Feature Suggestion: Ability to remove images from service

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Feature Suggestion: Ability to remove images from service

Okay so we've had the discussion, first my discussion, and then another after it. And perhaps there may be more coming after that as well as more people discovere that you can add pictures/images to your service(s). But you can't delete/remove them!

So I'm making this an official feature suggestion as it's something that would come in very very handy for me to be able to do. To be able to remove an image or images from one or more of my services.

Sometimes we add an image to our service, but the image gets old or obsolete and needs to be removed and replaced with another. But you cannot do that, you can only add more images.

Actually, you can overwrite the main image by simply uploading a new one in its place. But if you somehow inadvertently add another one by clicking the "Add More Images" link, that means you're stuck with an image in your service you don't want.

That is the case for me and I believe it's effecting my sales negatively for one of my particular popular services.

So I would like to request the ability to be able to remove additional images from my service.

Please could you code this in so we can click on an x or something to remove the images we don't want showing on our services.

If anyone else would like this place chime in to say you're for it!



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Mike I haven't had this as a problem yet since I have only one image for my services but since I saw your first discussions on this topic I have made sure to only use one image for my services and to make darn sure it is the right one LOL.

I would want to be stuck with an image I don't want in my service. I am not very clued up when it comes to graphics so sometimes I have to try a few different images until I can set something to look the way I want it to.

It would make such a difference being able to delete images.

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It's not that I'm having too much problems with my images..well yes just a little but only when I'm creating them. And yeah I'm pro to this request as deleting or even having an option to disable them it's something that we really need. Personally I like to replace/modify images all the time, because I feel like...oh wait I forgot to add this, this and this , and then I end up creating a new images again. Feature Suggestion: Ability to remove images from service

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Mike's suggesting is fair and it will definitely be an improvement on SEOclerk's part. Having the option to delete images as well as choosing the main image will very useful for sellers, especially for those that play around with their services and love to edit and improve how they're service pages look.

One simple example would be when you have the price of the services in you service image and you put your service on sale, I want the option quickly switch between service images and choose the one that will reflect my "on sale".

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