Use employee stories to add content and turn a profit.

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Use employee stories to add content and turn a profit.

Everyone who has employees probably doesn't hear many stories if they are the boss. But if you gave them an outlet in order to vent, you may find a few stories that are actually pretty funny and can be written on your website which could possibly get shared and go viral. You can set this up so that they can submit hand written snippets anonymously so that if it's a bad thing, they won't be seen in a negative light by the managers or owners. Still, negative comments can still turn out pretty funny Use employee stories to add content and turn a profit.

If you don't have clients, you can always lie about them and write your own funny text or content you think will help get a chuckle out of the people viewing your pages. I wouldn't write up all your employee content in one sitting because it will start turning out to look like it was written in the same tone. Write one or two a day and add them slowly.

You can even take this one step further and set up your own website that posts funny employee stories. A website that i was thinking of, but is about clients and not employees, is ClientsFromHell. This website is actually pretty popular because the owner is a programmer who posts all his ridiculous clients emails and comments. You could do a clone of his type of website and focus on employee comments and discussions. The only thing is that you can't really monitor your employees to see what they're saying because they'll feel it's an invasion of privacy lol Use employee stories to add content and turn a profit.

After you get a decent amount of content on your about us, employees, or any other page you like you'll need to start optimizing it. I know that you won't be able to target a lot of keywords, but you'll be able to help your brand grow with the funny stories Use employee stories to add content and turn a profit.

If you don't have employees and you don't want to write up your own, you can pay people to write up stories to either post on the website I was talking about like ClientsFromHell or your own pages. This will make sure that all the content is genuinely written and unique. It will also free up your time to focus on other aspects of your business Use employee stories to add content and turn a profit.

How do you turn a profit on posting employee stories, you ask? Well when the posts start gaining traction on social media platforms because they're funny, you will see more people contacting you about signing up for what you offer. Or they will just buy directly from you if you have it set up like an ecommerce website Use employee stories to add content and turn a profit.

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This is truly an interesting idea Razzy.

I have had some customers from hell before, and suppliers and staff... so I wouldn't know where to start but I am not sure I would want to share my own experiences publicly.

Something I was thinking of adding to my recovery from addiction website was guest blogs but also a section where addicts can tell the funny or crazy things that they have experienced anonymously. I have had some really crazy experiences but I can't write about everything... I have a husband and children and a mother....

Some things are best left quiet you know?

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That might come in handy. It's a good way to get some original content written for your website without too much hassle. Did got yourself caught in the subject of your website that deep that you can't write something objective?

I mean, writing everyday on the same topic, in the same manner following the same pattern can be counterproductive. I really like, from time to time, to buy few articles just to refresh the writing style on my blogs. What's more interesting, you don't even realize that you get redundant unless someone is pointing this to you. I was lucky that i managed to create a small community around my blog and from time to time they were telling me to change a bit the writing style because is getting hard to read.

So yeah, i totally support adding content from employee, outside freelancer or even guest posting.

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Where exactly are you posting this type of content Razzy? For an online store, maybe in the blog section of the website? Do you need to make it seem like the actual employees posted the article or funny story?

Seems like a good idea, I wonder how well this will work in a viral setting, like writing a really funny story, fake or not, doesn't matter, but if you make it go viral, it will get your store A LOT of exposure, especially if the story is positive towards your company and brand.

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As much as possible, I always write from my own experiences. In forums, most of my posts have a flavor or excerpt from my encounters with people. I've had 2 businesses before and I'm a long time employee of a bank. In my job, I used to have 95 employees under me so that's a lot of stories. Maybe it's a good idea to open a blog about anecdotes. I have a friend in Facebook who posts his anecdotes once in a while which are mostly funny and I could see the hundreds of likes and countless of comments maybe because we know that those are true stories although sometimes they are obviously enhanced.

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