How Google RankBrain Works - Part 3

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How Google RankBrain Works - Part 3

As we discussed in Part one and Part two fully understanding Google RankBrain update is essential for modern SEO.

How Google RankBrain Works - Part 3
We understand that the only thing you can do is prioritize the signals that you put off for Google, in other words, we understood what things you must do to have an advantage in optimizing for RankBrain, but in essence, you can't really do anything technical like we've done for past Google updates, that's the beauty of the RankBrain update, it's kinnda blackhat proof.

  • optimizing for one single keyword per web page is pretty much over now, doesn't work as it used too and it is only to gets worse
  • you will need to have priorities when it comes to the signals I've listed in part two. For some subjects and niches, some signals will have more weight than others and your jobs is to figure out which ones you should prioritize.

Bottom line is that I hope you got a better understanding about this whole RankBrain fiasco and you are now ready to do modern SEO without wasting time on "stone tools technologies".


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Oh well that is good news isn't it Cristian. So technically speaking if you stick to purely white hat techniques you should be fine?

My main area of SEO is just content writing, on page seo, social media marketing and email marketing so I should do just fine How Google RankBrain Works - Part 3 In fact I have seen an increase in organic traffic to my websites in the last week so I am quite happy.

So you are saying that Google will be looking at the entire post, not just the specific keyword you are trying to rank for and kinda sum it up and decide how to rank you for that topic? I think this is going to be awesome!

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Hey Lynne, as long as you look very careful at what potential signals Google may choose to take into consideration depending on the subject and you implement and prioritize your content around those signals, yes, you should be fine. Slowly there will be no more white hat and black hat, just strategies on Google's ranking signals.

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Do you mean to say that we should be adding more keywords to the tags of the web page? From what I know the standard number of keyword tags for a web page is 3 or perhaps a minimum of 3. Maybe that is the essence of that number so that you will not tag the web page with just 1 keyword which, as you said, is not that effective anymore. Oh well, times are a-changing and we should always be abreast of those changes.

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