Getting better rankings by including videos

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Getting better rankings by including videos

We all know and understand the direct aspects of promoting content in video format. It's highly interactive and the potential user will understand the message better compared with reading the content.

Search Engines also understand the benefits of video content and will award articles that also include videos with better rankings. Think about it, users attention span is going down every year, if you are not able to stand out with something you'll just end up with a huge bounce rate.

Here is what you can do by integrating videos:

  • You can summarize the whole article in a video but also encourage users to actually read and discover the details of your content.
  • You can create an introduction video, explaining what your company stands for and how can you help them
  • You can develop a teaser type of video for a certain product to get people all hyped out
  • You can create a video teaching your clients how to use a certain product or service in the right way or how to master it.

Getting better rankings by including videos

Also, some other factors Google and other search engine take into consideration when ranking you because of your video are:
  • The subject of the video and niche must be directly related to the article or page the video is placed on;
  • The actual duration of the video should be somewhat short, less than 5 minutes is preferred;
  • If your video is hosted on Youtube then the number of views and likes matters;
  • Have an optimized video description so that search engines can understand what you video is all about.

Have you witness the benefits of having videos integrated into your content and pages?


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Oh yes definitely. The way I see how video helps is how it keeps people on your page for a longer time. If the video is a highly engaging and entertaining video, people will stay around longer to watch all of it. They may even watch it twice or so. If the page they're on has a lot of helpful information on it. Guides with steps on how to do something. Along with an accompanying video, they will hang around longer on that page while they read your guide and the do the steps that tell them how to do something, like the solution to some problem.

One thing I see people doing with videos. Is simply linking to the YouTube video in their post. This is done with an iframe. But having too many iframes on your site can actually be very bad for your on-page SEO. I don't know if it's because people don't know how, or perhaps they are too lazy, or perhaps they don't have their own video and are using someone elses. But it would be much much better to actually embed video directly into your page rather than just linking to a YouTube video. Even if it's your own video!

I think it is much better to embed that video into your site. It's easy to embed an MP4 video just using basic HTML5. Provided the persons browser supports the video tag. Otherwise you can use Javascript instead or have it used where the video tag is not supported. That way the video is embedded directly into the page and isn't using an iframe.

It's just not good to have iframes in every single one of your blogs posts and pages. It's not good for your on-page SEO. Yet I see hundreds of sites doing it all the time and they end up with a site full of iframes then wonder why their rankings are tanking!

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Just a topic i was wondering few days ago, like you read my mind Getting better rankings by including videos
I was actually thinking how will articles rank with short text (like up to 100 words) if there is nice and detailed video included in it??

What you think?

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I would go to a little over 150 words, 300 would be perfect though. Anything below 100 words are just "commentaries" not worth ranking. It also depends what you want to rank for, because if your top 10 competitors all have 100+ words articles well, you won't stand a chance with 100 words.

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I always aim for at least 200 words and my videos rank really well. I'm sure if the video is great and goes viral just by sharing then well that's quite awesome isn't it? But most videos don't go viral and I think that the description should be as long as possible.

I was told by someone to have a minimum of 200 words or not to bother Getting better rankings by including videos

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Great topic Cristian.

I started adding videos to my blog because I had heard that videos not only increase your ranking but also your conversions. I then started struggling to find good and relevant videos to add to my websites and I also started wondering how many sales were being leaked out of my website to the person that created the video.

I then started creating my own Youtube videos and I have to say that this made such a difference to my business with regards to engagement, on Youtube, on other social networks and on my websites. Conversions were also higher. I highly recommend anyone working online to just take that leap out of their comfort zone and just do it.

I am not a professional Youtuber so my videos are just made at home by me but it makes such a huge difference.

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This may be a good advice but to be frank, I am not comfortable with attaching videos. The first issue is the slower access when the web page has an embedded video. Second issue is that many readers don’t have the patience to watch a video that is more than 30 seconds long. I am actually talking about myself because I never watch videos even when I am reading the digital newspaper. What I want to do is to read the text because I don’t have time to watch videos.

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From time to time I have included video content in my blogs posts but I never knew that search engines awarded articles that also include videos with better rankings. But it makes sense to me now. I publish content in an online writing community and they recommended including videos wherever possible. This site is very particular about its search engine rankings.

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