What is wrong with Google Birthday?

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What is wrong with Google Birthday?

We all have seen that Google has changed its logo for all users around the world, as today it’s their 18 birthday, ok happy Birthday Google! But if you click to that logo you’ll see a lot of articles talking about google birthday, as how they are celebrating its birthday every year with different dates.

I was a bit confused about this, and decided to dig more into it, I just don’t get how can they celebrate today its birthday if Google was founded on sep 4 1998.

So, founded on sept 4 1998, celebrating birthday on sep 27.. Just a little difference..What is wrong with Google Birthday?

What do you think about this?
Are they hiding something from people?


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Oh man I didn't even notice it is Google's birthday today.... or is it?

According to an article I just read on about Google's birthday it has in fact been celebrated on the 27 September for the last 10 years. But in 2005 Google celebrated it's birthday on the 26th September.

Then in 2004 it celebrated on the 07 September and in 2003 on the 08 September.

Google was registered as a domain on the 15 September 1997 and then filed for incorporation as a company a year later on 04 September 1998.

So yes it would seem that they can't quite decide what they are doing! At least it has been the same day for 10 years, maybe they will keep it like this?

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Well I have to say yes it was, but I'm unsure about that as they have celebrated it with different dates. However, it should be a reason why they are doing this, but it really doesn't matter, I still celebrate my birthday in the same day when I was born, also maybe it will be a trend these days to celebrate birthday same as google does lol.

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Well, I don't think it has an official birth date because initially, the creators of Google wanted to sell their algorithm to Yahoo. They've asked for something like a million dollars for their idea and algorithm so, at that time, I don't think they've ever dreamed that Google will actually do it on its own for such a long period of time.

In 2002 Yahoo got another opportunity in buying Google, this time for 5 billion, which again they've turned down, today whole Google worths around 800 plus billion. Cool huh?

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And I guess they won't be selling anytime soon... because they are hands down the leader of the pack!

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I am intrigued by the question if Google is hiding something from us. If ever, what do you think it might be? With birthday, it depends on the date that you consider is the birth of the company. One big bank that I know celebrates its anniversary not on the actual registration with the Securities and Exchange Commission but the day that they wrote the application and pooled in their investment. Another company celebrates its anniversary on the day the company had its first client. Maybe Google is also like that in choosing the date of its anniversary.

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