FiverrClerks - From Fiverr Zero To SEOClerks Hero. Part 14

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FiverrClerks - From Fiverr Zero To SEOClerks Hero. Part 14

The Perfect Descriptions
The perfect description is creative, clear and you should provide value right from the start. Here are some tips to help you out..

1.) Description limits and attention
Descriptions usually has a limit, (1,200 characters on Fiverr). Sharpen your description to convey exactly what you offer in order to maximize the attention.

2.) Easy and Understandable
If you provide something complicated explain everything in detail, easy enough for a 10 year old to understand. Always offer the opportunity for potential buyers to contact you before ordering for questions or concerns.

3.) Passion and energy
Describe your offer with passion. Most sales appear because of it. Love what you do, or at least, make it look like you do. Explain what you do, why you do it and how that will benefit your clients.

4.) Draw attention to your text
You should use lists, (bullets/numbers) if there’s any specific instructions or conditions, or to explain short but straightforward, what your clients will get from your service. Use different fonts and/or font size. Keep it simple & don't squeeze out every word you can. Your descriptions and titles should be professional, precise and provide your potential clients with answers. Make them aware of the value you provide.

One exclamation point is good, two is okay. One word in all-caps is great. But anything more than that looks very unprofessional. This is probably one of the FIRST mistakes most new sellers does when they create their first service.. "THEY SCREAM AT ALL POTENTIAL CLIENTS!!!! GIVE ME YOUR MONEY!!!!" ... Sounds like a robbery if you ask me.

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For me, the way I see the description, I see it as the face that people see when they walk into a shop to buy something. If the person behind the counter is smiley, positive and helpful, is nice and kind to you, then you'll be much much more likely to purchase something. Where as, if the shop attendant doesn't greet you when you come in, pretty much ignores you and doesn't really answer your questions or even offers to help and see if you have any questions for that matter, I would be much far less likely to purchase something. In fact, I'd probably make my excuses and say something, okay thanks I might be back later and high tail out of there! And then what would I do? Well I'd go into another shop instead, into a shop that actually made me feel like they cared about me and appreciated me being there.

That is how I see it with service descriptions on here as well. If the service description itself has had a lot of attention to detail put into it, and I can see that they have done that, it will make me feel much more confident in buying that particular service. Where as services that have bad grammar, sloppy spelling mistakes, and or all in CAPS or something or the text is really large, I probably wouldn't buy it. I really don't understand why people make text really large. I find it like I'm reading a kids book or something. You know, where the text on the page is really large like. Like, I don't have visual problems, and if I need to, I can make the text larger myself. So it just puts me off really.

But the description in your service needs to be well formatted, well thought, well considered, and well on point! It should say what it is, what it does, how it can help and what I'll get in that service. It should be broken down into the various parts (if it has various parts). It should have those parts highlighted or bullet pointed, it should entice me into wanting to purchase the service. It should have me saying....

FiverrClerks - From Fiverr Zero To SEOClerks Hero. Part 14

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Oh yes Andre, that drives me bonkers and I can't even read those services that are all in caps. Also the descriptions that have all different color text. I can't concentrate and I think it looks downright awful. When sellers write their descriptions like that they also usually have like 50 exclamation marks too!!!!!!

For me personally the sellers profile and the services descriptions are what sells me. I am either turned off immediately or interested, there is no in between. So this is vital.

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Great tips on creating the perfect service description! But I personally found a service description is never quite perfect! I would add the following to that list:

Always look for ways to update and improve your services description. Maybe certain things changed in the way you offer that specific order, don't just leave it that way! Update your description to avoid future problems with the clients! Also, from time to time read your own descriptions, I guarantee you will almost always have something to edit or modify!

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Service Descriptions are basically as important as your adverts if you were to run them on a television channel, or in a newspaper. Without a proper description you are not going to attract buyers. There are hundreds of thousands of prospective customers out there. You are dealing with an international market. However, what they will see first? Your service description. So you need to reach out to them in a way that really motivates them to buy because they feel that you are the best and that they really need what you are offering. I believe you just need to be professional and truthful.

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I'm really learning a lot from the way you're teaching some of the ways we can do our best in serving the clients. One thing many never knew is that writing in all caps can be a turn off for relating with some clients that need professional approach.

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A Very detailed write-up, it always pertinent to show our attitude and character through our description.Personally, before patronizing anybody, I first look at the description of the seller before even thinking of rating or reviews so what any seller need do is to give a good and vivid description that would compel a buyer to want to buy.

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The seller should always be clear with the description of what he is offering because readers or viewers will ignore an offer with a description that is hard to understand. I remember seeing one product that drives away mosquitoes. The description was not understandable maybe because it was translated from another language. I ended up exiting from that site to give me peace of mind.

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