Yes! I am a writer. - Thank you!

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Yes! I am a writer. - Thank you!

Let me share something cool with you.. Something I personally believe is something amazing and both inspiring and motivational actually, so this one is for all of you. - Thank you!

SEOClerks is for most of us the best marketplace ever. Excellent support, amazing moderators and superb marketplace features are just few of the reasons we all love this place.. But Ionicware have so much more than this. ListingDock and WordClerks are two other marketplaces.

And this topic is inspired from a topic in WordClerks Community Discussion.

Can everybody be a writer? - A topic made by EliteWriter.

In this topic, I shared some details about myself. That I don't really see myself as a writer. Mostly due to the fact that I'm not native in English.

I'll even quote this for you, so you get it all:

The way I see it, writer and "writer".
I would say that I'm a "writer" as I'm an author and I'm actively writing posts, replies and things like that. However, I wouldn't consider myself to be a writer. A writer is what Lynne explained above and I'm nothing near that. I'm not native in English and I'm fully aware of my spelling and grammar issues, even though I write the way I believe it's spelled.. That being said, when I've written my ebooks I've often had them proofread and edited by native, copywriters, even though I didn't hire one for my last ebook. So the bottom line is, that I would call myself a "writer" but not a writer.

That's my reply.

EliteWriter, a well-known contributor here in the CD replied with this:
Your english is very good compared to what I experienced from people who claimed that they were article writers, believe me! I think you are to be classified as a writer because you express yourself well.

And here you have my follow-up response:
Thank you EliteWriter, I appreciate your kind words. Things like this are awesome to hear actually. Let me explain why. First of all, you gave me a "Pat on the back" and that alone is fantastic. It makes you (or at least me in this case) feel appreciated. That means a lot. Secondly, you "praised me" even further by comparing my writing skills with article writers and you didn't stop there. You also added a third thing which was the sentence where you mentioned "classified". For me, that's three superb reasons to call myself a writer. This is what I love about Ionicware's marketplaces and the community discussions. People are honest, inspiring and people don't judge you or look down on you for no reason. This is what Freelancing is all about. To help others. To inspire them and to motivate them.

The same "thank you" goes to Lynne, Mike and all the other CD moderators and the whole Community too. This inspired me to write a new topic. Thank you very much!

And that's everything I wanted to share with you. I'm from Sweden. I'm not native in English and I've always seen this as a huge obstacle. That's the major reason I've never been able to see myself as a true writer. The language.

That being said, motivation like this is appreciated and that's what Ionicware is all about. We all, you, me and "all of them" are willing to help you, inspire you and motivate you. - I got myself a boost and it felt great. Thank you all!

Don't forget to contribute in the CD of ListingDock and WordClerks too!

Best Regards,


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You are so a writer, not a "writer" Andre. I really mean every word I said in that discussion on Wordclerks.

There are plenty of people that call themselves writers but they just don't take care and diligence with their writing, they make careless spelling, grammar and punctuation errors. This is something that really gets my goat.

If you want to be classified as a writer and be taken seriously then at least use a capital letter to start your sentences and add a full stop. This is not a language barrier, this rule is I am sure relevant to all languages.

You are not English and yes on occasion I could tell you are not English, but not once did I think hey this guy can't write! You express yourself well, you give quality information and you write in a way that flows well. This is what counts.

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Here here! Andre is a great writer, you wouldn't be able to tell English isn't his native language. He puts a lot of emphasis on grammar, punctuation and spelling and those are the marks and signs of a great writer. Some people are just gifted at writing, some people learn it and learn to use good grammar, spelling and punctuation and that is a pleasure to read. But when people get sloppy and don't use Capital letters on their first words or close sentences with periods and the like, it just puts me off from reading more and makes me see them in a bad light. Especially when it's a grown person as well. I can understand it from someone under 10 years old but when you have a grown person that does that, it makes me wonder just how intelligent they are or aren't! And it puts me off from trusting them you know?

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Mike the problem with people that get sloppy like that is not that they aren't intelligent, or that is my opinion anyway. The feeling I get is that they just couldn't be bothered.

If you can string a sentence together and you can type... and you can turn on a computer you KNOW that you need to put a full stop at the end of your sentences and to start new sentences with a capital letter.

If someone doesn't care enough to spend a split second to do these simple things I lose respect immediately for that person.

When a person takes so little care with writing their service descriptions I will never buy from that person.

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th4Nk, y0U. m1k3! Yes! I am a writer. - Thank you!

I don't know if you're aware of this or not, but I've actually said that both you and Lynne are two of my favorite writers. (You can find it here: Who are your favorite writers? - It's Lynne's CD on WordClerks)

It's an honor to work with and close to both of you and I appreciate everything you do. You're also an inspiration and you give me motivation which is more than I could ever ask for.

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Oh, thank you Lynne. Once again I'm sitting here with a smile and I'm actually rather proud of myself. I've often thought that I need to spend some time when I'm writing my content and I still do, but I've also stated on a regular basis that I'm not native in English. This is some sort of "safety net" for me.. Even though I don't want it to be a lame excuse.

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Dude a lot of us are not native English speakers but we do are best to be as good as possible. There are plenty of great writers out there that write in English but aren't native so it clearly can be done, we just have to practice a lot more!

You English is indeed very good and you can definitely pass for a native writer any day of the week. I just hope I'll get as good as you at one point in the future, maybe I'll switch from SEO and become a full-time writer, I would love it actually now that I think about it...

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Practice is actually my middle name. Well, honestly it's not, but I do work hard and I've struggled and I am still struggling when I'm writing. I appreciate your kind words Cristian and I do agree with you. Non-native writers has to work hard to reach a decent writing level but there's tons of native writer who actually should work harder than they do, as some people's writing level is beyond decent.. And in some cases even terrible.

I would love to become a writer full time but it seems so far away.

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Most of us a freelance writers, home writers, student writers and housewife writers but we do not publish books alike J.K.Rowlings. Maybe in the near future. English is the International language in the Internet world. We use English to speak, read and write articles online. However, there are writers whose native language isn't English but could publish quality content post with superb grammar, tenses and spellings. Though I am not one of them.

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I am also a writer but not a professional writer. And since I can write posts to forums and I can also write articles for blogs then I can be considered a real writer because I have published articles already. But being a writer doesn’t stop there. It starts with the inspiration but you have to work for it, work hard if needed, in order to prove that you are indeed a writer who can turn out good writings. Good luck to your writing career.

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