What is a css hack? Wordpress Blog Spam Comments!

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What is a css hack? Wordpress Blog Spam Comments!

I have been getting so many Wordpress blog spam comments and loads of them the reason given is “CSS Hack”.

So I would firstly like to know (in very simple terms) what is a CSS hack?

Then the other thing I have noticed with these Wordpress spam comments is that they are mostly coming in on one old blog post that is not even ranking so what exactly is happening here?

Has some comment spam tool somehow gotten hold of that one link of mine and now people are just throwing their spam there?

Maybe I sound stupid but I have no idea how comment spam tools work!

Please can someone explain to me what is happening and how can I perhaps stop these spam comments coming in?


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Well, your blog is probably listed somewhere as accepting comments and most of the spammers use automated bots to send thousands of comments each day, all around internet...

Instead of explaining it in details, you can do few things to stop or reduce this drastically by using some Wordpress plugins or use third party comment system on your blog, like facebook comments or Disqus!

To choose right WP plugin to reduce spam you can search for firewall or stop spam, so you will get better idea what to use ;)

Switching of your own comment system and enabling Disqus may be good idea because:

  • Comments indexable by search engines (SEO-friendly)
  • Support for importing existing comments
  • Auto-sync (backup) of comments with Disqus and WordPress database

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Thank you Abid, yes I have heard of Disqus before but because it showed such a low rating (3.2 out of 5 stars) I didn't give it a go.

I highly respect the advice that you and Mike give, so I will check it out. Thank you for your help, it is always appreciated!

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Oh I would go the Disqus route any day! I usually always set up Disqus as the default commenting option on my WP blogs. Why? Because with Disqus, users can leave comments on your blog by signing into multiple social networks. They can create a Disqus account of course and post with that. Or they can login to Facebook or Twitter and post with that instead. It supports multiple social networking sites and most people have at least one account on all that accounts that are offered to login and comment with. That just completely stamps out any spam automated spam comments you may get. Plus it can import all your current old comments so they still show on the page/post that are pulled from your comments database. And vice-a-versa if you want to stop using it after some time and uninstall the Disqus plugin your comments will still remain on your posts/pages on your site.

Of course, it wont stop people or tools coming to your site, but it will stop those same automated tools from actually being able to leave a spammy comment on your site. I used to have a blog that was getting tons of spammy comments per day. After I switched to Disqus not only did I not get ANY spam comments at all. But I actually found I got more REAL comments than before. That's because Disqus offers so many different ways for people to leave comments and Disqus is in itself, a massive community on and of its own as well.

Go Disqus go! What is a css hack? Wordpress Blog Spam Comments!

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Thanks Mike, I just had a look at the link that Abid gave and Disqus is rated as 3.2 out of 5 stars which doesn't looks so appealing if you know what I mean? But since both of you highly recommend it I think I should give that a try. Yeah those comments do go straight through to the spam section of my comments but I just find it annoying that there are so many comments building up there and they are the same comments,from the same websites just being thrown at my website all the time.

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