New Twitter features for better marketing

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New Twitter features for better marketing

Recently i noted new features on Twitter which can help us to boost our marketing on Twitter and do it better. Actually not sure how long this features are around, but not for long i guess. Now instead of using some third party websites you can use Twitter account to do more then traditional tweeting.

Log in to Twitter and visit to explore all options you can use there.

One of new things i absolutely love there is creating scheduled tweets which can be tweeted while you are away or having break. Use top menu. Click on "Create" and you will be able to add as many scheduled tweets as you like with assigning time and date to tweet, so you never miss busy hours to promote something you wish.

There is also some other nice options. You can have better overview what people tweeting about you as mentions. And very nice and good looking stats for your tweets where you can check and compare engagements with your account or your tweets, so you can probably test which tweets work best and what time of the day or week is best for promoting your products or affiliate links...

Hopefully you will find this useful tool to boost your exposure and follower's engagements.

Good luck New Twitter features for better marketing


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Oh lovely, thank you for this lovely update Anwebservices. I did see that the analytics on Twitter has become more detailed which I enjoy. I have not seen that that have added an option to schedule tweets and this is going to be incredibly welcome, it is about time they added this feature.

I only ever physically tweet or send something over manually on social media on the day that I publish new content, then I share it from my website. Everything else is all scheduled. I have had to use external software and tools to schedule tweets, like Buffer or Mass Planner. It is nice now to have the option within Twitter too.

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Hi Abid thanks for the update and share that's pretty sweet. I just checked it out and set up a few scheduled tweets. It looked quite basic but it's simple look doesn't do it justice as it shows you tweets based on feeds from your tweets or timeline which you can scheduled retweets to. I'm not sure how many you can schedule, there doesn't appear to be a limit they just stack up for you. If there's no limit you could set up hundreds of scheduled tweets promoting all sorts of stuff at all different times of the day, week, month or year which is pretty cool.

I've got a fairly new Twitter account in the Crowd Funding niche that I can put this to use to. Would just have to brain storm some things to actually tweet about and then create them all as scheduled tweets. That would free up my time to do other things but I usually only really tweet stuff after I've created a post or something and largely neglect to use Twitter properly. I've got some Twitter marketing skills, I just don't put them to much use on Twitter lol. New Twitter features for better marketing

Cheers Abid!

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Didn't know about this, love the analytics part, seems like Twitter is really making an effort to stay on the good side of business, it can have it's the main source of income just pack and leave. In the past, I remember you needed to use third party software to gain such analytics data.

Never been on twitter when it comes to social media optimization but I did sell a lot of twitter based services in my day. I swear if Twitter is ever bought by Google I will transform it into my main social media lol.

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I don’t have an active Twitter account but I like that scheduled tweets because it can be useful if you are promoting something regularly. That scheduled tweets is appropriate when I am on a vacation that even if I don’t have an internet connect but my tweets will still be coming to be seen by my followers. Maybe some celebrities are using that because they need to issue statements from time to time for the benefit of their followers.

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