Problem with Scheduled Wordpress posts not posting?

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Problem with Scheduled Wordpress posts not posting?

Can anyone advise why it would be that for one of my Wordpress websites when I schedule posts I never have a problem but my other two websites that are also Wordpress whenever I schedule a post to publish at a specific time and date they never publish?

I am so confused and wonder why this is? It would make my life so much easier if I could resolve this problem but I just don't know where to start!

Any advice will be appreciated!


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Hi Lynne. So you've created the post as normal. And instead of clicking Publish now. You've clicked on the Publish immediately link to expand its time and date settings and set there the date and time that you want it to be posted to your blog on right?
Problem with Scheduled Wordpress posts not posting?
You've set a future date there and the date has come and gone but the post is not published?

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Yes that is right, I know I am doing it correctly because I do it regularly on one of my websites and I have been doing it successfully for years. It is my two newer websites that I have never been able to get it right?

Tell me the magic fix for this please! It really will make my life easier. You know like as a blogger I will be able to go away with my kids for a week if I can get enough posts saved and scheduled... Plus I have my social media software that can share it all for me... this is of course IF it all goes off as scheduled!

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Oh I wish it was that easy when it comes to diagnosing WP. In some cases it is if it's something I've come across before many times and know how to fix like the dreaded infinite loop bug! That's some serious hair pulling drama you don't ever want to deal with!

Anyway, not to make you feel even more worried. But calm down and take a deep breath my dear Watson. For there is always a logical explanation for all things in this universe. And when it comes to WP it can only be one of several reasons...

Okay so just to get the obvious questions out the way. For this site that the posting is not happening at the times you set. After you set the posting time, you are actually clicking "Publish" button still right? And not the "Save Draft" button right?

I ask that just to get it out of the way. God what do I think you are a complete nimrod or something right? Of course you're clicking Publish and not save as draft any idiot and his 3 legged dog knows that you have to do that still and by doing so it doesn't actually publish it then but rather on the date you set.

Okay so that out the way. For sake of clarity. We know you're setting a date in the future. We know you're clicking "Publish" button. So for all intents and purposes. The post should be scheduled to post on that date and time that you set.

Diagnosis check

You say that you don't have this problem with another WP site. Do those sites not use any plugins or a different thing to this site? Because it could possibly be a plugin conflict? Are you using any erroneous plugins that could be causing the conflict?

Try to rule out a plugin conflict.

Disable ALL plugins. Then schedule a post for 5 minutes time. See if it posts with all plugins disabled. If so it's a plugin that's causing it to happen. Or not happen rather. Try to enable them one by one and keep trying to schedule a post until you find the plugin that it is.

It could be a theme issue?

Are you using a theme with this site that the other sites that scheduled posts are working on aren't using? Try switching back to 2010 theme or something and see if they're working then.

Other possible reasons.

When WP schedules a post. It basically sets a CHRON job. Does the server you're using allow this? Have done some digging and this could be the reason for the cause. Please send a message to your webhost and ask them.

Actually, you know what. Do you have support from your web host? I'd open a ticket with them and tell them about the problem. I'd expect (if they are a good team) they will know what the problem is and be able to tell you why and how to fix it.

When I'm puzzled about something WP is or isn't doing. I research it to try fixing it myself. But othertimes I'll just open a ticket with my host and mark it as technical and they'll usually reply with a fix pretty quickly. I guess they don't ever want to reply saying they can't fix it as they'd loose respect but they are quite clued up about all things webtical.

If your host can't help you. Drop me a line and I'll ask mine for you.

Should have asked this before but what WP version aer you using? You're fully updated to latest version?

Anyway I'm sure it's something and I'm just waffling and not really providing a solution for you.

I presume you've searched this before?

Appears others have had similar problems so have a flick through you might be able to find a solution.

I would but I'm a bit tipsy and don't really care that much about your problem so DIY! LOL Problem with Scheduled Wordpress posts not posting?

Just joshing

There are also some pretty good WP schedule plugins as well do bare in mind.

WP does a good job of it but there's some post schedule plugins out there worth a try.

Just search the WP plugins suppository for keyword "schedular" or "schedule" you'll find a few.

It could just be you could bypass all this shit and just use a plugin to handle it for you instead.

Hope this helps. You'll crack this! Never had a problem with WP that I couldn't find a fix or workaround for.

I'm trying to move away from WP CMS though. It's bloody good for all things but it's only a server language that sits on top of frameworks that are finicy and clunky and prone to weirdness going on you can't understand like that that leads to bold spots, broken screens and random computers flying out of office windows and stuff.

Like these short tempered folks.... Problem with Scheduled Wordpress posts not posting?

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Oh Mike you make me laugh. You know every time I have a car breakdown and I call a man for help the first thing they ask me is if I put petrol in my car! And when I called my IT guy once because my PC wasn't turning on he asked me to make sure it was plugged in and that the plug was on...

So yes you have to check the most basic things, and yes I did click on publish, not save draft.. so we can rule that one out.

Your post has helped me a lot actually. The two websites that I am trying to schedule with are hosted at Wealthy Affiliate and the website that does work is not hosted there. All my websites have the same basic plugins so I doubt that is the problem. And now that I think about it I have seen a few people at Wealthy Affiliate asking about scheduled posts but I never really paid much attention at that stage.

I will contact their support and ask them.

Otherwise yes I will just get myself a plugin to get around that. I never thought to look for a plugin to do something that Wordpress can do anyway, but considering that there are plugins for it then it must be quite a common issue that people have with Wordpress right?

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