Hidden content is ok with Google now

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Hidden content is ok with Google now

One of the big NO of designing a website from an SEO point of view in the past was having hidden content inside button tabs.
Hidden content is ok with Google now
From Google's perspective the user once clicking on your search result needs to have that content visible as soon as your page is accessed, this is still the case, the only difference is that now Google takes into consideration hidden content as being normal visible content.

This is great niche for all designers out there who always went into conflicts with SEOs over the structure and design of web pages.

Why does Google suddenly care about hidden content?

Because there is only so much content you can fill inside a mobile page! Tabs and hidden content is the only logical way to go on mobile pages, you can't fit everything you want as visible content, the page user will simply have to scroll a lot and when a user is getting annoyed the bounce rate goes up.
I think this is a natural evolution because of the recent statements from Google that mobile will become its main index.


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Hi Cristian, can you explain this a little more? How exactly does Google plan on stopping black hat marketers from taking advantage of this in unethical ways?

I mean surely Google would have cottoned on that if hidden content is fine that there will be some marketers planning on using this as a "loophole" to try and stuff keywords and things in there?

What do you think?

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Keywords stuffing doesn't really work anymore, either way, Google has evolved a lot in the last few years, so I think no serious black hat tricks will be develop to take advantage of this update.

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Yeah this is a bit confusing, I'm not sure what you are saying lol. Wait, Google is okay with "hidden content"? Wait, hidden content is content that is hidden on the page somewhere that you can't see. Example, it's in a very very small font or it's the same colour as the background. That's long been a black hat method and that's the kind of hidden content Google has always been against. This though is completely different. Putting text behind different tabs is completely different to doing those other things.

What do you mean by "This is great nice" is that a typo?

And when you say "Because there is so much content you can fill inside a mobile page!"

Don't you really mean "there is only so much content you can fill inside a mobile page?"

Another typo?

This all seems like common sense to me anyway. Just make your text that you need to use on each page, appear on that page as it needs to appear. Don't try and hide it behind tabs. Although, that doesn't really make sense because in some cases, you have tabbed content in a page such as products that have tabs for the different parts of that product and tabs make it easier to read that content depending on which part you want to read about.

I don't know I just can't make head or sense of it mate. I think it's all a load of colly wobbles anyway! I mean, just because text is behind another tab, doesn't mean it's "hidden text". It's on another tab and to read that text, you need to click on that tab. But if you look in the source code, that text is still present on that page. Remove the styling and it will show on the page regardless.

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Sorry for the typos, just edit it.

Anyways, in the past, Google saw hidden content as bad user experiences.Content had to be fully visible and content hidden with CSS was frowned upon .

Now Google is clearly changing its views on this after the mobile revolution.

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If I'm understanding it right you're saying that Google is will consider 'hidden' content as normal 'visible' content? I'm not too much into seo but I did some research regarding this and from what I read there Google it will devalue your site if you have hidden content on it. I think you're talking about having different content on mobile and desktop?? For example, some massive websites that have too much content on it, show less content on mobile comparing to desktop, but still that it's not a hidden content, it's just an adaptive design.

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I'm also confused. I also didn't know that there was hidden content. @procoder your theory makes the most sense. I know that on mobile you don't get all the content you would get on a desktop or laptop. I guess what this comment means is that now you do. I guess I kind of have realised that difference because Google now fully realize that more and more people use their mobiles to search because of portability.

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To be honest, I don’t like hidden contents because I get several emails a month with those buttons that I need to click in order to see what it has to offer. In the earlier years, I would click on the button and instead of a text I would be directed to a website. That is obviously a click-bait that they got traffic from me. That taught me a lesson not to click on anything which means when the content is hidden then I will exit the page.

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