AMP results are live in Google Search

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AMP results are live in Google Search

It's official: AMP results are now live in Google Search even though Google haven't previously announced a certain date for when this will happen.

AMP results are live in Google Search

AMP (accelerated mobile pages) will appear strictly for mobile searches and requires prior implementation and setup from website admins. Sure some functionalities will be lost in the AMP transition but Google shows it clearly that if you don't implement AMP, you will your ranks on mobile searches, therefore, your mobile traffic can greatly suffer since Google prefers showing AMP results pages rather than plain old HTML pages.

Anyways, I've made a couple of test on my android 6.0 LG smartphone and discovered that my Google Searches lack AMP results, read some rumors that AMP will actually be available from Android 7 onwards.

Guess will have to wait and see what happens, I still hope this won't become a thing and Google will let us have our own pages with our own functionalities without implementing a standard for mobile pages.

What do you think?


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Yeah, I've tested it a few days ago from the demo url which was published by Google, and from that day I'm really liking google amp, the speed is quite amazing, and it's totally different from the old search engine.

It took less than 1 second for the search results to load, and what's important is that, I was using a very low internet speed connection, google definitely is doing a great job on this.

Also I've heard that amp will affect your seo, so I think it's time to implement it on my website.

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Yes but if you ask me most of us already have fantastic internet connection for mobile phone and as an average that only going to get up for everybody. So I see no need in losing functionalities in exchange for 1-second faster loading speed.

But yeah, overall you are right, its all about the rankings and if Google tell you AMP are a ranking factor, then you better install an AMP or you are going to lose traffic on the long run.

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So Cristian, how do you install AMP?

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I don't quite understand AMP yet, even though I have read about is and how it will impact your rankings if you don't have it implemented.

So who will be the first freelancer to add services to implement AMP on your websites? I know I'm interested in learning how to do it or even better who I can pay to do this properly for me AMP results are live in Google Search

I am busy working on getting my rankings increased and building my traffic. I would hate for something like this to come out and smack me down when I am on such a mission.

More info needed on this topic!

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