How to Stop Writer Block

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How to Stop Writer Block

I’m not sure about you, but every now and then I get writer block. Blogging on my 3 websites, as well as creating content on a number of other websites means I churn out a huge amount of written content on a daily basis.

It is not surprising that every now and then I get a little stuck every now and then. Once I get stuck it can be a little tricky to free my mind up again and get my writing flowing again.

So here my 10 steps how to stop writer block:

1. Stop Writing and Forget About It

Yes I know, it does sound rather counter-productive doesn’t it? But just think about how counter-productive it is to stare at your screen for hours with no inspiration coming to you!

Or those days when you type a few sentences and then start with the backspace key, and you repeat this for a while.

You’re not going to get any writing done anyway, so you may as well stop hitting your head against a brick wall.

2. Get your Heart Pumping

As writers (and freelancers too) we spend so much time behind a desk, not moving much. This is not good for you!

So get some exercise in and really get your heart thumping and pumping.

Exercise is also known to help combat depression and to raise the spirits. I’m not sure about you but when I can’t write I start beating myself up and feeling like I can’t get anything right. Take that frustration out with exercising.

3. Get Outside in Nature

Once again, writers not only spend a lot of time sitting but we usually do it indoors. So get outside into the sunshine, or if it is cold put on your gloves and head outside for a brisk walk in the cold.

You can combine your exercise with the outdoors, why pay for a gym when God gave you a whole playground outside?

4. Get in Touch with Your Inner Child

I know, another tip that possibly sounds terribly strange… bear with me though. When last have you built a sand castle on the beach? Or climbed a tree? Caught a little fish in a net? If its snowing build a snowman!

Seriously this sort of thing is good for the soul! It also helps if you have children with you so you don’t look too silly. Thankfully I have two little ones so I pretend I am catching fish for them.

5. Have Sex

OK well it works for me. I often get stuck in a rut and as much as I try to push the thought of writing out of my mind it just sneaks back!

Having sex will most certainly distract you from your writers block, it is also well known to help with all those feel good, happy hormones. Just the thing you need to get those creative juices flowing.

An added bonus here is that if you are a freelancer or a writer you probably work very long hours, so your partner will be very pleased with the extra attention.

My husband loves it when I get stressed out or I have writers block.

6. Sleep on It

Once you’ve had good sex chances are you will have a very restful sleep. This is excellent. Our minds often problem solve in our sleep and by the time morning arrives the problem has left us. Often we just need a break, some fresh air and a good rest to stop writers block.

7. Change your routine

Often we are stuck in a rut and we always do the same thing at the same time, in the same place.

So have a cup of tea instead of coffee, use a notepad and a pencil instead of your laptop and sit in your garden under a tree instead of your desk in your office.

8. Brainstorm

Perhaps by now you have come right, but if you haven’t don’t stress. Brainstorming is a good process to follow.

Just jot down ideas for writing, let it be free flow, so anything you think of write it down. Just keep writing.

9. Check your Ideas Notebook

Always keep a notebook for ideas. I have a notebook I keep in my handbag and it goes everywhere with me. I come up with ideas all the time and I just jot them down and leave them there.

Now is the time to pull that notebook out. Keep your ideas stored however you like them, for me I like the old fashioned notebook. I love the act of reading all my little scribbles and then crossing things out as I go.

10. Plan your Writing and get started

Yes there is a time to stop knocking your head against the brick wall and there is also a time to get cracking again.

Choose your topic, plan the points you want to cover and by this time all you will be needing to do is flesh out your article.

Because you have now done something that feeling of helplessness and despair is probably lifting and it won’t take too much to finish up your article.

And if all fails and after a day you are still struggling, just be kind to yourself, continue to follow these steps or your own method that usually works and know that it is temporary and before you know it you will be back on track.

For these special moments of what I call "My Stuckness" I just contact my favorite content writer here and place an order till I'm back to my normal self with the creative juices flowing again.


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Writers block definitely sucks, and luckily I've never really hit a wall because I use a few of the tips and tricks you mentioned above How to Stop Writer Block

I also have another trick, which could be similar to what you've mentioned above, but I'm going to go over it anyway How to Stop Writer Block

Whenever I hit a wall and I need to boost my thoughts, and I've exhausted all the methods and tricks that you posted about, I'll hang out with my little girl and do random little kid stuff lol.

It sounds odd, and it sure it, because I tend to be playing with Barbie dolls, shopkins or anything that she's currently playing with at the time lol. Normally when she's playing with her legos I'll stop working and make a pretty sweet space ship, and then she'll tell me I'm doing it wrong How to Stop Writer Block

Other than playing with toys, we'll go to the park for at least 30 minutes and then we'll come home. Usually this re-energizes my writing ideas and I can hammer out a good amount of work.

The only thing that is required to do this is that you need to have kids. If you start going to the park by yourself and watching other kids play, you may get arrested for being a creeper.

Another thing I like to do is take a nap How to Stop Writer Block Not like a 4 hour nap, because that's just you sleeping for 4 hours. I'll take a quick 45 to 60 minute power nap in order to get out of my head. This also helps me out because it's like leap frogging through time and it won't feel like you're wasting time doing something pointless in order to get ideas on what to write How to Stop Writer Block Well, at least that's what I like to tell myself How to Stop Writer Block

Does anyone else have some ideas on how to stop writers block?

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Oh yes Razzy there is nothing quite like hanging out with kids and playing with them, getting to their level and having just plain fun.

I also quite like Lego but same as you I get told I'm "doing it wrong" haha.

Well you don't have to have your own kids... like you could borrow mine and give me an hour or two off! Great advice about hanging at parks without kids, it is a sure way to get yourself into trouble LOL

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Thanks for sharing Lynne! So we all have the same problems right? I'll try to follow these steps as much as possible and hope that they can help me because I have writers block all the time How to Stop Writer Block. Every single time when I'm writing or have an idea to write for something I can't finish it because of writers block, I like to take small breaks as that is the only solution to avoid writers block, because seriously they're killing me How to Stop Writer Block . Another thing that I hate is that I'm not native in English and writers block are making it even more worse.

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Procoder I can't imagine how hard it must be to write in English when it is not your native language!

I hope that planning your writing and breaking it up into smaller more manageable parts would be helpful for you.

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This was quite insightful. I know once in a while we get to the point that we feel nothing like nothing is in our heavy Head and we just have to refresh.

No two way out. We just have to rest,take a walk,do some exercises which include sex or outrightly get a full rest by sleeping.

Write block happens to all writers,we can only try to overcome it.

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Some helpful tips there How to Stop Writer Block I find it really helpful to simply shut down my computer and do something else. I sometimes do some chores or go shopping or simply watch TV or play a game. Anything that makes you forget about writing is fine actually. Later, maybe several hours later, or even the following day, you can start afresh and I often manage to be very well focused and full of writing energy. Writer's block is a common problem, but it can be resolved with some rest most of the time. Generally I get a block when I am too tired.

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Oh yes and when life gets a little bit too hectic maybe with family problems! I've had some rough emotional patches and it is has become very tricky to focus on writing when my mind is being distracted with problems.

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Haha LOVED your tips and tricks Lynne! In other orders, do anything to get your mind out of the block and reset yourself. When I'm unable to write a single sentence I usually just quit and shut down my laptop and go on doing something completely different, I'll do anything just to stay away from the computer a couple of hours, when I come back I'm usually refreshed and my mind can focus.

Some people play games, that's a big mistake at least for me and doesn't help me at all, when I finished playing the game and I come back to writing I'm still unfocused, I have to actually leave the computer, doesn't work any another way.

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Oh yes games never work for me, they just make me a grumpy bear anyway.

Yes you are spot on there Cristian, get away from the laptop,from all electronics and focus on something completely different. I find getting outside and doing something dirty, like digging a hole to plant something or playing in the mud with my kids works best!

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My usual remedy is your #1 - stop writing and #3 - take a walk. It's no use forcing yourself to write when your medulla oblogata is tired, so to speak. As one writer said, the best writing you can produce is one that you write when your mind is relaxed. Maybe that's the reason why some writers who became popular coldn't write good books anymore because they are stressed with their success. Fame and money can consume your time and there will be nothing left anymore for writing.

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I think you can stop the writers block by taking break. And how you do that is upto you. I think you should consider spending some time on the activity that has nothing to do with writing. And slowly that would be one thing you would be able to get to control. And this is something done by many people who are into writing. I have learned that by writing some content every single day. That can help you with the writers block a lot. So based on that I'd say it's a good step for changing routine.

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For me, having a content calendar works to avoid writer's block. Essentially, I have a year's worth of content that I can write for my personal site. My issue is motivation. Sometimes, I sit at the computer and just don't want to do it.

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Whenever I get writers block I would drop my writing and go out for some drinks with my friends sometimes alcohol, tobacco, good food and happy moments with friends can wipe out my stress and reboot my mind.

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