Keyword Research and on page optimization prices?

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Keyword Research and on page optimization prices?

How much would you charge to do keyword research and on page optimization for a website?

I am going to be quoting soon for this and I just wanted to know what is a fair rate?

There is not much content on the website and it is not for a lot of pages… I was thinking that $15 a page would be a very good rate?

And no I don't usually sell services like this but I am helping someone sort her website out and once I have sorted out her website for her I am going to show her the basics to continue with her own website in future.


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Depends on the niche and the website I need to do keywords research for. Giving the fact that even for small websites I need about 1 hour of research to find a good list and for very big online store it can also take me about 4 to 8 hours I would say a good starting price would be 10 dollars here on SEOclerks only for keyword researchers regarding smaller niches.

On private and on other marketplaces I can even ask 30 bucks for a small niche and up to 100 for a big online store with thousands and thousands of keywords.

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Thanks Cristian, the keyword research is quite basic actually and I have already done most of it since I wanted to check out how tough the niche would be and I believe it is going to be quite easy. Not much competition, but not much traffic either for all the keywords. I am sure I can get #1 for all the keywords which is quite cool.... oh and I got the job already!

Thanks for your feedback though. I went with $15 a page including everything.

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This is a good discussion but unfortunately there are no replies yet except for one. I am also in that direction that in the future I may be offering a service for the page optimization and other SEO methods that I know. So far I am still in the learning stage but it is an encouragement to read discussions with figures. That will give me more motivation to continue with the hint that I am in the right path in the SEO study.

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