I keep seeing "SEO is dead!" which is pretty great!

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I keep seeing "SEO is dead!" which is pretty great!

A lot of you who read my posts know that I run an online marketing and SEO company full time. So you're probably thinking "Razzy has hit his head and doesn't know what he's talking about!" but I haven't, and I'll explain my thoughts I keep seeing "SEO is dead!" which is pretty great!

If people keep saying that SEO is dead then it won't get as many people starting up online marketing companies and that means less competition for me in the long run I keep seeing "SEO is dead!" which is pretty great! So please, everyone who's been saying that SEO is dead, keep doing it. You'll just increase my sales year after year because of your statements that are not backed by any research I keep seeing "SEO is dead!" which is pretty great!

I've had plenty of people talk with me and claim that SEO is dead because they haven't seen any results after a week of work. I literally laugh out loud when they say this because anyone that knows even a little bit about SEO knows that it takes weeks, even months, to see great results and a good ROI. It's the impatient people that spread these lies, and I'm ok with this. That person won't end up being my client because they already have it engrained in their mind that SEO doesn't work.

Some of my new clients even ask if SEO is dead and am I just selling them snake oil. I again laugh out loud and have to explain to them what SEO actually is and how it works. After 10 to 30 minutes of talking, the potential client is now sounding like they understand a bit more about SEO and that what they read was probably from a disgruntled client of a bad SEO or Online Marketing company, which there are many. So many people have gotten burned with SEO companies that they spread false information that it does not work, when in fact it works, and works very well I keep seeing "SEO is dead!" which is pretty great!

One of my biggest clients would not sign a contract with me because they didn't think that SEO was worth it. Now normally I charge a monthly fee and make the client sign a year long contract. This ties them into 12 payments over the year if you didn't catch that lol. But this client had no intention of signing because of the last SEO service they signed up to. I actually charged around half of what their last SEO service did and they were still weary. After about 5 months of work they were ranking #1 to #3 for competitive keywords and making a great deal of money. They decided they didn't need my services anymore and stopped paying me. Then 3 months after that they contacted me again because their rankings dropped lol. So I charged them 30% more because I had to do more work I keep seeing "SEO is dead!" which is pretty great!

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Yes it's true, I do see more and more people saying this on SEO / IM forums and blogs etc. But most of the time these are the people that a) don't full know and understand SEO and b) don't do enough or the right type of SEO or c) the SEO they did do didn't work for them. So because of that, it makes them think SEO is dead! It's true that these days, due to all the Google algorithm changes, it can be tougher to rank for very high competition keywords. But provided you do everything right and don't engage in any shady bh methods in time and through the right SEO / marketing, you can still achieve good rankings for things. But people today live in a society where everything is instant and they want them right now. They aren't prepared to put the ground work in have patience and think on a long term plan rather than trying to force Google to rank them with some small one time SEO package. It just doesn't work like that anymore! But it just goes to show how SEO is what it is and as long as there is an SE there will always, always be an SEO. And hopefully an SEOClerks! I keep seeing "SEO is dead!" which is pretty great!

But to those people that say that. I like to propose some questions and the answers to them.

And then finally ask them again, so is SEO dead? I keep seeing "SEO is dead!" which is pretty great!

Question: What is SEO? Search Engine Optimization.
Answer: Big Takeaway. Emphasis on "Search Engine". It's the practice of optimizing your website in such a way as to increase it's ranking position in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). There is both on-page SEO (responsiveness etc) and off-page SEO (backlinks etc).

Question: Is Google (the worlds biggest Search Engine) and Yahoo and Bing dead?
Answer: Is the Internet dead then? Obviously not no. As long as there is an Internet. There will be a need for a Search Engine to navigate and use that Internet. You can think of the Internet like a Highway or roads in a city. And the Search Engine like a car you can travel around in finding shops and stores that have what you need. As long as there is Internet. There will be Search Engines. As long as there are Search Engines. There will be Search Engine Optimization.

Question: Have people stopped using Search Engines to search for things online?
Answer: No.

Question: Are there more or less people using the Internet and Google these days?
Answer: There are more people and the number is growing exponentially.

Question: How much is the SEO industry valued at and worth in 2016?
Answer: A SearchEngineLand post says that the SEO industry is worth $65 billion. In another a forecast says SEO-related spending will be worth $80 billion by 2020.

Question: Will people spend more or less on SEO in the future?
Answer: There has been a steady increase in spending on SEO since 2008. Spending will only increase from 2016+. This is due to there being more people online, more webmasters, bloggers, affiliate marketers, freelancers and businesses than before that will need some kind of SEO service for their websites, blogs, apps, videos etc etc.
I keep seeing "SEO is dead!" which is pretty great!

Question: So is SEO dead?
Answer: SEO isn't dead no! How can SEO be dead if Search Engines aren't dead? How can it be dead if more people are using Search Engines than before? How can it be dead when more people are spending money on SEO than before and the amount is rising?

If anything, SEO is more alive than before!

Now the SEO industry on a whole has its ups and downs. It's pros and cons. Its good and its bad. There are many excellent genuine SEO agencies and freelancers out there you can use for your SEO. But unfortunately, like any big industry, there are also many copycats out there too that say they can deliver the moon and the stars but fail miserably and provide a crap service or if it all. Every industry has those in it like that, but that's why SEOClerks is the best place to buy SEO from because you can know who is the best seller by their feedback, ratings and recommendations. Plus you have the safety and security of the system and a great team behind it you can rely on. I keep seeing "SEO is dead!" which is pretty great!

But yeah, and this very post just goes to show that it's not. But it does really depend what side of the fence you're sitting on. If you're a webmaster/blogger and need to do SEO to increase your own websites rank. That's one thing. But if you're an SEO agency or provider / reseller yourself that's different. So you only really get the webmasters saying that compared to the SEO's because there are many more webmasters and bloggers etc out there than there are SEO agencies or freelancers that provide it.

The harvest is plenty but the reapers are few! Well the good ones anyway! I keep seeing "SEO is dead!" which is pretty great!

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can you assist me...I have a new website and I am not sure what I need done to get more traffic and to have keywords ranked

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Hey mm34505,

PM me your domain and the keywords you want to rank for and I'll give you an idea of what you'll need I keep seeing "SEO is dead!" which is pretty great!

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I'm not into SEO and I would never call myself an expert. Honestly speaking, i'm far from it. However, even I have seen statements like this and even I have been laughing. - I laugh because of the insane amount of potential clients and money true experts can make due to such stupid statements. I wish you all the best of luck!

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I read that all the time yet more and more people are looking for this type of work. They even have a website Named after this:

I think Google plays a big part in people saying this because its harder to get organic non paid traffic from Google anymore. I know a few guys here on seo clerks that do Google ranking and they do a good job in fact he is one of the best here. His name is AJ lancer and below i have attached his service for you guys to reviews and maybe purchase
If you do go and purchase from him please tell him that Jkeyz2 sent you. Thank you and Have a Nice Day

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SEO is clearly not dead, there always been people saying that SEO isn't a real thing and all people offering SEO are scammers and not worth paying. Ever since I started in this business I always heard this!

Well, trust me, clients that aren't open to SEO are not really the clients you want! I think in essence we are losing some clients over these rumors, but overall the online arena is expanding and SEO will expand and grow alongside it, just look at the chart Mike provided!

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LOL yes I have heard people saying that SEO is dead which I find quite funny. I have also had loads of people asking me why their website is not working for them and they don't have any traffic when they've been working their asses off night and day... for absolutely ages!

I check their url and it is 2 weeks old and then I say WTF, no wonder, your website probably isn't even indexed by Google yet, never mind getting any rankings!

I find people quite amusing, everyone wants a quick fix don't they and then they wonder why they get scammed out of their money by get rich quick schemes.

An online business is just like any other, it takes time, blood, sweat and tears.. add in a bit of financial investment and you can do really well.

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What if SEO is really dead? For purposes of discussion, let’s assume that SEO is dead. What now? Webmasters will scramble for backlinks since if SEO is dead then keywords have no use as well. Am I right on my assumption? To be honest, it’s only on this site that I’ve learned about SEO and it is really surprising for me to know that traffic from search engines are substantial that’s why the SEO term became popular.

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