Blog Pop Up: Good or Bad for Business?

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Blog Pop Up: Good or Bad for Business?

Using pop ups can:

  • increase your email list subscriber count
  • boost your blogging income
  • leverage your presence quickly (capture more emails in less time)

BUT pop up forms also can:
  • annoy readers by diminishing user experience
  • slow down the speed at which users read, comment on and share your blog posts
  • delay promises

Pop ups can help you build your list quickly but can also slow down social sharing, blog commenting and content consumption.

In a a world of speed and convenience these seconds can make all the difference in the world.

Ultimately, if you feel clear using pop ups and believe your readers benefit from you using pop ups, go for it.

But if you’re struggling to grow your list, to increase your blogging traffic and to boost your income think about how pop ups may be diminishing your reader’s experience before using them.

What Do You Think?
Do you use pop ups on your blog?


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I've always liked using drop down forms to collect emails from my readers. It's super simple and helps convert them into subscribers pretty easily. I have read around the internet that some of these forms can hurt your rankings slightly since Google, Yahoo! and Bing don't really like pop ups. So you'll have to use the proper service that doesn't show up as a pop up and clearly labels the code as a registration form so that you don't receive a penalty because you simply asked your viewers and readers to sign up to your newsletter.

There are a few ways of going about this. You can get the form custom coded so that it drops down at a certain time after the user has been on the website or a single page. Or you can go the easy route and use a wordpress plugin to handle all of the code that is involved lol. I'm pretty sure you can just install a free plugin and enter your info into the sections that are required. I know there are some out there that allow you to set a timer on the form pop up or drop down so that you can only show it to people who have been on your website for XX amount of seconds or you can even configure it to show to everyone within 3 seconds of landing on you page. You can also configure the form to drop down in front of the user when they try to leave your page. This will convert people who liked what they read and want to come back at a later date to check up on your content.

You must make sure these lists are double opt in or you won't be a happy marketer after you start sending out emails lol. If you get something custom coded, or use a plugin, try to make it compatible with your email service (mailchimp, aweber, etc.). This way you can just add your specific form ID to the plugin and it will send these sign ups directly to your lists Blog Pop Up: Good or Bad for Business?

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Yesterday I was thinking to install a pop-up form in my website in order to allow vistors to get notifications when I release a new software, update, or something else. But I'm not sure if I'll do it for two reason, 1) personally I hate them, 2 ) also I've heard that google will penalize sites that show pop-ups. Currently I have push notifications that works in the same way, but yeah I'll test a nice form to collect emails, not pop up of course as I don't want to risk.

Pop-ups are annoying, and they have its cons and pros, but also I would say that depends what you offer to users if they register to your newsletter, for example I've seen some sites that have these pop-ups, and after registering they send you free something to your email, and I'm sure that this works perfect to build a good list.

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I was very resistant to adding a pop up form to any of my websites simply because I personally hate them. I hate them so much that often even if the pop up interests me I will close it just because it is a pop up LOL

I then kept reading how pop ups have really good conversion rates and how awesome they can be for your business... so eventually I tried it with an aWeber subscribe form on my online marketing website. I didn't choose the pop up one, I chose what they call a pop over. I cant remember what the difference was but there was a reason I used the pop over instead.

I set it so that it only shows up after a visitor has been on my site for a certain amount of time and then it also doesn't show up every time someone returns to my website. It will show up I think every 5 visits to the same person.

The results have been great. That pop up or rather pop over has had the highest conversion rate for me so I have to grudgingly admit that it does work. I have two other websites and I have not added that in... perhaps I should though!

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This reminds me of my first year in using the internet. I would click on the pop up that would bring me to another page with another pop up. There was a time that I had clicked a series of maybe 5 pages, all with pop ups. But now, pop ups are hated and it is a mortal sin for a website to have a pop up for I’m sure the reader will exit. For me, a pop up is like fooling the reader or maybe forcing you to read the advertisement and that doesn’t sit well for serious users.

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