i think to leave seoclerks forever

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i think to leave seoclerks forever

i can say that im from the oldest members in seoclerks since it started but cant make much success here as i did in other places , i dont know why i got some diffeculties here

peoplejust came 2 years ago and they are no success here , i really feel failure in seoclerks and i think to leave as now my account become unpromotable any advice?


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Hello sanfora,
What you've described here is basically what 90% of other freelancers are feeling too. - I would say that most people will have some success online, but most people will quit rather shortly because the success they had, doesn't last long. - And even though that's sad, I can still see the reason people are doing this. However, someone who quits, will never reach success.

You've had success on other places you say.. - Have you also been providing the exact same services on SEOClerks too?

I guess you have because most people would do so.. And honestly speaking, that might be a problem.

SEOClerks is the largest seo marketplace out there, right? - Which also makes it very competitive when it comes to seo related services. Most people will never reach great success by providing seo related services, because frankly speaking, most of the seo services people provide are bad compared to the top sellers services. That being said, seo is not even close to be the only good selling service on SEOClerks, however, you need to focus on things that are in demand.

Perhaps you can't deliver those in demand services? - That might be one of the reasons for not being successful. For instance, I'm not a seo expert and I would never try to provide seo related services.. Which basically mean that the best selling services on SEOClerks, is not meant for me. I can't deliver them so I won't even give it a try. - Another reason for not being successful might be due to the mindset.

If you focus on the money you can make, then you won't make any. - That might sound weird but it's true. - I would never try to provide a client of mine a service because I was in need of money. I provide services to satisfy my clients needs. - As long as I focus on my clients instead of anything else, money will come.

Anyhow, I could literally write a 13 pages long reply on this, but I won't. - What you need to do, is to take a step back. Take a break and consider your options. Re-evaluate your situation, your progress and your skills. - Think outside the box.

Instead of focusing on your infraction you got recently, focus on how to NOT get infractions in the future. And instead of focusing on your level 1 account, focus on how to reach new, higher levels. - What can you do, that you haven't done already?

Best Regards,

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Hey man don't quit Seoclerks. I have been here 3 years and i have had many ups and downs but i never think of leaving. My goal is to be the most consistent seller here with the best customer service. So far i have been able to achieve that but not with out hard work and dedication. People do not get in trouble here for no reason sir. You have to address your business practices and make sure they coincide with Seoclerks rules. You have to remember nobody here s against you we all want you to succeed. Few people have a problem with authority i say that because i use to be one of those people. After a few slaps on the wrist and a few months in Seoclerks jail i learned my lesson. Don't give up just build and grow and become a better seller. I agree with Hitmeasap how can you become successful if you give up? Thats the last thing anyone wants you to do. Keep your head up and keep selling, i hope this helps. Have a Nice Day!

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I am sorry to hear that you want to leave Sanfora. I hope that you have gone through all the responses here that encourage you to stay and keep on trying.

I saw that you received an infraction for something and that must be quite demotivating. I had to remove a service I had listed and another one I had to edit a bit to stick to the TOS. Some rules changed and I had to change to comply.

Such is life I guess.

Try not to let these things get you down. I believe an infraction is only for a period of time? I do believe that SeoClerks is one of the best online marketplaces for SEO so I am sure it would not be a good move for you to leave.

Whatever you choose to do I wish you luck and success.

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thank you for your kind words lynne

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If someone wishes to be very successful in seoclerks, i will suggest he buys the permanent feature frontpage slot to feature your gig services on the frontpage of seoclerks. with that, you will get lots and lots of orders that can earn you good money. Any other means be it bumps or whatever wont really bring in so much sales since a service stays on frontpage for a very short time when bumped compared to when your service is featured on frontpage.

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I say don't give up, do you still have sales here? If you still make a profit then I don't see a reason for leaving, you can also join other similar marketplaces and be active on multiple of them, it doesn't matter, you don't have to be an exclusively SC seller.

Put your eggs into multiple baskets and you'll be fine! Also if you got some infractions just make sure you do the right thing and eventually those infractions will be lifted by the staff.

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It would be a pity if you quit. There is no other site where I have managed to do as well as I did here on seoclerks. If only you follow the rules, offer a good quality service, and do your best to be a great seller from start to finish, you would not have any problems, and you would be a very successful freelancer for sure as there are so many prospective buyers gathered on this platform, which is very well known. I see that you had an infraction. Then it follows that you need to be a better user to avoid such problems.

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