What Happen to my Services?

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What Happen to my Services?

Hello There.
I am a level 3 Seller. I have different kind of Services. Recently I faced new kind of problem some of my old services has gone diapered. I ask them they are no longer support this type of services.

I want to know what happen to them. Why they make such kind of decision? There are many marketplace support Social media services, But now SEOClerks Band Social Media services.

I know SEOClerk is the best platform but if they continuously restrict our services then what should I do?


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Well It could be any reason why your services got removed, and you will need to contact with support team to get the right answer. However, if your service has gone, it means that that type of service was not allowed , or your service has not meet the criteria of Listing Guidelines.

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You should check with the Support and ask if your services are in violation with the Terms of Services. File a Ticket and a support member will answer you.

SEOClerks reserves the right to delete, alter, edit, reject or remove any Listings that do not comply with these Guidelines or meet SEOClerks’ standards. SEOClerks may remove any offending Listings solely based on its own reasonable judgment.

So be sure that you read the Listing Guidelines and try to follow them as they are written. Even if your services were available a while ago, probably they don't meet the actual criteria and that's why they got removed.

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Yeah I would contact support and just check with them why those services are no longer available.

There is probably a very simple explanation for it, like they are against the TOS but slipped through a while ago? Good luck, I hope you come right.

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Thank you all for answering my question. I have checked several time. They have approved that service before they delete it, then what happen now. I contact with them they say this service is not allow here from now. But why There are lot's of Marketplace around the world. Day by day SEOClerks add new TOS to banish small Freelancers. We straggle to survive they just don't understand.

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I suggest you contact support. They will surely provide you with a valid explanation. There must be a reason why the service/s were deleted. It is probably something that has to do with the listing guidelines. SeoClerks is a great platform, and you should not allow this to put you off from being a seller here. Besides as you mentioned you are already at Level 3, so you have been doing well. To be a seller here you need to abide to certain rules of course, but there are valid reasons behind those rules and support will be able to explain this for sure. Update us afterwards so that we may learn from your experience.

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