One of the reasons for losing followers on social media platforms

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One of the reasons for losing followers on social media platforms

Sometimes you'll gain some and sometimes you'll lose some.. It's a numbers game.

However, there's a bunch of different reasons that you could be losing followers on Facebook or Twitter for instance. Or on any other social media platform.

The first reason might be that...

It looks awful and it's annoying. Nothing can be that important so you have to yell it out loud. It seriously hurts my eyes to read whole sentences in capital letters.

Another reason for losing followers, and the main reason I wanted to share with you in this topic is, that even tough you're doing everything you can to keep them, people will unfollow you.. The "follow for follow" thing is often the reason. Literally hundreds of people are following you and hope you'll follow him or her back. And when they realize you haven't followed them, and even if you do, they unfollow you.

Just keep calm. It's nothing to worry about. However, if you suddenly see a bunch of people who unfollow you each day, then it's time to take a deep breath and look into things.

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OH YEAH NO NEED TO SHOUT RIGHT!? One of the reasons for losing followers on social media platforms

It's good to use all caps SOMETIMES to EMPHASIS something. But using CAPS ALL THE TIME just sucks and make you look like you're either deliberately being rude and shouting at me or you just haven't yet discovered the CAPS LOCK key and think that your keyboard has always just typed like that. It just seems really childish when you read a whole paragraph all in caps. Even short updates and tweets and things all in CAPS don't look pretty. At Least Capitalize Your Words or Something oR uSe MiXeD cAsE oR sOmEtHiNg right?

But I see a lot of people doing this on social media. Most don't do it all the time, some do it often, but some do it all the time and if you look a little deeper they don't really have a strong following bar a few of their hardcore followers or something or people that are too lazy to unfollow them or just think they are funny or something lol.

But the follow for follow thing always has that stigma attached to it and those sorts of followers don't generally have a long shelf life.

When it comes to followers, I like to follow my competitors followers. On Twitter for example, I'll search my competitors or rivals or just similar Twitter accounts in the same niche as me and then follow their followers. Seeing as you are following them and you're a Twitter account that is in an industry they like seeing as they was following that other guy, chances are they'll follow you back and that has quite a good ratio too.

Follow tip for the newbies. One of the reasons for losing followers on social media platforms

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I have also faced this problem of loosing followers on my social media page and instagram, then i find out who are the peoples who stayed and then i have refined my targeted audience and now its ok and going goo. so targeting your potential audience is a must in this.

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I think some of these are reasons why people don't follow back

Posting uninteresting things.

Being abusive in your postings

Using all caps,it shows you're shouting.

Posting so many things at a go.

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Oh yes Andre, I see this so often and I wonder whether these people actually understand that it is rude and the equivalent of shouting? I think a lot of people don't understand the basics of online etiquette, well either that or they just don't care which is even more concerning.

I agree with you Andre that there are always going to be people that unfollow on social networks,for various reasons. I always have a very small advertising campaign that runs for my one Facebook page. I have just over 43k followers and I have an ad that runs at R10 a day, which is about $0.69 a day.

This just makes sure that my page is always growing, slowly but surely. I have done this for over 4 years now and it works beautifully for me.

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Jesus, I'm always yelling in my head when I read something all written in capital letters. Good point Andre, thanks!

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Haha yeah Cristian, I do that too. I'm always yelling the words or the sentences in my head when I'm reading something in capital letters.. And it's horrible! - I literally hate it. It's one thing to make something stand out and write perhaps ONE or TWO words in capital letters. But a whole sentence, or two, or even nastier.. The entire content?! - That's a huge warning sign for me and I'll leave. Immediately. No matter what I'm looking at! - I'll be like Nicolas Cage and I'm gone in 60 seconds.

Most likely way faster than that.

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I have no issue with all caps. In fact, I have a friend who always write in caps because of his poor eyesight. What turns me off are the following.. .. 1) excessive posting of ads, 2) posting of hate messages too often, 3) sharing links often. I have unfriended and unfollowed so many who did those.

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This might be true or wrong to a certain level considering the fact that some social media users might care about how you make posts and uses that as a yardstick to know friends that they might be letting go and also you need to understand that some social media users do not care about how you write on these sites as long as you're making a whole lots of sense, though, like I said, this might be a factor that contributes to some losing their social media friends.

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