FiverrClerks - From Fiverr Zero To SEOClerks Hero. Part 4.

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FiverrClerks - From Fiverr Zero To SEOClerks Hero. Part 4.


Never do this. Not on Fiverr. Not anywhere. A potential client is one thing but someone who's skeptic for starters, will consume tons of time. It's not worth it. Not even if it's a chance to get your very first sale. You should always be polite and helpful but answering questions from people who never seems to be satisfied, no matter how many questions you answer.. Usually never is..

• Beware of orders including all your extras. Some buyers asks for a cancellation when you've delivered the work or at least start working on the order which is time consuming.

This might happen even after the buyer has given you feedback. Negative or positive. They can ask you for a refund or make a dispute on paypal. In case of this, Fiverr transfer the funds back to the buyer and you end up with nothing. However, that buyer will have their account closed for doing this, so you'll not encounter this same buyer again.

• Stay away from struggling clients. You will most certainly, at least at some point, end up with buyers who doesn't understand how things works. People new to Fiverr for instance. They ask you how they leave feedback & where they give you information and all that.. Stay away because this is time consuming and not worth it.

The coin is two-sided so in case you feel you have time for this, then proceed since you'll never know if that specific buyer MIGHT be the one who'll place multiple orders per day after that. You might stumble across the golden egg.. but it's more likely you won't.

• Last but not least. Offer Two for ones. When creating your first gig, you'll need reviews like I already stated. It's vital. It's key for success. However, even if you decide to join exchange groups to get your first reviews, why not offer your new clients a two for one?

It's easy. (As long as you can afford it), It get's attention and it will bring buyers for sure. If you provide something of quality that is. Just add the text in your description. Get 2 for 1! I don't know how long this special offer lasts so take action today!" etc.

Something like that. You can even state it within your title directly.

This has worked for me and for clients of mine. I usually never tell the exact date the special offer expires. I found this to give me better results. So, with all this said, we'll skip to the next chapter where I'll share a few key points with you. They’re crucial to your success:

You still need to put in the work. I’ve learned from experience that nothing valuable is handed to you on a silver platter. You have to earn it. You still need to be patient. There’s no such thing as “get rich quick”. Just like others before me, I searched for it for a long time – but never found it. Along with doing the work, you have to allow your strategy to unfold and take shape. You still need to stay on your path. If you don’t see results right away, please do not give up and move on the next “magic bullet”. All you’re doing is delaying your success that much longer. Stick with it and you’ll see results. You will not become super-wealthy within days. It’s important you realize this from the start.

Is It Possible To Make More Than Me?
I honestly think you can and yes, it is possible. Everything depends on what you do and how you do it. For example, converting clients into list subscribers would play a major roll. I haven’t explored that option enough to feel confident in instructing you on how to do it, so I can't go into any major foolproof in-depth details but here's one possible way of how you could do it..

FiverrClerks - From Fiverr Zero To SEOClerks Hero. Part 4.

• A client order your service (gig or whatever).
• You make deliveries with a small twist..
• You will need a squeeze page, sales page & some sort of bonus.
• Promote Affiliate products on your sales page.

Within your delivery message you'll attach a file. A .txt or .pdf file works great. The file that you upload contains the product that they've bought but, (and here's the cool part), you will also attach a bonus for them.. An undisclosed one. So basically, your delivery message will look something like this:

"Hello & thank you for your order. This order is now complete and delivery has been made. I've attached a file for you. Thank you once again"

Within the .txt file, you'll share two links. One for the product and one for their free bonus, (this should be a link to your squeeze page).

Make your clients opt-in in order to get their bonus product!

Once they opt-in you will send them the download link for their bonus to their email. During the time they awaits the bonus they are redirected to a sales page, (where you promote affiliate offers or another product of yours). That's additional extra income each time they buy and you're building your list at the same time. Kind of cool right..?

Now you've got yourself a list. What you do with it is entirely up to you.. We’re almost ready to dive in further, but before we do, I want to debunk a couple of popular Fiverr myths.

Myth #1 – You Need Multiple Accounts To Be Successful On Fiverr FALSE! I had only one account on Fiverr and I had $450+ months when I worked as a seller. All multiple accounts do is add more upkeep for you. If you’re a quality seller and treat your customers with respect, there will be no need to have more than one account.

I would say this might be acceptable if you’re offering gigs for a niche that you either don’t want to associate with your main username, is considered “risqué” or if you're in need of more than the allowed maximum active listings. You can see Fiverr user levels and the benefits for each here:

Myth #2 – You Need Multiple PayPal Accounts
Another one that isn’t true or necessary. One username and one PayPal account. That’s all you need.

However, if you do take the path that leads to multiple Fiverr accounts, multiple paypal accounts are necessary.

Myth #3 – You Need To Buy Your Own Gigs
Not only can this potentially get you banned from Fiverr, it’s just downright unethical and wrong. But many sellers still try to get away with this tactic to boost their number of positive reviews. I would not recommend this myself but like I said. There's lots of people doing this and if you decide to do this, try to be smart about it.

Join exchange groups or simply pay someone to purchase your gig instead of
purchasing your own gigs. Don't over do this and make sure you don't pay 10 people for leaving positive reviews directly. Also note that you need to think about the delivery time.

Lets say you provide backlinks. You can't deliver your work and get a positive review for it right after you've got the order. That just won't work. Spread your sales, delivery messages and your feedback, so it doesn't look weird. Everything has to look normal. Both for your potential clients, for yourself and for the Staff members of Fiverr. Otherwise you'll end up loosing your account.

Myth #4 – You Need A Username Related To Your Gig
Just like how keywords in domain names are losing their luster on Google, so are usernames that contain your gig’s keyword. I’ll put it the only way I know how... I offered Instagram Likes for my top-selling gig and my username was IMStrand.

Keyword usernames are not necessary. I'm proof of that. Remember the logo design gig above? Gigblast was the username of the provider. Not close to "logo design" right? That said, I'd still recommend using a "related" username since it's often easier for buyers to recognize and remember.

If you provide voiceovers, "VoicerOver_King" or "QualityVoiceovers" would be quite good names. Easy to remember but also a bit "catchy".

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I absolutely hate talking with skeptic buyers who are basically tire kickers if you were selling a car lol. They have the idea that they want to purchase, but they don't really know if they want your service or not. Someone told them that they needed your service and they aren't actually sure what you sell so they ask you 1,001 questions about it lol. If they do end up purchasing the service it always ends bad because you apparently didn't do exactly what you said you were going to, even if you did and they don't realize it. Some of these people will be cool about the order after you explain everything, but most of them will still bitch about it because they wanted to make an extra $10,000 a day after your service was done lmao FiverrClerks - From Fiverr Zero To SEOClerks Hero. Part 4.

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I agree, ALWAYS over deliver when you first start selling services on a marketplace! This will ensure a constant stream of new positive reviews of which you are in need!

I'm also glad you demolished all those crazy myths! I've tried them all over the years and as you said, they won't make a difference, staying true to yourself just with one account is sufficient to make it in any marketplace. I even bought my own gigs on Fiverr but got zero new orders from real buyers.

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I always over deliver on my services "for good measure". I'll always usually go the extra mile for people too and not only give them some bonus posts on the places I'm posting to for them, but sometimes try to include some bonus promotion posts on platforms that weren't advertised in my service. Most people see this and are grateful and thankful for it. But some people don't say anything and just say thanks as though they take it for granted. As though I should have done that anyway like what!? Some of my buyers have grown accustomed to this and come to expect it. It might not always be the same every time. But I do always try to give some extra bonus posts for good measure.

As for skeptical buyers, those that ask question upon question and sap your energy. Well they come and go with any industry. But I do try not to spend too much time and waste too much energy on these people and never try and "over sell" or "over pitch" my service(s) to them. I just tell them that everything I do is already written in the description. And the reason we do it is there as well. We don't promise the world and this isn't going to make you a huge success overnight. But that it will definitely help to putting you on that path. But I can't really make any promises or guarantees of wealth and success, I can only promise and guarantee to do the work. If your product/service is appealing to people then we can help each other to getting you on that road to success.

But I'm not going to sit here and answering question upon question for a service that only sells for $9! I really want to say to them look it's $5 dollars mate. It's not $50 dollars or $500 dollars or $5000 dollars. You're not buying a car here. It's a lunch! I really want to say that to people but I hold back lol.

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Honestly speaking Mike. I've answered like 20 questions, from the same potential client, for the same kind of social media service.. This was way back though and I would never do something like that again.. But the "fun" part is, that I sold the service for $1. - I think I spent like 2 hours in total, answering all the questions forth and back. - I've never felt so ashamed in my life... When the buyer didn't order. LOL

On another occasion I sold a service I've never sold before. After 3-4 hours of answers and a long discussion with a client who approached ME with an offer, I set the price at a minimum of $5000. (He gave me an offer of $100 for starters). So I obviously said no and explained exactly what I would have to do, and I said "I'll do it for $5000." .. - The client replied back and asked me to lower the standard/quality of the actual work, so he could pay less.. - After another hour or so, I finally agreed. I came up with a superb solution for myself to actually deliver exactly what he was looking for, and a small extra over-delivery for him. I also asked for $50..

He agreed and I delivered within 2 hours, and he wanted his money back, as I couldn't deliver "what I promised for $5000." - These kind of people... Well, I won't even say it. I just.. HATE them.

- I never gave him the money back.

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Andre I am so with you on this one. There are some people that just ask questions non-stop and never actually order anything. There are some people that keep asking the exact same questions over and over again. This frustrates me to tears and it is not always easy to know when to be helpful and when to strategically forget to answer their 50th email with the same stupid questions in it.

I have a very high standard of service so ignoring someone is not how I do things but I have to be honest here that I really lose my cool sometimes and instead of landing up being rude I rather just ignore LOL.

I had one woman asking me over and over again how to enter a competition I was running on my website and I kept giving her the link which explained everything in detail. Then she would ask how to enter again.

Eventually I copied and pasted the entire post to her. Then she asked me again how to enter, so I copied and pasted just that specific section which explained what information she must email and the email address.

Her response was asking me how else to enter because she doesn't have email. I mean she is asking all these questions on my FB page, you need to have access to email to open a FB account and who on earth doesn't have an email address these days.

You are so right Andre,this woman wasted so much of my time.

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LOL! - Awesome story Lynne, I've had similar question-marathons too. People who NEVER seems to understand what I'm trying to tell them.. No matter how many times I tell them.. And no matter if I write or send them screenshots of it. - They're clueless.

FiverrClerks - From Fiverr Zero To SEOClerks Hero. Part 4.

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Oh yes! Cannot agree more on this. Skeptic buyers or those who are being difficult from the very start are not worth losing your time with! Better focus on getting a job done on other orders than trying to reason out with a skeptic buyer who will waste your time, while having a high chance of rejecting your work later, or leaving a negative review.

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Exactly! - However, it's often difficult for new freelancers to look the other way when a potential buyer are asking questions like this. They often can't help to answer every single question they have, as they're hoping that they'll get their very first order by doing that..

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I have often thought to create another Fiverr account, buy my own gig and leave an awesome review. When a customer sees this five-star review, it is very likely that he will be interested in my gig. I know this could ban me, however, since I have not been able to make my first sale, I don;t have reviews, and no body is going to give a chance for a newbie.
I agree with your view on skeptic buyer.

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This reminds me of my boutique when it was flourishing. I had encountered different kinds of customers. What I hate most is the customer who would argue with me on the price quoted. Usually it was a haggling battle but I always win because I am the owner of the business and it is always my call that matters. I agree that you need not waste time on a skeptic buyer because more often than not the skeptic buyer will not really buy.

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