FiverrClerks - From Fiverr Zero To SEOClerks Hero. Part 3.

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FiverrClerks - From Fiverr Zero To SEOClerks Hero. Part 3.

Need To Know
We've gone through titles, descriptions and a whole lot of other things above already but here's some other things you should have in mind.

There is some rumors about how changing gig titles and descriptions often will help you rank on Fiverr better. Since it's rumors I'd just alter things with minor changes. Rewrite a couple of words or so. Anything more than that would be useless until someone can actually tell that it WILL improve your rankings. I have a pretty hard time believing this myself, since it would be on the contrary when it comes to SEO and ranking your sites, but please do what you feel is best.

Include a video in your gig so your service get more exposure This leads to increased exposure so it's vital for traffic. You'll even notice that Fiverr themselves states that people having videos increase their sales with 220% so not having one is pure insane. I don't know how they managed to come up with the actual numbers but that being said, a video is vital.

Another rumor circling around is about how Fiverr ranks your gig better if you name your video to your main keyword.. I don't know if it's true or false, but heck, why not just name the video like that before uploading it?

*For instance:
If you provide voice overs you'll just name your video "voiceovers" or
"greatvoiceovers". That's an extra 5 seconds before uploading your video.

?Response time is vital
Reply as soon as possible to keep your clients satisfied and to make sure your average response time is good. Your goal is to keep your average response time as low as possible. You can even use the Fiverr mobile app to do this. There are some rumors about this too actually. That it improves your rankings. Just like with the videos, I have no idea if this is true or false. Do what suits you best.

Social Media shares upon delivery
Do not just tell your clients to share your gig on their social medias. They might share your gig but don't beg them too.. Instead of begging you could simply include something like this within your delivery message.

"If you're satisfied with my service, feel free to share your
experience with your friends and family. I would appreciate
your actions deeply but this is not mandatory at all. Thank
you once again."

Do NOT just ask them "Can you share my gig?" That's just inappropriate and it looks like begging. Not professional that is. Asking them in a way like I showed you above makes them more likely to do exactly what you're asking them because they feel appreciated and they feel like they are the ones who's in charge and in control. In reality, they're not. You're leading them, which is the key when it comes to selling.

Reviews And Feedback
As a newcomer, you'll need reviews. - Buyers love feedback so having multiple outstanding reviews is another vital thing for success. (Join exchange groups or simply pay someone to leave positive feedback if you believe it'll be necessary. More on that later on.)

**In case you provide the same or similar gigs like your competitors, make sure you over-deliver to your customers and leaving them with more than they could get from anyone else. ( Vital to make your first sales and get the first couple of reviews. Edit your gig and offer the same value when you start to get orders regularly if you want.)

**Negative feedback will ruin your business so always offer refunds and cancel
the orders if needed! Even if you lose money by doing this!

List of things to remember
• Having all your gig spots active will increase your visibility, so make as many gigs as you can to reach the maximum amount.

• Use more than 1 account if you can handle it. Benefits are more exposure, increased visibility and obviously, even more active gigs to be listed.

• Copy/Paste delivery messages so you don't spend time writing a new one
for each order. Time is money!

(just imagine if you deliver 5 or 10 gigs one day... 25 or 50 the other.. Writing delivery messages manually for each time will loose you tons of time!)

• Promote your other gigs in delivery messages. I'd personally do this for similar gigs only. It's not that likely that a buyer who bought a voiceover will purchase social likes for instance, but do what you feel is right.

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You hit the nail on the head in terms of response times FiverrClerks - From Fiverr Zero To SEOClerks Hero. Part 3. So many people will let the initial contact from a buyer go unresponsive and that's never good for business. Even if you let it sit for 48 hours you're probably going to lose sales because people want to set up an order when they're trying to get a hold of you. And since there's plenty of competition out there, I'm sure the potential buyer can easily find another person to do the work. It doesn't matter if you're the best in the world, not one will know that if you take a long time to respond and lose orders FiverrClerks - From Fiverr Zero To SEOClerks Hero. Part 3.

I never thought about joining review groups FiverrClerks - From Fiverr Zero To SEOClerks Hero. Part 3. It's a pretty clever way to increase your sales. Even if you have to pay for someone to purchase from you and then you do the work, it's still worth it. I've never done any of that on a marketplace, but I would assume it's similar to how you can do a guest post on a website and make a positive review for your own website and then get it ranked in the search engines FiverrClerks - From Fiverr Zero To SEOClerks Hero. Part 3. People love to see that you've already done some work and want to see those bright stars showing that your previous clients were happy with your work, even if it was a purchased review (but they won't know that lol). It's like getting an instant credibility on your profile and people will trust you. No one wants to be the first buyer of a service because they aren't sure if it's good or not FiverrClerks - From Fiverr Zero To SEOClerks Hero. Part 3.

Over delivery is also a good thing to provide to all your clients. People will always come back and purchase again if they see you gave them more than what they paid for FiverrClerks - From Fiverr Zero To SEOClerks Hero. Part 3.

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I haven't paid anyone for reviews like this myself either as I personally believe it's unethical, but I know that TONS of people are doing this. People have contacted me on more than a handful times asking me to buy & review their service. I've often offers of $10 for a positive review on a service they charge $5 for etc, but I've never agreed on it. And I've never bought it. However, tons of people are doing it so I thought, why not share the truth? FiverrClerks - From Fiverr Zero To SEOClerks Hero. Part 3.

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Nice Andre! Wait, what are these "exchange groups" you speak of? Can you share/recommend any in particular or in general? Can you find those groups on FB and the like? The copy/paste delivery message is a good idea. I've thought of doing that before for service I deliver on here. Because I often find myself typing and sending the same sort of message to people. Although I do try to give a customized/tailored and personalized response to my buyers depending on any previous pre-sales questions or discussions I've had with them about something.

My delivery message always goes something like this..

Hello Andre success! Your work is completed! FiverrClerks - From Fiverr Zero To SEOClerks Hero. Part 3.

Attached to here is your work report that shows all the work that was done for you in the service.

I've also gone the extra mile and given you some bonus promotional work also.

With that, all is complete! Thanks for purchasing my service.

I hope you'll like all my work, be happy and successful with it all.

Any questions about anything or anything just ask before leaving feedback.

Your satisfaction is my main priority here over everything else.

Thanks once again and to your success my friend!

PS. Use discount code Andre for 10% off your next order.

Thanks and best regards.


I feel like I just delivered one of my services to you Andre! LOL FiverrClerks - From Fiverr Zero To SEOClerks Hero. Part 3.

I do manually write this to my buyers each time and it usually always sounds like that. I may just save that into a notepad file so I can copy/paste it as that would save me time. Another good idea though is to use this area/time to upsell your other services. You could put links to your other services here that they may be interested in as well like check out my other services of interest. I see a lot of sellers do that on here and whenever I see them I always find myself hovering over those services and checking them out so it does work! FiverrClerks - From Fiverr Zero To SEOClerks Hero. Part 3.

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That's exactly what I talk about Mike. FB groups, forum groups etc. You can often find these "review exchange groups" on blackhat forums for instance. People who's looking for positive reviews on their services and in exchange for yours, they'll give you one too. - That way no money is involved, besides the money you spend on the service, and the money you earn from the service you're selling. So it's actually quite hard to catch people doing this, as it looks natural. However, I can't recommend you a specific one as I've never actually used these myself, but I've seen several.

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I remember reading about these rumors, about doing certain chances to your service title and description AFTER you started getting sales.
I found the exact opposite is true, I was started to getting sales, got something like 3-4 orders per day for a week straight, everything was going good and I was very happy.

I decided that my services needed some title and description update to make potential clients understand better what I'm offering, guess what? New sales dropped to zero the next day and continue like that until I deleted the services and just created a brand new one.
For some reason Fiverr removed my services from the service listings and search after I edit it.

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Yes sometimes the factors you mentioned are not given enough importance, and yet they do matter a lot. Promotion is important, both for visibility as well as to be on good terms with the buyers. A simple message could work wonders, even if it is sort of reused for all.

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Oh I love these tips. Andre as a rule I name all files as my main keyword before uploading it anywhere. I have also heard a number of people saying that naming your Youtube video as your keyword will help it to rank better, the same goes with images on my website.

Just like you have said it takes just a few seconds to make that change, so I always name files as my keywords. Maybe it makes a difference, maybe it doesn't but it is worth taking the time to do everything in your power to rank your content well.

I have had people ask me to share their service afterwards and exactly like you state, it is make or break depending on how it is done!

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reviews matter, however, in order to get reviews, you need to sell at least one product, one service. Without no selling, there will be no reviews. So the main question is how to make this first sell. One thing I have understood is pricing. If you have a lot of competitors and your survival chances are low, you will have to reduce your price. On Fiver your basic charge is $5 you cannot set a price lower than this, however, you can add extras and freebies in order to attract the buyers.

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The mention of rumors reminds me of my question about the keyword stuffing that is a violation of Google policies. I already asked that in one forum and no one can show proof that if you put in so many keywords on a web page that your site will be sanctioned by Google. They say it is not a rumor but since there is no proof to that claim then I am considering it a rumor until I see the proof of that so called violation.

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