10 pretty Aw(ful)some websites I've found online

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10 pretty Aw(ful)some websites I've found online

Over the years we have seen great advancements in web design from making a website extremely user friendly and looking great to making a design responsive so that it adjusts to all mobile devices.

But some people didn't get the memo and either kept their old designs from the 90's or they hired a designer that is stuck in the 90's lol.

I've come across a good amount of horrible website designs that I'd like to share with you all lol 10 pretty Aw(ful)some websites I

  1. First off, we have which is basically a website that sells some kind of glaze over for tubs and fixtures so that they look new again. They sell something that makes things look new, maybe they should use it on their websites design 10 pretty Aw(ful)some websites I
  2. Next we have which is a website that sells cars, obviously. The design I would assume was made in the late 90's when everything was flashy in order to catch your attention. This website went a little too far because everything is flashing and looks chaotic. It's actually quite funny looking through the website 10 pretty Aw(ful)some websites I
  3. Now we have which was a big thing in the ad selling niche about 10+ years ago. People would put up website, generate some traffic, and sell ads in order to make more than they were paying for ads. The only thing about this website is that it looks like it was either ahead of the curve because it's design is old school (crumby) or it had a bad developer and he/she just didn't care about the design and focused only on the money lol.
  4. Here we have which seems to be a type of writing service which is ran by a single person or a few individuals. The design is very cookie cutter and templated, which now looks bad compared to all the competitors out there. They seem to be trying, just not very hard 10 pretty Aw(ful)some websites I
  5. Another bad design is which is... I actually have no clue lol. The design is a template with a copy/paste form on there. I'm assuming that someone named Yousef put this website up in order for people to contact him.
  6. Here we have which is, you guessed it, a web design service!!!! This service obviously sells some pretty amazing designs. I know this because their own design is second to none! Ok, I'm joking 10 pretty Aw(ful)some websites I I doubt they get many clients lol.
  7. One of the better ones, yeah... better lol, is which seems to be a personal website to someone named Jami Lin. The website covers stuff that Jami likes. Someone needs to go over this design with Jami and show her how to get the eye to travel down the website... in a good way lol.
  8. I don't know WTF this website is about, but in all honesty I was frightened when I saw it lol. Next we have which seems to be some sort of children trap, or juice company, I'm not sure lmao 10 pretty Aw(ful)some websites I
  9. Here's a good one... This website seems to be trying to rank for every single keyword to deal with electronics 10 pretty Aw(ful)some websites I I could only focus on one product for around 1 second each due to how much was going on 10 pretty Aw(ful)some websites I
  10. I saved my favorite for the last one, just to see if you guys and girls were reading ;) Here, at #10, the best of the best which I believe was designed like this on purpose. If it wasn't, then the designer is pretty horrible at what they do lmao 10 pretty Aw(ful)some websites I

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Hey i love this topic Ling cars is one of the most epic sites in the world! She won worst website award and sells more cars than anyone in her area. I agree with you times and tech are changing, that includes websites. All good designers will roll with these changes and grow past old news. Every now and then you will come across someone who is stuck in their old ways. I am going to visit all of these websites lol i appreciate you taking the time to do this. If these are anything like ling cars then i am in for a entertaining evening. Thanks Razzy

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Those are some ugly list of websites you have there Razzy!
I want to contribute, take a look at this baby right here: /in/dog/ - it's just magical, no real and logical structure whatsoever. thing is, it actually has some authority, backlinks and even a 2 million Alexa rank.
Apparently, the owner things this: " designed to be motivated not satisfied" - well it doesn't get me motivated, it gets me depressed.

Also, has to troll made website, no way that's a real business making profit! The music and that chicken are cool though.

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I will post about your list one by one: - I was a bit afraid to access this website because of the "tub" word from the title. Nowadays, except YouTube, nothing that contains "tub or tube" in the title is safe (if you know what I mean). Anyhow, I did it and it looks like someone forgot to update the website since 2000. The website does need a massive facelift and a new platform probably. It's slow, shady and looks unprofesional. I would definitely not use it because it doesn't inspire any credibility. He is refacing drains and bathub but he can't reface his website. - This is the real visual disaster. It's 2016, almost 2017 everyone is talking about efficiency, shrinking everything to get speed, small load times and then you see this website full of flashy banners and logos and 1000 colors on the main page... Good job! And furthermore, there is a bloody chicken walking on the main page! is somewhere stuck in time, not saying anything. Just another plain website made in 2005. Still last time I checked they had 150 users online. Somehow is still working. - speechless.
Anyhow, they need a massive facelift and update. I wonder if it wouldn't be easier to just a wordpress platform and a new and update theme and get rid of all the flashy colors and background music. By the way, why is this a thing?

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This is really a great CD Razz! I took a look to all of them, and I think that I've never seen something more weird than those websites lol.

My favorite are : the last one, and , I still don't understand what's the point of that website yousef, it looks like he started but never finished it yet. However, I think it's a multifunctional site that has only one button, a photo and a contact form lol.

They really need to hire someone to do some changes, because as it seems owners of those sites have some good knowledge on html and css lol.

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Wow where did you find these monstrosities Razz!? 10 pretty Aw(ful)some websites I It's like time forgot some websites. You've heard of the movie "The Land That Time Forgot". Well this is "10 websites that time forgot". It's almost unbelievable and unconceivable that there are still websites out there that look like they were put together in the 90's! That's fine. But what makes them so bad is that they haven't been updated since then. One can only assume that the owners must have purchased like 50 years in advance domain hosting and then died LOL...

Or perhaps even, murdered? 10 pretty Aw(ful)some websites I

Murdered for bringing down the global standard of web design and shame to the World Wide Web Consortium. In fact, I'd even go so far as to say some of those sites are illegal and break all the rules of web design. But were made way before most of those rules were made.

It makes me wonder - if you tried contacting the owners of all those sites whether or not you would get a reply or not? Because surely, those sites are due a massive overhaul and upgrade. None of them are "mobile friendly". None of them have any of the features, bells n' whistles that most of today's modern websites have.

Here's something funny right. When you do a Google search for "worst website ever". That site ranks at #8 for that LOL

Now that's funny!!

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Geez Razzy that was quite a selection and I think it really shows you how not to do your website. I laughed out loud at the website, it was awful. The truth is that they would be better off not having a website at all.

A website is not that hard to set up, having something so awful as the online face of your business is just so slapstick in my opinion.

Thanks for sharing Razzy I did have a good giggle.

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Number 10 is definitely the worst. I have never seen such an awful website before. If only it was possible to delete that website. I started feeling dizzy after leaving this site. I am wondering who is the owner of such a bad website. Where did he even get such an idea to design such a website. Number two is really funny too. The animation they did with this man is awful.

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Thanks for posting those sites for a respite to being serious. Sometimes we need a so called “breaker” to lighten the load of the day’s work. This reminds me of the Oscars which give awards to the best. Over here, there is an award for the worst in the movie industry. And although the worst awards were not meant to insult but just for fun, it looks like the internet had caught on the gimmick. Winning the worst website award is something to crow about?

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