Top 5 Reasons People Abandon Their Shopping Carts

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Top 5 Reasons People Abandon Their Shopping Carts

If you've ever started up an ecommerce website you know what kind of pain it is to see an abandoned cart Top 5 Reasons People Abandon Their Shopping Carts Below I've listed the top 5 reasons, in no particular order (sort of lol), of why people abandon their shopping carts.

Enjoy Top 5 Reasons People Abandon Their Shopping Carts

  1. Unexpected Shipping Costs - A lot of people will get to the checkout page and for some reason they think "Hey, this is a great deal and I want to pay that exact amount!" but don't factor in the small amount for shipping and handling. I actually marked up some of my ecommerce websites so that my shipping and handling was either free or very cheap. I still make the same amount, but it doesn't seem like I'm raking the clients over the coals and I'm trying to profit on the shipping.
  2. Creating An Account - Roughly 22% of people stop at the shopping cart because they are required to register an account in order to complete a purchase. This is more for the websites logs and not that they're just trying to collect your information for their own purposes lol. I know that if I'm looking to buy something that there is a good chance that I'll have to register prior to paying, it's pretty standard.
  3. Abandoning For Discounts - Around 10% of people will bookmark the website they're wanting to purchase from and then abandon their carts on purpose because if the website is set up to not lose sales, it will send out a "Come Back!" email with a discount code. Buyers are catching on to this and now abandon their carts on purpose so they get the discount codes. Pretty clever Top 5 Reasons People Abandon Their Shopping Carts
  4. Payment Security - A lot of people today are worried about getting their identities stolen so buying form random websites is a no go for them. They may land on your website through the search engines, but they probably won't buy because they're worried that everyone out there is a thief. People like this will usually bounce off of your website and go right to amazon or ebay Top 5 Reasons People Abandon Their Shopping Carts
  5. Confusing Checkout - We've all been on those websites that don't hold our hands through the checkout process and sometimes it's pretty annoying. I recently was on a website that allowed you to add items to your cart but the cart icon didn't show you had anything in there. When I checked my cart it said I had 10 of the same items because I clicked on it a few too many times lol. Once I deleted the ones I didn't want I was confused on how to checkout because there weren't any big flashy buttons saying "Check Out" or "Buy Now". There was just a basic text link saying "Click here to check out" which was at the bottom of a page where it shouldn't be. When I say the bottom, I mean I had to scroll a good amount past my items to find it lol.

What do you guys and girls think?

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For some reason, I always feel safer if I have an account created rather than ordering something without an account. So having the option of creating one before I order is a definitely must, at least for me.

Another reason for abandon shopping carts would be competitors, I always check the checkout process of my client's competitors, just to figure out what they are doing right and we are not. Though I doubt competitors checking and testing your checkout process will drag your abandon rate down in any significant way.

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Oh interesting, yes I have to admit that I have done this before too Cristian and I never thought of that when I first read this post, not until I read your comment.

I agree with you though that this can't account for many of the abandoned shopping carts.

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Definitely, I will make an account whenever i want to buy something online. I really don't like surprises and i had some issues with a website which allowed checking out without making an account. My order arrived two weeks later due because they misplaced my packs. I really want to have the mean to track my order in real time and also it looks more professional.

It will be easier also with the following order, just log in and the website knows already who you are and where are you from. On some you can add your credit card details so you are just one click away to check out without having to insert your details again.

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I agree with you. For me it is particularly the first one - the unexpectedly high shipping costs. And I just cannot stand it, because on some sites you only get to know how much it will cost to have that product arrive to your door at the very last moment. So you spend a lot of time browsing, comparing products and trying to make up your mind which on you will buy, only to arrive to the point where you are almost done checking out and notice that the shipping is like two thirds of the cost of the product, making it far too costly! It happened to me so many times before! And as a result I always refrain from going to that site ever again.

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Absolutely true that this 5 reasons are making customers go away and abandon their shopping carts, but in most cases there is no way around, as much as we wish to keep them engaged.

Nowadays, people getting used to this kind of actions, so more and more customers still coming up and getting engaged when you have some good product or service for sale... Still it's hard when you have some physical product for sale which should be shipped. Shipping cost are very high in some countries in compare to China and Hong Kong, so we can't compete to that, and it makes lately many customers go away. It's hard if you have some product for sale at $10 to $30 and yet you have to charge around $10 for international shipping, while China seller can easily include their low cost of shipping into price and offer free delivery...

From my point of view, that's main problem, while other 4 reasons becoming less and less problematic as shopping online becoming more popular...

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All of them are very true. The only problem that I've faced on those sites is the high shipping cost, everytime when I want to buy a product which is located in europe, I end up in china products because their shipping cost is very low, and sometimes totally free depends on the price of the product.

I'm located in Eu, and I've noticed that the shipping cost of Eu products is much higher compared to other countries. Another problem with online shopping is that If I buy something which cost more than 22 euro, I have to pay plus 20% of the price to get that product, this is a rule of my s... country.

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Thanks Razzy, it really is good to know why people abandon their shopping carts. I laughed out loud for the discount one.

I often add things to my cart and then abandon it not because I want to buy at that time but because there is no other way to find out what the shipping will cost. I might be planning my expenses and what I want to buy say at month end but I need to know the shipping costs so I will purposely do that... sorry to all business owners I do that to, but if they said how their shipping works I wouldn't have to do that in the first place.

Here's the #1 reason I abandon my shopping cart though... I often start buying things and I am sitting there with my credit card ready to buy and when I get to check out they say sorry they don't deliver to my country. Even Amazon does that to me on most orders. Usually items at Amazon state upfront they don't deliver to my country but when I order products that don't have that big red notice on them they kick me out at Checkout. Uggghhhh it drives me crazy.

So for anyone with an online store, add South Africa in please!

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I have experienced shopping in an online store. After carefully reading the product’s description, I went to the checkout counter only to find out that I need to create an account. I shook my head and exited. I had been going to another store where I can make a purchase and a COD at that without the benefit of an account. All I submitted was my name and address. I am not keen on creating an account in an online store, not yet.

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