Unsuccessful SEO campaigns and lack of results

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Unsuccessful SEO campaigns and lack of results

We are all talking about how to improve SEO for websites, we have plenty of advises and proposals for our clients, especially at the begging of the "contract".
Unsuccessful SEO campaigns and lack of results
Most of us offer a wide range of SEO services claiming various results and a successful rise in sales. But what happens when we don't deliver on everything we promised?

SEO is not an exact science, it takes a lot of trial and error type of work and some websites and extremely difficult to rank for various reasons. So what happens when the client paid you for 6 months of SEO implementation and the results are not visible, the websites gets the same amount of sales?

Have you ever run into this type of problem? How do you deal with the client?

I feel blessed because all of my long term SEO campaigns had resulted in direct results and improvements in traffic and ranks, but I'm scared about the fact that someday, my luck will run out and I'll get a website that I simply can't improve and I will not be able to figure out the reason behind it.
What am I going to tell the client?

Please share your experiences on this subject, I love reading success stories, but sometimes to avoid future problems you need to learn from other people's mistakes!


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Well I think that's what a contract is for. To indemnify you to say look, sure, SEO can bring improved results by way of improved Search Engine rankings. But it's not guaranteed. However what is guaranteed is that we do the work and do it good and on time. That way you are covered should the clients website not gain any improved ranking results in time. Obviously if you're selling SEO services on SEOClerks there is no "contract" per say for them to sign. They read your service description, bite the bullet and buy it and you do the work for them. Provided the work has been completed and on time, the clients website should notice an improvement in ranking positions in due time.

But if you're selling SEO services outside of SEOClerks, and you do provide an SEO service for someone and it doesn't improve in rankings. There is only really so many things you can do and say to them. The first being to wait longer as sometimes with SEO, it's a waiting game. You need to give it some time like 2-3 months so all those new links can be counted/indexed and mature. Or, to run the service again, thus effectively doubling the impact that it can have on that clients site. But even then again there is no guarantee that the rankings will improve in said amount of time. There is never a guarantee of that when it comes to SEO. All you can guarantee is to do the work and do it right as advertised and on time. Any SEO that "guarantees" better rankings from their SEO is over selling their service IMHO. Sure it's fine to say that the SEO can improve your rankings. Because generally that is what happens. But to "guarantee" better rankings, that's a no no in my book.

And doing so will only make it backfire on you if you don't actually make their site rank higher after performing that SEO. Although as said, generally it does, and that's why a lot of self-claimed SEO experts and gurus out there will guarantee it. But then, that's what a contract is for to say look, we can only really guarantee the work to be done as advertised and according to schedule and you agree to us doing this and not that we guarantee you better rankings although that might come after our work is completed. That way you're covered. Unsuccessful SEO campaigns and lack of results

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When SEO doesn't work, then I engage with targeted customers via Social Media (manually or even with paid ads). Of course, we can't expect results with a few dollars invested, as almost all buyers from here hope, especially from 3rd world.

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That is ultimately a part of what seo is all about I guess. As you said it is not an exact science at all, and it is important for Seo specialists to be clear about this with their clients from the very start. There are really a lot of factors which will affect the success or the lack of success of an SEO campaign. The client needs to be aware of the possible results, even if they are not as good as he hopes for them to be. However there should at least be some improvement noted after a while, not none at all.

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Thank you for sharing your own experience here with us.

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I would say that you should never guarantee sales to any client if you do this could mean your reputation is doomed. SEO is rapidly changing and new companies with bigger budgets are always popping up. When taking on a client i never know how good the product of service is. I don't even know what people are currently saying about it. How can i guarantee sales if i don't know how people will react to this company. Your success makes me happy because its hard today to make any real money when it comes to marketing. The SEO business is being over run with competition driving the prices down. I have a bigger success with social media i convert a high percentage of clients in short periods of time. Thanks for sharing!

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I have been reading from time to time some discussions about the SEO results that wouldn’t reflect. It is like waiting for a remittance that you had expected yesterday but it has yet to arrive until today. From what I understand with SEO results, the effect is uncertain regarding the time so when you do SEO work, you must have the patience of waiting. But better yet, just do what you think should be done and let time handle the results that will come sooner or later.

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