The 7 basic mistakes and myths bloggers should try to avoid

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The 7 basic mistakes and myths bloggers should try to avoid

It doesn't matter if you're a newbie blogger or seasoned veteran, you may have fallen into a blogging trap. Don't worry though, you can fix it in a short amount of time The 7 basic mistakes and myths bloggers should try to avoid

There are around 409,000,000 people reading more than 17,600,000,000 (yes, that's billion) blog pages each month. You could be messing something up and that's why you're not getting a piece of the blog traffic pie The 7 basic mistakes and myths bloggers should try to avoid

Here Are The 7 Basic Mistakes/Myths

  1. Blog Every Day - This is a common misconception because new bloggers think that you need to post daily in order for Google, Yahoo! and Bing to rank your website because it's active. In reality, new bloggers should post daily just to get content on their pages. After the first 2 weeks you can slow down to posting maybe 2 or 3 times a week. Just be consistent and add fresh content every week. Bloggers can get burned out if they are researching, writing and posting fresh content every day.
  2. Over Optimizing - Bloggers commonly think that their articles or posts need to fit a specific formula in order to rank for specific keywords. At some point this is true, but you don't have to get super into optimizing because Google, Yahoo! and Bing are pretty smart and know what is going on in your post. I run an SEO company and when I tell people this they think I'm telling lies lol. To help guide you, you can use the yoast plugin on wordpress since it shows you exactly what to do. Get the article readable and in the green then you're fine The 7 basic mistakes and myths bloggers should try to avoid
  3. Writing Content Brings In Traffic - That's kind of true, but only one piece of the puzzle. You will have to write good content so the search engines AND the readers like what it's about. If you just have jumbled up content then the readers will hate it and never come back. The search engines will recognize the bad content and the high bounce rate and deem your website lower quality than it could be. Besides content, you'll need to do a bit of marketing in order to pull in traffic. Just posting the content won't pull in the masses. Get your words in front of the masses and then they'll come to you The 7 basic mistakes and myths bloggers should try to avoid
  4. Making money blogging is super easy - lol not at all. It takes time to develop a popular blog which will pull people in with each blog post. It takes time to get a bunch of subscribers who will follow your every word. When you do start getting loads of traffic, if ever, you can monitize it with adsense or banner ads from different platforms where you make money each month off of them.
  5. No one is using email lists - A lot of bloggers think that social media is the only thing they need in order to promote their posts. Posting on social media is like yelling into a crowd while emails are more personal and one on one conversations even though you've send out a mass email.
  6. Only write long posts - There is a standard of 400+ words to do for each of your blog posts. Some people will say to never write under 1,500 words per post, but who has that kind of time? I've always stuck to the 400+ words because you can always get your point across in that amount of content and Google will see that. Write it well and it doesn't have to be a novel.
  7. Only the content matters - While content is the main reason people are coming to your website to read everything. You have to make it visually appealing by adding some images so people don't feel like they're reading one chapter in a book. The post can be long, but make it appealing to the eye and break up the sections with images or quotes so that it doesn't seem like they are on the page for 10 minutes The 7 basic mistakes and myths bloggers should try to avoid

Does anyone have anything else they can add?

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Thanks Razzy, this is great.

I agree with everything you have said here. As a blogger I really do aim to get more than 1000 words written in a post but you know what? Sometimes I say everything there is to say in 300 words, now what? Do you fluff it up with rubbish or blabber on? I have seen so many people do this and it is awful.

I also think so people prefer reading short posts rather than long ones, so if you make every post a long one you could possibly be losing readers!

It took quite a while to build up my traffic to my blogs and to get a following, but it has all been totally worth it. I have a good following on social networks and I have a good few subscribers that open my emails and click through to my website.

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Generally speaking, the length of your post depends on the topic. Some topics demand elaboration whereas some topics should be concise. My blog entries are always between 400 and 1200. However, I have an experience of publishing a post of 100 words (on Bubblews dot com) as well as 2500 words (on hubpages).
It is true that Google loves long post, however, if your posts are too long, readers will avoid reading the article.

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8. Commenting on no-follow blogs is useless - a lot of bloggers are still looking for those magical do-follow link and they completely ignore potential links just because they think no-follow backlinks are a waste of time.

That's completely not true, sure they don't actually provide any link juice but I think, at some level search engines takes them into consideration but the most important factor about no-follow links is that they can produce traffic! Any backlink can give you traffic, so why not take the opportunity when you have it.

If you are a beginner, blog commenting on niche related blogs is essential for you to grow an audience!

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I agree with all of your 7 points, however, I will elaborate on your point number 4. I decided to launch my own blog in 2015 because I was losing a big chunk of money by sharing revenue with websites where I published my contents. Furthermore, some of the good paying sites also began shutting down. First, Helium shut down, then Squidoo shut down. I was earning good money on Bubblews, but Bubblews also shut down.
I was not expecting big money from my blogs, but I thought I could easily earn $20 every month and will pay the cost associated with running the blog. It did not happen. For two years, I am putting my pocket money on my blogs.

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Blogging everyday will constrict your blogs. Unless you are an influencer with thousands of loyal readers who clamor for your blogs daily, the optimum frequency of updating your blog is twice a week at the most. But again, it will depend on your niche because news blogs are understandably need an update any time. And posting daily have a tendency for you to diminish the quality of your blogs because you don’t have time anymore for collecting more information.

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