Best place to host my website?

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Best place to host my website?

Ok so thank you to everyone that has been giving me advice and support while I struggle with my oh so slow website!

I have to listen to what everyone has said and realize that if all the experts here are saying my hosting is probably contributing to the slowness I must listen.

Ok so I am resistant because this is going out of my comfort zone. I don't know anything about hosting and I don't know how to change it or what I should do. I have been told that this will mess up my email - something to do with MX Records whatever that means.

So what I want to know from you all is what do I need to know to choose a good hosting company? Do you recommend a specific company and why?

How will I deal with my email MX Records things?


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Who keeps telling you that your hosting or changing your hosting will mess with your email? Your email address and your hosting account are two completely different entities and aren't connected in any way and either can't effect either in anyway either. Your email address has nothing to do with your MX records in anyway other than if the host you're using now is using that as your email address account.

MX = Mail Exchange.

A mail exchanger record (MX record) is a type of resource record in the Domain Name System that specifies a mail server responsible for accepting email messages on behalf of a recipient's domain.

So if your current host has your email address tied in to that MX record and you then change hosting accounts, your emails might not be forwarded to your new email address. But your new hosting account will provide email hosting anyway so you can just use that.

Hosting recommendation wise. I can only really recommend my own host. But I don't want to because I like to keep them to myself! But they are the best hosts I've ever been with in my life and I've been with a lot. They are called (stable by name and nature).

They have both standard web hosting starting from $4.95 p/m and reseller and VPS hosting starting from $9.95 p/m. Their pro web hosting service provides unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited add-on domains, SSD powered. Cpanel, Caching at $8.95.

But it really depends on what your needs are. How much space or bandwidth your site uses and will require. As for moving it to a new host, they can do all of that for you. It's just a matter of backing everything up but they'll use a T1 line to transfer it which is many times faster than you downloading everything from your host (site files/databases/email accounts etc) and then uploading it to your new host.

Whatever host you go with, ask them if they provide free transfer and do it for you as it will save you a lot of time/headaches!

Hope this helps!

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Thanks Mike and thank you for the recommendation, I appreciate you sharing your web hosting company with me.

I am clueless about everything but I have someone advising me now and making changes to my website but he says he has to wait for me to change hosting before he can carry on with anything else so I want to get this done asap Best place to host my website?

Oh and regarding the email - I have a few email accounts using my domain name but I access them through Google mail... so all my social networks and all my accounts are linked to those emails. So yes being told that changing hosting will mean it can affect my email and I have to do something i don't understand makes me edgy as hell.

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I have chosen Namecheap shared hosting to host my website, hosting package that I'm using it's called 'value' and it has very very nice features for its price, unlimited bandwidth, 20 GB SSD storage, also you can host up to 3 website in the same hosting etc etc. First year it will cost only $9.88, then the renewal price $38.88/year, basically after the first year you will pay something $3.1 per month. If you ask me that is a fair price, but also that depends on your needs. I love Namecheap, their service is really cool.

Hope you'll find what you looking for Lynne!

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Thanks Procoder. I actually have 2 domains through Namecheap and I have been happy with their services so far. The 2 domains that I bought through them are hosted with WealthyAffiliate though so I don't need to change those, no problems there.

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I like in motion Hosting you get FREE Solid State Drives with any purchase. I think they are the best when it comes to hosting websites whether you have a database and a very detailed sit or just a simple blog they start as low as 5.99 a month Below is the link and some of the things you get with the subscription.

  1. MySQL & PostgreSQL Databases (2)
  2. Disk Space (UNLIMITED)
  3. FREE Data Back up
  4. Advertising Credits ($250)
  5. 24/7 Support
  6. Sub Domains and MORE!

They offer both shared servers and dedicated, i think they are the best at hosting Websites and i mean thats just my opinion but you get a ton for your money. I hope this helped, thank you for your topic i appreciate you as always.

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Thank you for sharing your favorite hosting company... I have added them to my list to check out!

Oh it is so nice to be able to get some really good recommendations, I honestly know nothing about hosting so for me it has been a guess as to who I should use. At least now I can make a guess from a few highly recommended companies.

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The $250 advertising credits seem like a great deal. I wonder if you have to have the hosting for an entire year, or do they give you those $250 advertising credits upon signing up for a hosting plan?

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When I go to Google to find web hosting companies, one that keeps appearing is "HostGator". I have used them in the past to try them out and didn't like them. Their hosting is overpriced, and I believe they "over sell" hosting plans. I use off shore hosting providers because it's usually cheap but then you have issues of the language barrier.

I have been with my hosting I have now for years, and haven't really had a problem with them. Surely they host some questionable websites but I tend to believe all hosting companies are like that. One thing I would suggest is to get a dedicated IP address if you're going to be hosting more than one website. If you could get a dedicated IP address per website you host. It may cost more but it is worth it in the end!

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