Google starts testing mobile indexing

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Google starts testing mobile indexing

Google announced a while ago that mobile indexing it will slowly become it's main "index" meaning mobile will have priority over the desktop index in ranks as more and more people are using their smartphone for their searches rather than desktops or laptops.
Google starts testing mobile indexing
You can read Google's full official notice here:

It basically says everyone needs to pay more attention to implementing Structure Data as well as adding your mobile version of your website as a different entity in the Google Search Console which I didn't know about and frankly I'm kind of caught off guard.

Slowly but shortly Google will eventually rank every website from a mobile point of view, so if you website is not yet mobile friendly than I'm pretty sure you can kiss you current ranks goodbye as mobile will become the norm as well as the main and only factor Google will rely on when ranking websites for mobile and desktop versions.

Even with all of these Google still says that if you don't have a mobile version at all they will have to rely on your desktop version for to rank you accordingly but my guess is you will miss every good rank from a mobile point of view and in essence you will only get decent rank when people search your website from a desktop or laptop.

What do you need to do to be ready for this new huge change Google's doing:

  1. Have a responsive website design
  2. Structure data needs to be implemented for both versions

What do you think about Google's future plans and implementations? Have you made a full transition to the mobile friendly type website?


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I think that this really was inevitable. I have been watching my Google Analytics reports for a while now and it is amazing to see how the mobile users are increasing all the time. The majority of my website visitors are mobile already and this number is just going to increase all the time.

I remember looking at my percentage of mobile users about four years ago thinking that was high.... and it was only on 20 or 30%.

Over the last 4 years that has now increased to about 65 or 70% mobile users. It will be interesting to see the statistics at the end of 2017.

Anyway the point being if most of the internet users are using mobile it only makes sense for the search engines to make that a main consideration.

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This would happen sooner or latter. more and more people using mobile phone as internet browsers and lately i noted that less and less people using or buying desktop computers too. Many of them never even used computers, but nowadays using mobiles to get some information from internet. So having mobile friendly website is one of most important things for future if you looking to drive interest and visitors to your blog / website. Google know about it much better so they are turning their business and priorities to the right direction to provide surfers best options and search results

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They're focusing more on mobiles searches, and that is understandable as the percentage of people who use mobile to browse on internet is in rise everyday. It's not that this update it's going to make any big difference, simply they're saying that your website should be responsive and having the same content as in desktop. This update will cause problems only for websites which are not mobile responsive, and I believe that they're not so many. However, even if your website it's not mobile responsive that can be easily implemented with a few steps.

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I think this new development in search engine industry goes to show that mobile browsers have started to dominate the internet. If you have read about the “responsive” design of websites to give mobile browsers the convenient, now it seems that the responsive design is getting to be the standard. And I believe that in the years to come, the mobile browsers will outnumber computer browsers by 5 is to 1.

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I agree. This is because even mobile reaches more people, especially those who can't afford a laptop or desktop. Like in my Country many people live in rural areas where most people prefer mobile instead of desktop or laptops. I think this is also an opportunity for people to get ranked highly on google, The earlier you get in on the game the better. This is a chance for everyone to adopt their sites to mobile.

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