is level 3 get more sales from level 1

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is level 3 get more sales from level 1

i want to knowwhat differenet between level 1 and level 3 i was in level 3 i got sales when im now in level 1 i cant get much sales even the services still as it and ranked in search results is because level 3 promotable or something?

any explaintations? please help


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Hey sanfora,
As you can see within the user levels:

Level 1
Everyone starts out at Level 1. This is the base level and requires no effort.

  • Can't create services for less than $5
  • Can't create services for more than $125
  • Can't create Coupons that lower a service price more than $5
  • Longer clearance period for funds
  • Can't create instant downloads
  • Can't create subscription services
  • Withdrawals may go under review, resulting in longer waiting
  • Withdrawals have a minimum of $15

Level 3
Level 3 users are amazing users that command respect.

SBA Completed 25 orders/purchases/affiliate Sales on time
SBA Have no infractions (follow the rules)
SBA Login very often (once per 7 days)
SBA First completed sale is at least 60 days old
SBA You must verify your physical address (only users who joined after May 6th, 2016)
SB Have a 90% rating or higher
S 72 Hour or less response time

  • Payment one day after order completion
  • Can create instant downloads
  • Can create subscription services
  • Withdraw 30 times per 31 days
  • Withdraw as little as $5

I'm certain of the fact that you're already aware of the different user levels but I felt like sharing these as some people might find this valuable. However, one can clearly see that users with higher user levels will benefit a lot for each step they take. Level 3 users compared to level 1 have superb benefits, and level 4, 5 and X have even greater benefits. It's common sense actually.

That being said, all of these benefits is just the icing on the cake.
One thing that isn't stated within the user levels, is that you will increase your chances of making sales. And why is that? - It's very simple. - Potential buyers are more likely to deal with a reputable seller. A seller with good reviews, few negative feedbacks and a good response time, and a seller with a higher "badge" (user level), will be a better choice for any potential client, compared to a seller with the opposite. (bad reputation, a bunch of negative feedbacks & reviews etc.)

It's common sense. We trust people that have a record of delivering superb quality and great services.. And because of this, all sellers should work hard to reach higher user levels.

Best Regards,

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Yes i would say level 3 sellers are going to get more sales than a level one. The reason for this is because the internet is a scary place and we have alot of scammers everywhere. When people are looking to buy something they are looking for someone who can get the job done fast and exactly as planned. New sellers are easily overwhelmed and sometimes don't have all the answers. The risk is higher when you hire someone who is not knowledgeable in the field they are trying to be successful in. I can illustrate it to you like this, if you where shot and had a life threatening wound would you want a student doctor or a doctor that had been around for 10 years? You would probably pick the doctor who has more experience dealing with this kind of infliction. Your infraction will be over sooner than later and all you have to do is follow the rules and you will be fine.

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