Google Pixel - New smartphone from Google

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Google Pixel - New smartphone from Google

Today Google had released a new smartphone that may or may not take over the world.
It's called Google Pixel and as far as I know this is the first smartphone made entirely by Google.

Personally, I always wanted to by a Nexus because I'm such a big fan of Google, but the fact that Google changed the manufacturer of Nexus each year, kind of ruined it for me. I mean seriously, I would never by a Motorola or even a Huawei?, sure these brands are popular and good for a lot of people, but they haven't appeal to me in the past.

Now that the first Pixel is out, I'm thinking my next smartphone will be from the Pixel line, if this first one turns out to be fantastic.

And something tells me it will:

Google Pixel - New smartphone from Google
I mean, it looks cool enough! Runs Android 7.1, has pretty much top smartphone specifications with a very fast battery charging feature. It also claims to have the best camera around, I won't get into specifics because the actual technology used in the camera is a little beyond my understanding, but Google promises its the best.
You can buy it in two version, 5 inches display and 5.5, I prefer the latter.

Along good specification you will also get a huge range of Google feature like the improved Google Assistant but also unlimited storage for you photos, at full resolution in Google Photos

The official Google Video here:;v=Rykmwn0SMWU

Please share any specification related information if you find it.


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Oooooooo this looks really nice. I've been wanting to break away from Apple and go with an Android phone next and this looks like the sort of thing I might like to go with depending on what the contract is going to be like in my country!

Google will have a lot of competition to fight off but if they produce a phone that has all the features and better and more than most of the best smartphones on the market have today such as being fully waterproof for starters then they could corner some of that market.

I don't know if its waterproof? But the 3.5mm headphone jack is definitely going to be a selling point!

Here are some other details I managed to capture by putting the video on slow.

It has Google Assistant
All metal body
2.5D Corning Gorilla Glass 4
Qualcomm Snapdragon 821
128GB onboard storage
64Bit Quad-Core processor
AMOLED Display
5.5" QHD w/ 534 ppi
5" FHD w/ 441ppi
True Blacks
100000:1, super contrast ratio
16.77 Million colors
12.3 MP Camera
No bump
1.55 um large pixels
Optimized for low light photography
f2.0 aperture
Fingerprint sensor
Rear glass shade
Really blue
Quite black
Very silver
Quick Switch adaptor
Android Nougat

Just to name most in not much detail.

I like the look of it, it looks fresh and modern and a nice size and has the power and features to boot for most demanding multi taskers today that want to do more and get more out of their smartphone. It being a Google phone means you can fully integrate it in with your Google account as well and probably able to use their own apps and things natively.

I really enjoyed my old Android. I was able to do so much more on it and it's so much less unrestricted and locked down than iOS is! That's not a bad thing in some cases as it's because of those restrictions that makes apple apps a lot safer to install unlike installing unsigned, unverified apps on the Android and all the recent hacks and exploits and Android OS vulnerabilities but they are usually quick to patch to be fair and that is nothing compared to the freedom you have with Android OS and I'm sure Google understand that.

My current contract is up in a few months so I'll see if I can talk EE into giving it to me for a good rate if it's available.

That and if there isn't something else out as attractive by then and the plan is good!

If Google get the pricing right then yeah! We'll have to see. Google Pixel - New smartphone from Google

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It's pretty expensive, around 1000 bucks of the 5.5-inch version. That's very expensive from my point of view, the first Nexus phones were really cheap and had top specification, that was a huge advantage which Google will clearly lose with Pixel.

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I never had an Android phone and for some reason I don't know that I will buy it anytime soon. It's not that I am completely devoted to the Apple cult but I tried the Android OS and I absolutely can't operate it. My tablet is an Asus MeMo that runs Android and whenever I use it I feel like my grandfather. It's slow and it has way too many useless apps by default.

Oh and by the way, it looks like my iPhone which is not cool from Google.

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Well, you said Asus, so yeah, there is pretty much nothing to add. Pixel on the other hand, will operate with the purest version of Android. No special skin and bloatware that any manufacturer out there will certainly add.

In theory, the OS of Pixel should be flawless. As for they way Pixel looks, well yeah most phone adopted Iphone's shape nowadays. It is also pretty hard to imagine a modern phone looking drastically different now.

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I Think it is a new ways from google to reborn their google smartphone, more ever it is already run with android 7.1 with the more function absolutely, And I never used the Apple Products because some reason and i cannot operate that apple device. and i think from many operating system it has own benefit and disadvantages sides, as long we know and we make it suit with our need i think it would be great.
may i know how much does that phones?
$300 ? under?

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$300 for a brand new Google Phone? The cost will be around $850 for the smaller version and for Pixel XL about $1000 per unit. Of course, the prices will vary in each country because of the contracts. However, you can get them cheaper with a monthly subscription plan for quite a small price.

You should know that Nexus was the "cheaper type brand" and Pixel is the high end. Anyhow, it appears to be a great phone so why not, give it a try if you can afford it.

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Oh that looks like a helluva awesome phone for sure. I can't wait for those to come out here in South Africa.

For some reason I am just not fond of Samsung. I have a Samsung now and it works ok but I am getting annoyed with the amount of apps that are not compatible with my phone.

I might just consider getting out a contract again to get hold of that Google Pixel smartphone when it comes out. I have been on pay as you go for many years now and perfectly happy, but that would also explain why I have a bottom of the range smartphone wouldn't it?

Paying cash for a phone is a pain!

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Some specs, courtesy of Google...

Release date: Oct. 4, 2016
Price: Starting at $649
Screen size: 5.0” AMOLED Full HD (1920 x 1080) display
Camera resolution: 12.3 MP IMX378
Front-facing camera: 8 MP IMX179
Storage capacity: 32 GB, 128 GB
Operating system: Android 7.1 Nougat
Colors: Quite Black, Very Silver, Really Blue

Let's talk about the price.. $649 for a phone seems to be a bit too much. I think nowadays you're truly paying for the camera, seriously. Also, isn't the Apple iPhone 7 $649 too? Nice to have the same price, in terms of competition.. right? Now, we need to discuss the color choices.. Black, Silver, and Blue.. is that all there is?! I know some females are gonna be like, wheres my pink! LOL.

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I'm not a fan of Apple products, and I've never been fan of their products. But I don't understand why most of those smartphone manufacturers nowadays are copying the design of Iphone, and now Google did that too? What's the point to make all smartphones looks the same by the design?

However, specs seems to be very nice and the price too, as there are not too much difference between other smartphone prices.

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