what I can envision is that it can be a true blue search engine someday soon. With the more than 2 billion captive users of Facebook, there is the high probability that the high officials of Facebook is thinking of facing Google head on. What do you think is the chances of the Facebook if that fight materializes? For sure Google has the edge but we cannot discount the bigness of Facebook. What if Facebook would require their users to use only the Facebook search and they will be subjected to sanctions if they use Google or any other search engine? That will be the day, I tell you.

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I use facebook search to find facebook users, facebook groups, and facebook pages. Facebook search helps to find friends/followers as well as groups and pages to promote your posts. I have recently started using facebook messenger bots on my facebook pages. The bot helps you to connect with the visitors on your page when you are away. I am yet to know the benefits of this feature.

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These are not so useful features and Facebook has released a new set of feature. In this year's F8 Mark Zuckerberg introduced several new additions and upgrades including Facebook Watch Party, Facebook Dating, Video Chat on Instagram.

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