8 tips on how to run a customer friendly business

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8 tips on how to run a customer friendly business

Whether you're starting up a company or already running a super successful one, you need to have it be customer friendly in order to work. If you're just treating your customers like they're the dirt stuck to your shoes, you won't be in business long.

With everything going digital today, people have a bigger voice when it comes to leaving reviews. You can be destroyed by one bad review, I've seen it happen countless times when people don't worry too much about the customers experience. This is why I've written up 8 tips and tricks to running a more customer friendly business 8 tips on how to run a customer friendly business

Below are the 8 tips and tricks I could think of that can help you run a more customer friendly business.

1. Write up a customer inspired vision statement for your company
The right way to write up a vision statement is to highlight what you company plans to achieve in the near future. You can add it to your navigation links and have it on a sub page for easy access.

Most companies take the easy route and write up a basic statement like this: "To become the best fabric softener company in the USA"

You need to get a little out there and put some time into your vision statement. Get your customers/clients in there so they feel involved. You can rewrite my example to show something like this: "To develop the best fabric softener in the world so that our customers can wash with ease. We don't want you to worry about your childs sensitive skin or allergic reactions. We will be the best and seek consistent customer satisfaction to pave the way to our success in the industry."
Sounds a lot better, right? Do you see how I tugged at some heart strings as well as brought in the customers? Doing this will show you're in it for the people and not just the money 8 tips on how to run a customer friendly business

2. Show your customers at every stage that their happiness is one of your main goals in the company.
If you have employees, they should also see the importance of customer happiness. The slightest kink in the chain can cause a virus of bad press, so each employee needs to be on board to make the customer happy. This requires proper training so that no one is at fault when a customer gets mad. And yes, a customer will get mad, it's inevitable. But your employees can diffuse it if they were properly trained.

3. You need to see, and understand, what you customers needs are.
How do you figure out what experience your clients or customers are looking for? That's actually pretty easy: You need to analyze the services offered by your most successful competitor. How do they talk with their customer base on good and bad topics? How are their products accepted within the industry?

Be inspired by your competition and use them as a goal to overcome.

4. Be sure to set standards and requirements for customer satisfaction.
You need to create the best customer experience by brining in a few, or all, of what follows:

  • Competitive pricing, possibly the lowest in the industry.
  • Extreme availability
  • Something that lets customers easily submit feedback.
  • A designated team to talk to customers face to face.
  • A system that is dedicated to upset customers.

These need to have dedication in order to work. If you falter at any point with these then it's like a jenga tower collapsing lol. Stay strong and hit each section hard so that you don't mess anything up 8 tips on how to run a customer friendly business

Make it so that your standards are difficult to duplicate. This will deter some of your own competitors from trying to copy your plan of attack. Your team needs to be on this as much as you are..

5. Remove anything that could create a bad experience for your customers.
Research each page, product, and text of your website and remove anything that might be bringing a bad experience to you customers. Removing these will help you avoid any angry customers in the long run.

One of the downsides to this is that the systems or pages that may need to be removed are actually integral parts of your website now and might take a few extra steps to remove without messing up anything else in your systems.

6. Turn your audience into your friends. Or make it sound like you want to be friends.
Use social media to reach out to potential clients and talk to them in a casual manner. Post about deals, coupons, savings, group buys, etc. to bring people in. Post about what you're doing with your company and include any clients you have talked with. If you can get one on one talks with your followers then you can usually turn them into a client and they will be happy they have a direct line to you even if it's through social media.

7. Employees who are great with customers should be rewarded.
If your employees are doing a great job making the customers happy, they should be told so. you can give them an award or bonus, it's up to you. I'm sure the employee would prefer the bonus though 8 tips on how to run a customer friendly business

8. Always go over your business' strategies
Let's assume you implemented the perfect strategy to ensure consistent customer satisfaction. What's the next step? You should evaluate your strategy to ensure you don't fall behind competitors who are keenly following you!

You should always be evaluating your daily, weekly or monthly tasks to be sure you're consistently creating a great customer experience. Be sure not to fall into a rut with just one bad experience from a customer, no one is perfect, we're all human after all 8 tips on how to run a customer friendly business

If you follow the 8 tips above you should notice a better workflow in a short amount of time 8 tips on how to run a customer friendly business If you're staring up a corporation with employees, you'll need to start with their training and get it right. Train yourself to train them, you can't just wing it.

Does anyone have anything else they can add?

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Thank you very much for these tips. Though it is something that is generalized for everyone that wants to set up a business company but it will be much better if it is somehow inclined to the world of internet marketing as in case anyone wants to start up an internet marketing job.
Good steps though, thanks

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Thanks for these great tips Razzy.

I love what you said about having a system for upset customers. There have been so many times that I have not been satisfied with a product or service that I have received and how the company deals with me makes all the difference. Very often the customer services department have changed a negative experience into a positive one and this is what all companies should strive to achieve if there is an upset. Well that and improve on the product or service that was not adequate LOL

There have been a few occasions where I have been more upset by the way customer services handled my complaint than the actual problem I was bringing to their attention. If I bring something to the attention of a company and leave more upset than before I complained there is a big problem!

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Very good post on the importance of being customer oriented. Many businesses tend to focus on profits, and getting rich quickly. But that is not the way to go about it if you want your business to survive. You need to be customer friendly in every possible way because if you are not, you are not going to sell anything at all. I strongly believe that businesses that do not place importance on the way they treat and handle their customers will end up running out of business within a short period of time. Customer care should be one of the main goals for an organisation.

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Great tips, that's why you need to always include "Customer Personas" in any online marketing strategy you may attempt. Writing down who exactly your customers are and what are their needs.

Overall I believe that in most niches you must keep your interactions with them strictly professional, going beyond this may depend on the niche, otherwise you'll just end up " bothering" them and they may annoy to some degree.
Otherwise, optimize everything to fit your customer profile, from content to design, it all needs adapted.

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One thing I've come to realize in most successful business is that the owners and those running those businesses always have the customer in mind in whatever decision they take. This can come in the way of massaging the customers' ego that by patronizing their company, they are actually buying products a class above what is on the market. So, I think, with the tips you gave above, that it is important for most businesses to have the customer in mind in everything they do.

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I like that line that says to show your customers that their happiness is also your goal. When I attended a customer relations seminar, I remember the lecturer in his talk about being friendly with the customer. I work in a bank and our customers are not only the depositors but also the people who are applying for loans. And if you make your customers happy then they will come back for more. And never ever ignore your customers even if you are deluged with a lot of work, you have to attend to them asap.

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I think answering the customer questions is the best way to approach the business support. Though not all the time you can satisfy a customer. But slowly that type of approach can get you better handled with the support. I have learned from the experience that customers are not always right but we have to always push for their satisfaction. That's how things can be improved.

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Very important point. However many people get this aspect of their business wrong. In my opinion this is where the business begins to flounder. Simply talking to your customer with respect and like you care will do the trick. This happens to a business that has grown big and thinks that it does not need customers anymore. Little things answering customers calls and inquiries e.g through email, SMS in time will do the trick and make your business customer friendly.

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