''Free highlight feature upon request'' in level 5, what exactly does it mean?

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''Free highlight feature upon request'' in level 5, what exactly does it mean?

In level 5, one of the benefits that one can get is the ''Free Highlight Feature upon Request'' please i want to know what exactly does it mean? initially i am thinking that it may be the one where you service will be one where your service will be painted with some color but wasnt very sure about it? Or is it like the category feature where you service will be showed on front page just like a service bump?
please help me out out on this. thanks.


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Hello chetaseo,
Highlight your service is a feature offered by Ionicware. You can find it here: Highlight your Service for $19

How this Works
Those that have purchased will be elevated into a highlight status mode. Your service will always contain a light-gray background and a bottom border that is different from other services in all listings on SEOClerks. This will ensure that your service is spotted

As you can see in the below screenshot, I've marked the highlighted service in red.

The benefits are:
More Exposure - More people will see your service
Increased Sales - Having more people see your service means more people will order it.

Free highlight upon request is exactly what it sounds like. If you request a service (if you send a ticket to support) to be highlighted, they will add a highlight to your service free of charge.

Best Regards,

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Thank you very much for your response but i has a question. do you think it will really make the gig service to be very well noticed by visitors traffic? i say this because the color is gray-light and very well similar to the light color so there will be some form of blending that may make the gig service not to be very well-noticeable. so to me, i think that another color should have to be used to make the gig service easily visible. colors like yellow, light brown, pink etc. they will be much better that this gray-light color of a thing.

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Well, if you look at it from a Level 5 sellers perspective it's an extra free feature, so it definitely won't hurt you to use it. As it might lead to more sales and more exposure etc. And for free of charge, people would miss out on a good feature to benefit from. - If we are talking about using this feature as a level 1-4 user, which basically means that you'll pay for it, then I'd probably do it on a service I already got decent sales on. Otherwise it would be a $19 risk.

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Oh what a lovely bonus to get when you reach Level 5! I would love to have my services highlighted Thanks for the explanation Andre and thank you Chetaseo for making me aware of it!

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This has to be recently added benefits because I don't remember level 5 users having such features implemented for free in the past. I wonder what is the limit of this free feature? Because I would totally want my services from each category to be highlighted, maybe even all of them!

It would be abusive in my opinion since there are so few level 5 users around and the highlight feature just marks your service differently, it doesn't mean you'll be top service for all categories, you'll gown down the list as people bump or create new services.

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