Ethereum Nose Dive Investors starting to panic

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Ethereum Nose Dive Investors starting to panic

Recently i mentioned Ethereum and its current state in earlier topics. Today i wanted to update you guys on the current price and not only that but also why its taking a nose dive. Ethereum Just went through a hard fork last month and not to long ago is faced a DOS attack. This is causing the price to retreat below what most people are comfortable with. Investors are dumping ETH left and right because they are scared that the price will tank.

If you thought that was bad for Ethereum that is not the worst part. Ethereum offers a public block chain with smart contract capabilities. Developers can design apps and easily distribute them using ETH technology. ! recent bug threatened all of the developers contracts and they are not happy! The price has been falling steady for about 3 weeks and it doesn't show any sign of letting up.

Will this be the end of ETH? I know i've talked it up in the past but i am losing my faith in this alt coin. Just 2 months ago this currency was above 14 dollars per coin and its on its ay to losing 50% of its value if this continues. What can they do to turn this around? They have to fix these fatal bugs as soon as possible and make sure they get these updates under control. They have new competition in town and it will be really easy to knock ETH down, needless to say they better get the fire under them fast and move or they are going to get burned.

Ethereum Nose Dive Investors starting to panic

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Oh wow, thanks for updating us on the Ethereum price dive Jkeyz2. Do you think this will mean the end for Ethereum or do you think it could recover again?

I'm just wondering because if it can recover then perhaps it is a good time to buy Ethereum because the price is at such a low right now? I'm so interested to see what happens next!

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That is correct if you purchased at 9.80 rite now you are up about .30 cents a coin. It does not sound like alot but if you have hundreds of coins its a decent flip. I don think its the end of ETH yet but if they don't do something fast then yes it will be the end for them for sure. We will see what happens they are in a big slump rite now and we don't know where its going to go yet. We just have to wait and see. Stay tuned because i have more Ethereum and Bitcoin topics coming.

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Well that's how cryptocurrencies toll. Ethereum is one of the more publicly known cryptos in the market and like Bitcoin, the price is sometimes so erratic. But one thing remains constant, if you want to earn, then buy low and sell high.

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I guess any commodity that is losing its value has the tendency for holders to press the panic button. Even in the stock market, once the company is rumored to be losing then the stockholders would start divesting themselves of their shares. With a crypto currency I guess it is foolish to hold on to your currency when the value is sinking because you may be left empty-handed.

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