Content marketing is a great SERP booster if done right

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Content marketing is a great SERP booster if done right

Everyone is trying to rank higher in the search engines, if you're not, you're already falling behind your competition.

I've been doing tests with content marketing and some things work well while others are complete garbage and should be avoided. Don't worry, I'll talk about both Content marketing is a great SERP booster if done right

The Good

  • Content marketing can help you build your brand fairly well if you do it right. Targeting high authority websites can obviously help boost your rankings, but if you don't have the writing skills to convert your readers into sales, you'll be pretty upset in a quick amount of time. Write it once, and write it well Content marketing is a great SERP booster if done right
  • Doing guest posts on popular blogs isn't as easy as it sounds because you're at the mercy of the blog owner. If they think you're worthy they will let you post on their website, but it can't be a promotion post. you will have to add quality content that the blogs readers will like and then you can add a link in your signature and possibly the content of you post.
  • Doing this manually will help you get high quality content on various websites and blogs in order to boost your rankings, sales, and traffic. You can use software to push out your articles, but don't spin them. Also, you might get your articles removed pretty quick due to them not passing copyscape. Even if you write it up yourself, it could go live on a different website and indexed before a different blog or website owner goes to approve it.

The Bad
  • If you do this wrong you could actually be hurting your own rankings. This is because you pay someone to blast out thousands of posts including the same content in each article and if they do get accepted, it's usually not on the best of the best websites and blogs.
  • Low quality content will not get accepted on high authority websites and blogs. You need to know how to write, or hire a writer, before you contact a website or blog for a guest post.
  • Posting on random websites can hurt you if they are not in the same niche. This is one of the same reasons I won't use software to push a unique article. They are never 100% guaranteed to get your article on niche related websites.

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Thanks Razzy. I have to be honest here that I tried to guest post once on a well known mommy blog and they rejected my article and said it is not the type of thing that their readers are looking for,

Ok so that is the last time that I attempted to guest post because I was so upset about it.

Yes I know, I should not have taken that rejection so seriously.. but I did. I should have just kept trying. I have been coming across so many people now talking about the benefit of guest posting that it is getting a little hard to ignore.

I should also remember that when I sent in that post I had only just started blogging and I have learnt oh so many skills since then.

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You are at the mercy of the blog owner, like you said. You can provide the best article in the world but if he decides to post it or not, you can't do anything about it. Most of the well known blog owners are overwhelmed with guest posts requests and most of them will reject you by default.

You will find owners that will accept your posts but you have to do your background check before posting because Guest blogging is a two edged sword. I can do good to your website by bringing traffic, customers, make you noticeable but also can affect your rankings if the blog you are publishing on is penalized by Google.

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Do not be afraid to write very big and very "complete" posts. Most of the times it's better to have just one huge article about a certain subject than having multiple posts covering different aspects of the same subject.

Writing frequency doesn't matter much as long as you stay active and publish really good and big content, the websites you publish this content matters the most. I would gladly have just a couple high quality articles published on high authority website that having lots and lots of little stuff scattered all over the place.

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Content marketing is difficult but it has its good rewards. Especially with the guest posting, it is a legitimate way of spreading the news about your business or website. When a blogger allows you to make guest blogs, that would be a great boost to your intention particularly if the blog is a popular one. However, for blogs with no audience to speak of, it may be the other way around, that you are giving it traffic instead of you getting traffic from that site.

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