3 Tips to Help Rank Your Site in Bing

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3 Tips to Help Rank Your Site in Bing

If you want to hold position for your website in Yahoo and Bing than you have to work in various fields in SEO.

Create value added content and target specific group of your niche so that they can share it organically. The main objective is to create a backlink from other good PA & DA website.

Yahoo answers can give you lots of traffic , if you engage in it regularly and answering questions with a value.

Social media and SMM is also very useful to take position in search engines like Yahoo & Bing.

Tell me your tips for Bing site ranking


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Hi Smasif15, thanks for the Bing ranking tips! I liked what you said about using Yahoo answers, I presume that's the voice of experience talking and you have been using it yourself and are seeing some results from your hard work answering peoples questions? That's what I like to hear anyway when persistence pays off and you get something out of it. As it makes it worth doing! 3 Tips to Help Rank Your Site in Bing

I myself don't do SEO for Bing/Yahoo. I don't think you can really do SEO for any Search Engine specifically, not unless you know the full algorithms of them. But I find that SEO is a universal thing anyway and when you do SEO, you're doing it for all Search Engines. And that SEO might mean building backlinks from high PA and DA sites which can get you better rankings in Googe/Bing/Yahoo and the rest.

So that's my tip. Do SEO that is good quality SEO only and then good rankings will follow from Google/Bing/Yahoo etc. Actually we was having another discussion recently that talked about how Bing/Yahoo might only just mirror the Google SERPS which is crazy if true as it means those other search engines don't even use an algorithm, they are just mirroring what Google shows in their own way.

I think there is some ring of truth in this from something else I was reading before on the matter. I'll have to do a big of digging and make that into a discussion on here so we can find out just how much truth there is in that claim. If it's true well that would just be shocking!

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Thanks for these Bing tips, I have just joined Quora recently and I am getting some nice traffic growth from that. I was wondering about Yahoo answers and whether it would be worth my time to join and start taking part in discussions there too.

I have now added that onto my list of things to do.

I'm just wondering how important it is to concentrate specially on Bing. Like Mike has said, there was a discussion about it recently and I tend to agree with what everyone said in that if you focus on Google you will automatically get ranked on all the other search engines anyway.

On that note does Yahoo specifically help with Bing?

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As we have previously discussed I don't see any differences between doing SEO for Bing or doing SEO for Google, basically, if you're doing the right things for Google you'll also get good ranks on Bing, although there are success stories out there claiming you can get good ranks for Bing only if you optimize your content and website in a certain way.

And if you think about it, ranking first for a highly searched term on Bing can be way more beneficial than ranking on the second page with the same keyword for Google search results.

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In my experience, SEO for Google is not very different from SEO for Yahoo or Bing. All you have to do is use the keywords that are trending on Yahoo or Bing. SEO is all about having keywords on your website and building backlinks, this technique works for all search engines.

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I agree with your tip about content because it is always the content that matters in the website. When there is no content then there is no website to speak of. Content is not just anything but should be in the proper form and with substance. A well-written content can give your site a good ranking especially if it has a lot of information that will appeal to the readers of your web pages.

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