New tips and tricks for a better keyword research

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New tips and tricks for a better keyword research

In 2013 Google launched its Hummingbird update focusing on the actual meaning of keywords. This changed the SEO world on multiple levels none of which more important than having proper keyword research that also focuses on the meaning of those keywords.

New tips and tricks for a better keyword research
To rank probably after the Hummingbird update you don't only need to use certain keywords that have searches but also contextual words, like for example if you are talking about a certain medical condition you also need to integrate words like "treatment"; symptoms and so on.

Therefore here are a couple of tips and tricks for a better keyword research:

1. Answer questions in your content - there are a lot of keyword phrases that have a low number of monthly searches that are question-based. Example: " how to treat tooth abscess" - If your content focuses on having healthy teeth you may also want to include answers related to common questions regarding teeth. So also focus on searching those type of keywords and include them in your content;

2. Revitalize old content by re-doing a keyword research. Google loves when you update old articles with new content, it sees your struggles on creating relevant content and will rank you higher. Just because 2-3 years ago for a certain piece of content you didn't find that many keywords it doesn't mean that at the moment new keywords haven't evolved and increased in popularity;

3. Use common words and phrases, it's important to have exact technical keywords, but those words may not exist in the user vocabulary, do a separate keyword research for common words that people use.


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I love this, some people think they keywords are all that you need. If you do some research you will find that key phrases work better. People do not search for single words 99% of the time. Single words are great and they work but keyword phrases work so much better. Especially when you use phrases and words people search all the time. Google is really good and ranking sites based on what they have in the meta tag. I thought that key words and key word phrases worked less than they did in the past years. Is this a fact? Some people are saying that the amount of traffic you get is becoming more important when it comes to ranking your website on Google. Do you know if this is true or not? I am always looking for new ways to improve my artist blogs and few websites i manage. Keeping content fresh is something i preach to every one. Some people think that once you have all the information up that the work is done. That is just simply not the case in any website. I will use this and apply it thank you for sharing i really appreciate the info.

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Google doesn't really monitor your organic traffic, it tends to put a lot more value on the actual Click-through rate, in other words, if you are ranked on 3rd place for a certain keyword and you will get a lot more clicks than Google's average for that specific keyword on 3rd place, chances are you will eventually be moved up in rank because Google sees you as more relevant to people searching for that stuff so you may get second place or even 1st position just because of high CTR.
This is why the title tag and meta description is so important.

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Thanks Razzy. I believe that keyword research will always be really important but I am starting to get the feeling now that it is more topic research than actual specific keyword research that is important now? So you need to research a topic really well and make sure that the articles that you write and great quality.

I have some articles that I did no keyword research for, or very little, that are flying now with rankings.

It is so interesting to see how Google is now ranking my websites after the latest updates. My one website where I mostly just write and I don't think too much about ranking or making money is really doing well. I have hardly even updated this year... and it is only a year old.

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Very interesting post. Since now it is not only about keywords, it is a very good idea to include explanatory answers to questions within the content. In such a way you would be improving your results as you would be including keywords as well as their explanation. I also agree that the simplest and most commonly used keywords should be preferred to more technical jargon, as in most cases the former are what most searchers will be typing. This is ultimately all about user friendliness and relevance too when you come to think of it.

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A tooth abscess is no joke! I've never had an abscess per say but I've seen people who have. My brother had one once and the whole side of his face swelled up like a balloon. It was funny sort of, apart from the dire pain he was in and I know how much a tooth ache can hurt. I've had something called "dry socket" before which is where after they remove a tooth, it hasn't been closed up properly and this can hurt much more than a toothache can. MUCH more! I remember back then, I was searching for things like "what is dry socket" and "how to heal dry socket" and the like. What I remember is reading comprehensive health blogs and sites that had covered everything there is to do with it and covered it at every angle. They had whole pages dedicated to just one question along with related questions to it as well.

I would suppose those sites ranked top because of how comprehensive they were and how they had covered all the questions related to that in such great detail. But the moral of this story is, that is what it takes today and that is something that a blogger/webmaster should be doing. Asking one question and then answering that question in great detail and then covering other related questions to that original question itself.

But it's that sort of question answering that can be really helpful for your site if you look at and think about what some of the most common questions in your industry are. What I like to do is site down with a pen and paper (or even just use notepad on Windows) and then start typing out questions that are related to my industry or whatever niche my new site/blog is about. So I'll try and come up with around 25-50 questions on that thing and side questions etc then I'll start putting those up as posts on my site. With the question as the title and of course, answering those questions in as much helpful detail as possible. That has always been a winning factor for me! New tips and tricks for a better keyword research

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I do agree sometimes the most common of phrases are the most effective more than single words. Revitalizing old content by adding additional material and keyword phrases is very effective.

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The use of keywords is not getting more complicated. It was a simple thing before that you can just use any word or phrase that is related to the niche of your site. But now there is the analysis and the search so that you can arrive at the most beneficial keyword for you site. But I know that keyword research is not an easy thing that it takes a lot of your time in doing that chore.

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