Is it easier to sell cheaper products compared to expensive products?

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Is it easier to sell cheaper products compared to expensive products?

Many of you, including myself, have often thought that it's easier to sell cheaper products or services. I personally know it's easier to sell something for $1 compared to something else for $10. - And if we think about it, SEOClerks marketplace speaks for itself too, as you can see that $1 services will sell more in quantity.

That being said, we also know that it's harder to sell a service worth $1 for $5 or $10, as the buyer often are aware of the prices in general, which makes them chose a cheaper supplier if you charge more for the same service or product.

However, do you believe it's easier to sell a cheap service compared to an expensive one in general? - I personally don't think so.

If you provide expensive products or services you'll also target other audiences compared to what you would target if you where trying to sell cheap services, right?

Let's face it, I would never contact one of my previous client who've bought something for $10 and offer them something expensive for $5,000 for instance. - That wouldn't work in reality.

I believe it depends on you ultimately. That you approach your clients in a weird way when you know it's an expensive product. - I personally found it harder to sell 100 subscriptions of a magazine to a company compared to selling only one subscription to one person for instance. Even though it was only one person I had contact with when I sold the subscriptions to the company. - But I truly believe it was due to my own mindset. That I thought about the value of the product too much.

Do you think it's easier to sell cheaper services in general? - Do you think it depends on you or the product?


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Cheap services that promise a lot will always sell better than expensive ones, that's simply the reality, maintaining buyers happy is actually harder for the cheap services compared with the expensive ones.

So in essence selling cheap services will give you more headaches because you will appeal to every potential client out there, I especially think that cheap clients are the worst, the first time buyers that expect miracles to happen after purchasing a 5 bucks SEO service. They'll ask way more questions, they'll depends refunds more frequently and they'll generally be more unhappy at the end of the day.

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I think generally, yes, it is easier to sell cheaper products or services because people are more likely to buy something if it is cheaper given that they need it. However, there are also exceptions. For example with mobile phones, the top end flagships sells better than the cheaper budget phones because a mobile phone is considered as a necessities as opposed to a luxury product these days and people generally prefer the top end phones. If you have a good product and market it correctly then you will probably find it easier to sell more expensive products. I don't think there are that many products that are in this category though as generally as customers prefer cheap products and most of the time you have competitors who offer the same products for a cheaper price.

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It really depends on your market. Who is the target audience? If your in a rich neighborhood and your selling Walmart clothes chances are your sales will suck. If your selling Gucci, Findi, Prada, Etc then you will have more sales. I am living proof of that because we buy stuff and resell it everyday almost. Will you sell the cheaper item more often than the more expensive one? Lets say we have the same target customers. Is it the same type of product? If we take dollar store items and compare them to non dollar store items you will see a huge difference in quality. My bet is that people would rather pay more for quality than getting a cheaper product and having to replace it more often.

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There are so many factors that come in here. It depends very much on what the product is. For example I won't buy bulk backlinks here for a low price, I would rather buy a $50 SEO package from a quality seller. However it would appear that a lot of the buyers here want to buy cheap services.

To me something that is cheap, is cheap right?

When the price is a little higher I expect that the service or product will be better quality. I would focus more on providing quality and value for money on that product or service than providing cheap prices if this makes sense?

I would rather buy one quality link for $10 than 10 000 links for $1.

I am certain that if you believe in your product and the quality, and if you provide good value for money you will have sales and you will find it easier to market your product this way.

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I had priced my book $10.99. I thought to reduce the price in order drive sale. My new price was $2.99. I cut the price by $8, however, it did not improve sales. Therefore, when you price the product the price should be what the product actually cost. When people buy things they will compare prices with similar products. For instance, if a person is thinking to buy a tab, he will compare the prices between various brands. However, people will never buy products just because it cost less. In other words, a person will not buy a tab when he wants a laptop just because a tab cost less.

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In as much as I agree with you that it is easier to sell certain products at lower prices than selling some products at a higher price, I still think that someone selling in a region where the income levels of clients are high would make more profits selling in those regions.

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I think this one will depend on the kind of product. But given the same kind but a different volume that dictates the difference in cost, I think it is easier to sell the cheaper. However, it also depends on the prevailing market .I am basing my opinion on the supermarkets here that offer bulk sales that looks to be an advantage over the traditional one-piece in the racks. Although the cost is higher since the product is bigger but there is a slight discount that goes with a big pack.

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