Choosing the right social network to increase your sales.

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Choosing the right social network to increase your sales.

We all know there are a few major players in the social media platforms area, but which do you choose for your business needs and grow sales? Well, I'm here to help you with that Choosing the right social network to increase your sales.

Here are some statistics to get you going.

Target: Adults between the ages of 18 and 65

  • 58% of them use facebook
  • 23% are on LinkedIn
  • 22% are pinning things on pinterest
  • 21% are sharing images on Instagram
  • 19% of them are tweeting on twitter

Multiple Platforms
  • 24% of adults are on 2 social platforms
  • 16% of them are on 3 different platforms
  • 8% are on 4 social platforms
  • 4% are on 5+ social media platforms

  • 70% of adults use facebook daily
  • 49% use intagram daily
  • 36% are tweeting daily
  • 17% are pinning daily
  • 13% are searching LinkeIn daily

Now then, all social media platforms aren't created equal, and here's why.

Facebook is well known and I'm sure many of you know about their business or community pages. Facebook is the best platform if you're trying to build a community around your brand or business. That is because of the ease of accesss and it's super user friendly.

Instagram is best for those businesses or individuals who are very image focused. If you want to post loads of images to your website then instagram is where you should be. Post catchy slogans or images with motivational text and it will go a long way Choosing the right social network to increase your sales.

We all know what LinkedIn is, for those of you who don't, it's a platform for business people. LinkedIn is best for career and industry insights. You can build your connections and some times you hit gold and someone will either sign up with you or you can partner with huge companies, or both Choosing the right social network to increase your sales.

Pinterest is best for businesses focuisn on good visuals. This is similar to Instagram, but with a little twist. On Pinterest you'll want to post images of your daily activities and what you have for sale. You can usually post a normal picture from your phone, with a filter, and get a lot of buzz around it compared to posting a photoshoped image that looks like it was professionally touched up lol.

Twitter is best for businesses that have that "Right Now!" type of content. You can usually get a few sales per tweet if you have a lot of followers. But you'll have to show urgency and not post randomly about products.

Does anyone have anything else they can add?

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Thanks for sharing this interesting tips Razzy.

By all statistics i see that Facebook leading mostly when it comes to social media marketing, but somehow i always had better conversions from Twitter. Funny. Not sure if i invested more time to learn different tactics about using Twitter then Facebook, but that's fact for me. It's so true that Twitter is more momentous while posts on Facebook is seen for longer time. But i also learn how to keep my posts get seen by more people for longer time on Twitter too. There is probably some more room to learn about Facebook marketing...

Pinterest will probably work better, but for some niches and when you targeting specific groups of people. It's probably best for female audience in fashion and cooking / recipes niches, then any other, while LinkedIn is more business orientated.

So every platform works and converts differently and require different strategy while marketing

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Great share Razz! Interesting statistics.

I have registered an account on all social media networks that exist these days, but I'm using only Facebook and Instagram, as they are perfect for online marketing , and especially for my needs too.

I've heard a lot of good things for Twitter, not sure why it looks impossible to build up my account there too, maybe because I'm not familiar with it as I am with facebook, but I think it could work good for my niche.

Recently I have joined on Pinterest, and I haven't had the time to explore on it yet,but I'm just posting same photos from instagram.

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Great stuff Razzy, I have just added Instagram to my growing list of social networks and I am quite enjoying it which surprised me.

I like your explanations here, I have certainly seen how different social networks have different conversions and click throughs... even the quality of the traffic changes per social network. I have found Google Plus traffic to be really good quality traffic... but I don't get as much traffic, most likely because my social following is not so great there.

I get buckets of traffic from Facebook because I have a huge following, but the quality of the traffic is quite shoddy to put it bluntly. Low bounce rate and only a short visit!

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G+ is okay as well but they are very strict now. I tried promoting in G+ communities but they warned me several times because they consider it as spamming.

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If you use the right social media platforms, you can increase sales. Which social media site is more important for your business depends on the type of services and products you have. For example, if your products and services are primarily for women, you should be using Pinterest more because Pinterest is populated with more women users than men and women are more active on Pinterest than anywhere else. If your product is for old people you should promote it through facebook and twitter because the active users in facebook and twitter are between 45-55 years.

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With the statistics that you mentioned, it is very clear that Facebook is the preferred of the majority. And I have to agree with them because the more than 2 billion users of Facebook constitute the biggest slice of internet users. That means Facebook is the largest pasture there is for marketing. My suggestion is to focus on Facebook by gathering more friends and followers so your marketing posts will have a broader reach of audience. The more audience you reach, the more chances of getting sales.

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