SEOclerks Should Revive Other Niches

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SEOclerks Should Revive Other Niches

SEOCLERKS is only known for SEO, Backlinks, Instagram/Facebook/Youtube/Vine/Google Plus niche(s)
What other niches sell on SEOclerks.....?

What is SEOclerks is doing to revive other niches.

Any suggestion???


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Oh no no no mon petit Cheri. That is only the tip of the iceberg. SEOClerks is also known for selling Art & Design (4,362), Graphics & Logos (1,906), Article Translating (462), Article Writing (2,414), Audio & Music (928), Voice Over (131), Banner Ads (391), Blogs (1,312), Forums (253), Forum Posts (76), Signature Links (43), Link Building (12,227), Blog Comments (2,119), Directory Submission (494), Link Development (1,596), Link Pyramids (1,099), Link Wheel (779), PBNs (229), Site Link Sales (797), Web 2.0 (274), Wiki Links (305), Onsite SEO & Research (673), Other (1,363), Gaming (98), Press Release (315), Programming (2,529), HTML/CSS (489), PHP (252), Ruby (4), WordPress (1,000), Question/Answer (124), Yahoo Answers (83), Reputation Management (31), Servers (76), Social Networks (19,476), Facebook (674), Google (1,427), Instagram (751), Pinterest (666), Social Bookmarks (872), Social Points (231), SoundCloud (1,544), Twitter (4,921), YouTube (6,135), Traffic (3,880), Tutorials & Guides (52), Video (907), Virtual Assistant (594), Data Entry (323), Webhosting (603), Cloud Hosting (21), Dedicated (30), VPS (230).

With the number next to them in brackets being the amount of services that are available in each of those categories.

SEOClerks is soo much more than just what you have said. What you have put is what you are currently selling. But there are many sellers on here that are selling many different things in all these different categories as well. A lot of SEO services of course. And those predominately dominate the SEOClerks homepage. But it is ultimately a micro service freelancing site where you can come to find and buy a wide range of micro services. But what you see here is only the majority of things that are for sale. There is also the WTB area where people are posting and asking for all different types of work that freelancers can do as well.

What other niches can you suggest? SEOclerks Should Revive Other Niches

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Not at all - you are very wrong about that kuti101. As stated above, and if you only take a look at the categories in the marketplace you will be able to see that there is much more to SeoClerks than what you said. You can basically consider it as a marketplace where anyone who wants to work online is able to find a great opportunity to reach out to prospective buyers. I am a writer, and I have never found any other marketplace where I was approached by as many buyers who were interested in writing services, than I have been here.

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SEOclerks doesn't need to revive anything. They will hopefully continue to exact and grow the "clerks" niche under different approaches like web coding services, web design services or content building. Hell, maybe we'll even see the clerks family exact into selling real products, amazon style or even an intuitive new idea that wasn't developed yet.

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Personally I've never seen SEOClerks as a marketplace dedicated to only one thing, because there are a lot of different services in many categories. For instance, I'm selling softwares here, and maybe in the future I'll add some new service which are not related to seo.

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Oh well I can only echo what Mike has already said. I have spent quite a lot of time searching around online here and there are so many more types of services than the few you have mentioned.

I am a blogger and I manage 4 of my own websites on my own. I often need to get some help with various things and I always come here and find whatever it is that I need done. On top of that I can also create a WTB if there is something I want done for my business that is not listed here. As long as it involves working online or working with a computer I think you can find a service or provide a service for it here.

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Hello there.
As Mike have said, there is much more then you mention in your post and Seoclerks is really known for most of other niches. Searching Google can proof this. However if you have to suggest some new niche (category) which you think, could be another popular and interesting addition to this site, there is also way to suggest it in our community discussions HERE where we all making suggestions and recommending new features to make this marketplace better and more functional for buyers and sellers

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