Alternative Search Engines - Niche-based Websites and Vertical Searches

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Alternative Search Engines - Niche-based Websites and Vertical Searches

For a long time now Google was holding an almost total monopoly on everything online search related, anyone that wanted to search for anything used Google.
Alternative Search Engines - Niche-based Websites and Vertical Searches
For a few years now there is a growing trend of Vertical Search Engines - basically every website out there with an integrated search feature that offers inside search results.
This may not seem important but when it comes to HUGE websites like eBay, amazon or YouTube this has become a VERY important factor. Instead of doing a Google search for a certain item or video, people go directly to one of these massive websites and use their internal search skipping Google altogether.

Some other big websites that have a huge internal search with proper algorithms:

  • Indeed
  • Etsy
  • Yelp
  • Pinterest
  • Kayak
  • TripAdvisor

Getting good results for your products/videos inside these search engines has become hugely important for most businesses out there.

Don't forget most of these websites also have mobile apps with an internal search engine integration. Giving the fact that in 2015 about 50% of all online digital interactions was made inside smartphone apps and Google actually lost 2% of its year-over-year growth and vertical search experienced a 8% year-over-year growth this is no longer something to be ignored.

Doing SEO for eBay, amazon or Etsy is simply required at this point and you need to find freelancers capable of delivering such services!

Here are some general ranking factors that may help you improve your sales and visibility inside vertical search engines:

1. Positive reviews and positive feedback.
2. Conversion rate over click through rate.
3. The placement of the product matters a lot, make sure you are in the right category.
4. Do normal on-page optimization researching for keywords and implementing them in your title and descriptions.
5. Most of this websites have premium memberships or some way of making yourself more visible to potential buyers, if you have a budget for this, go all in, it can help a lot!


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Oh wow Cristian, yes I was aware of all these websites having their own internal searches but I never considered the huge impact it could be making long term. I think possibly the biggest one of these would be Youtube right? But Youtube is owned by Google...

I am wanting to start learning more about optimizing images for Pinterest search. Yes I throw a few keywords in and chuck in some hastags but I don't spend the amount of time or effort that I could be with Pinterest.

I am now taking note of how I can optimize my ebook in online stores for organic searches and I am assuming that when I do this it will also be optimized for the store internal search too?

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In one discussion that I had read, there was the idea that Google is a huge dominant factor in search engines but later on the algorithm will not matter much when the other search engines come side by side with Google. Bing is having a hype with the Bing Rewards and probably Yahoo, as the second to Google in terms of usage, is also coming out with its own gimmick. Those actions may result in better positioning of their search engines versus Google.

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