My Web High Visitors But No Click for Adsense

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My Web High Visitors But No Click for Adsense

Hi, my web high visitor but no click for adsense. I buy traffics service from here as well. What solution? help me


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We discussed many times about small conversion rates while buying traffic or using traffic exchange websites. This tactics never really made anyone happy when it's about increasing ad clicks or sales. When you buy traffic, you get traffic, not sales!!!

As Lynne suggested, it's better to invest money in quality SEO or social media marketing, and yet you have to choose right services and right provider here at Seoclerks, to get good results. Getting real people and making them interested in your blog is what you actually need, to convert visitors into buyers od ad clickers. If they visit your website and don't find anything interesting, then they interacting less with everything on your blog, from staying there, visiting again, commenting and buying / clicking ads.

So work on some good strategy to earn more money with your website!

Kind regards

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Hi Cakbro. Please be careful! Buying traffic when you have Adsense could get your account banned for starters! Then the next thing is that you only make money from Adsense when people click on your ads. Buying traffic is 99% chance just bots...

I tried once buying traffic years ago when I thought it was real people and it had zero positive effect on my website and after a while I saw that my rankings dropped. Thankfully I didn't have Adsense on my account then.

Seriously rather spend your money on good quality SEO services that will bring you organic traffic in time. Yes it will be less traffic, yes it will take time to build up... BUT it will be real people visiting your website.

Don't go for any cheap bulk backlinks packages, find a really good seller with great recommendations!

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You have asked the question but you answered yourself. Buying fake traffic will not gonna give you Adsense clicks so therefore no revenue whatsoever. Try to make you website more user friendly, hire someone to post some well written articles or if you can write them it's much better and then start growing your business. Bringing backlinks too fast will raise questions and as you know Google doesn't like cheaters.

In this situation, don't be in a hurry, grow your website natural and try to involve the visitors in conversation. This way you will reduce the bounce rate and the visitors will spend more time on your website. They might even click your ads if they enjoy the content and the author, so try to be as pleasant as possible.

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If you are buying traffic service, it is very likely that you will not get any clicks. The company you are paying for traffic service is perhaps using bots to drive traffic to your website. Bots generates numbers of visitors to your website, there will be no other interaction to your website. Perhaps the company you are using for traffic service is using traffic exchange or PTC service to drive traffic, In that case the people who visit your page are only clicking your website to fulfill the click quota, they have nothing to do with the contents or ads. If you get organic traffic from Google, then only you will get ad clicks.

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That is one issue against Adsense because you earn not by the number of traffic but from the clicks on the ads. That means your website may have a million visitors but no one clicked the ads then what you can earn is only the impression and not the click. I think the impression can be substantial enough if the traffic is a big number as in thousands. But if I were you, I will not focus much on the Adsense clicks, just continue with the SEO work you are doing.

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