Analyzing your ad clicks to see if your traffic is good enough to keep going.

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Analyzing your ad clicks to see if your traffic is good enough to keep going.

Everyone who is online to make money has bought an ad or two in their lifetime. I personally buy ads each month and have to filter out a lot of them because they just don't perform well.

If you're paying for ads that don't perform, you're just wasting money and that's never a fun thing to do.

The first thing you'll have to do, if you haven't already, is set up some form of tracking so you can see where the traffic is coming from. Google analytics is a nice service you can use for all your tracking purposes. They have real time traffic analytics so you can see what's working at the very moment you're looking at your dashboard.

The second thing you'll need to do is figure out who is converting into a sale. You may be getting 1,000 clicks a day on an ad, but if you're not getting any sales from that ad it's pointless, right? Well you can use a third party service to track where the traffic is coming from and it will watch them as they are on your website. If they do end up purchasing and getting redirected to your thank you page, or one of you choosing, it will log them and you can see which ad is performing well based on conversions. I know I'd rather pay $100 for an ad spot which is sending me 1,000 clicks a month and 100 sales over an ad sending me 100,000 clicks a month and no sales. The ad that sends more traffic definitely is more appealing, but it's not worth it if you're not making your money back.

An example of a bad ad was one I just purchased from a new platform. I don't want to really mention the platform right now because it has potential and I don't want to spread bad press about it based on one ad purchase lol. So I buy this ad and it claims I'm going to get 500k or more impressions for $50 a month. I saw this and was pretty excited because it matched my niche perfectly and it was cheap. After I got the ad up and running I was getting impressions and clicks almost immediately. After the first month I got close to 600k impressions and 10,000 clicks, which is amazing. But not a single click resulted in a sale lol. And this is the main reason you need to monitor your traffic, especially your ad buys Analyzing your ad clicks to see if your traffic is good enough to keep going.


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I have to admit Razzy that I am not good at figuring out Adwords and I haven't connected my Adwords and Analytics accounts yet because I just cant figure that out either.

I hardly ever use Adwords anymore to be honest but every now and then they send me an email saying that they are giving me a voucher if I spent a bit of money. The voucher amount changes. This time it was a R600 ($43.44) voucher for a R200 ($14.48) Adwords purchase. I have to admit that this was an absolute bargain. I have a little campaign going but I just set it up and left it a while back to just run until the money finishes.

I wonder if I can get a freelancer here to set up and monitor a campaign for me? I just don't want to figure those things out. I want to write and do social media marketing...

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How were they making those impressions then? I find it pretty fishy that you had 10k clicks on your website and none converted. Maybe the traffic was just fake? Even untargeted traffic won't perform this bad!

This is why I always prefer sticking to Google Adwords and Facebook ads with my clients. I know how to do them right and we always are able to have ROI even if conversions aren't that pretty, at least we get our investment back and some little cash as a bonus.

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The only advertising service that I ever used was facebook ads. I promoted my Amazon books (ebook as well as print on demand book) through facebook ads. When the ad campaign was running, I received a lot of traffic to my books, however, there was no sale. I think I had targeted my as well. I targeted based on the interest, demography and age group, however, the ad did not drive sales. My $100 went for nothing.

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