Keyword planning and how to pick the right ones to target.

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Keyword planning and how to pick the right ones to target.

Figuring out which keywords you're going to target for your website can be a tough thing to do if you don't know where to look.

Some people will say "Well it's easy, I just pick the short tailed keywords because they have the most traffic!" Well that's great and all, but you probably won't rank for those short tailed keywords right away and that means you'll have to invest a lot more money into your campaigns. It will take much more of an investment because you won't be pulling in traffic that generates sales until those difficult keywords are ranked well.

If you target long tailed keywords as well as your main short tailed keywords, you'll have a better chance at ranking quickly and also have your short tailed keywords moving around.

You can go to Google, Yahoo! or Bing and see how many search results there are for your keywords, but that won't really tell you how many people are actually searching for your keywords. And we all know that the more searches a keyword has, the better it is for your profits. To figure out exactly which keywords I want to target, I'll go into Google Adwords and set up a campaign that I don't intend on actually using lol. I'll set up the campaign for something like $2,000 a day and set my CPC at $0.01. This way if my ad does get approved right away I won't be getting a lot of clicks. And if I do get a ton of clicks, I'll have a huge ROI Keyword planning and how to pick the right ones to target.

Anyway, when you're setting up your campaign you'll want to just add one odd ball keyword that you know for sure no one will target, like "super duper awesome mega company sales reports today" that way it will be your only keyword when you start your campaign. After you set up your campaign, go to "Add Keywords" and type in your main one. You can also add your URL and you'll get keyword suggestions/ideas. When you see these you're hitting pay dirt! You'll be able to check roughly how many searches each keyword is getting and you can set up your list that way. Keywords with less than 10,000 searches a month will be much easier than keywords with 100,000+ searches. The highly searched keywords are more difficult to rank for because there are more people trying.

Some SEO companies will tell you to target the easier, low hanging fruit, keywords first because they'll bring in almost instant results. But what I like to do is target all of my keywords so that when my easier keywords are ranking, I'll have already started to try and rank my difficult keywords Keyword planning and how to pick the right ones to target.


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Thanks for these tips for keyword planning and choosing the right keywords. You know when I first learned about keyword research I was also told exactly that, to search for the long tail keywords, the low hanging fruit keywords and yes it does work like a charm.

However this just brings in a trickle of traffic doesn't it?

I wish I had known that I should have been doing a mix of short tail and long tail keywords so that I can work on ranking for higher traffic keywords. I now know that it is good to start including high traffic keywords and it is nice to see that it is starting to work.

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Great information. As a newbie in online marketing, I find keyword research and decision making really tricky. They are so many theories on how to do this it can cause paralysis. I like how you have explained everything and simplified it. At the moment I'm working on growing my pinterest following and getting an audience for my blog through pinterest. As you know pinterest also uses keywords to identify pins and to determine whether they will be seen or not. This information on keywords is very helpful.

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Well, I have come a long way from the contents to backlinks and lately the keywords. But until now I still cannot fully comprehend why there is a need to do a research for the right keyword and the need to analyze the keyword. Isn’t it being too complicated when you do those things because that chore is not easy? Maybe some webmasters will have their hands full if they will do the SEO methods for their site like the keyword and the backlink building.

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