If a seller has a cheap price, will they provide quality service?

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If a seller has a cheap price, will they provide quality service?

Makes me wonder when I see very cheap prices here if those sellers are actually providing high quality services. Yes or no? And, how is it possible to cut the price and still give quality. Or, is that even possible?


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yeah,, maybe some seller are earn less but they still profit, and different with other seller, maybe they are use other method and their ways to completed the job's
and the main important thing that " Quality still depends the price" with the price highest so the chance of low quality are rarely.
but with your opinion i am also agree that they are possible cut the price and still earn

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Prices are generally quite similar for certain services, but there are cases when there are big discrepancies, and the first thought is that the higher the price is the better the quality of that service should be. From my experience sellers who charge very low prices are either beginners, and so they are trying to get new clients, or else, they are aware that they are not that skilled or experienced, and so they try to target those buyers who prefer to save money rather than get a service of an acceptable quality. It is best to avoid very low priced services.

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I have to admit that when I see a really low price I always think that the service must be low quality. I know that perhaps this is not the case but I prefer to be safe rather than sorry, especially when it comes to things like backlinking services. I know that if I buy the wrong service it could potentially damage my website. So in this case I am just not prepared to take a chance, I would rather pay more and buy from a seller that I trust and know will do a really good job.

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It's not always the same thing, and it does not mean that because of low price should be a low quality. That depends directly to the seller, and service that he is providing.

Some of them are resellers, and some suppliers. Now of course that suppliers are selling products with low price, then resellers will buy from suppliers and sell that product to you, that's how the business works. I want to say that , if you'll buy directly from supplier a super low cost product, does not mean that is low quality.

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Hi sanfora thanks for your question. I think cheap price with quantity is a big factors for quality. Always cheap price does not mean quality or less quality. For example: if I sell SEO backlink 5 high authority backlink for $5 or if I sell 100 backlink for $5 both SEO backlink quality never be same from my point of view. Because, I charge extra for quality.

On the other hand. If you talking about social media service some of selling 100 like for $1 and some of selling 1K likes for $1. There may both service almost same quality. Because, Social service does not refer real anytime specially on freelance marketplace.
And cheap price depend on your mentality, what you expect and how you expect?

Regards by Ajlancer

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Well, if the service is cheap, don't expect too much. I mean, there are people out there claiming to offer the best SEO booster type service possible only for 5 bucks. I find that very hard to believe. Yes, it may help a lot, but you can expect to rank number one on Google for a certain keyword just because you bought a 5 dollar SEO service. We all know that it takes a lot more work and money than that.

Otherwise, any schmuck buying 5 dollar service could rank high in Google. So yeah, cheap services may give you something worth 5 dollars, but don't expect wonders, there are a lot of buyers out there that need to understand this, especially newbie buyers who just started their first online business.

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Generally speaking, the new hosting companies always charge less. They do this just to attract customers. However, once they have a good number of customers, they will increase the hosting charge. Generally speaking, the renewal charges are always higher than the first year hosting.

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Sure,it can still be standard service, people lower their prices for different reasons it mustn't be about cheap services.Some lower to draw in more clients, some to test their skills and you might just be to help clients that have little budgets.It might not stop them from giving their very best, they may have their reasons for that.

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